March 6, 2009


We have decided that its better to control ourselves right now, instead later repenting upon when Japanese recruiting us as "Sumo Fighters".

So, we decided that from now on we will take very light dinner. It would contain more of fiber and proteins and less of carbs and sweets. Also, mostly we will avoid bakery products.

Scene: 3 days later , Morning 8 am
Background: As usual Anand is late, running here and there. Me blaming his morning pyaari neend for all the chaos.

Anand: Get my socks and shoes, I am getting late.

Me: I am serving your breakfast. Got to get ready for gym as well. Why cant you wake up 15 minutes early, when you know everyday its the same scene.....&$%^%%....

Anand: [ignoring me]... Drop me to the highway, will then go with Jai in his car.

Me: I said I am getting late. I don't have time to drop you.

Anand: Sweetheart ...please na... Would you like that your hubby going in auto and u going in car... [Sad face...and few flying kisses...]

Me: Okay will drop you. But be on time tomorrow.

Anand: Sure the way whats in breakfast?

Me: French Toast

Anand: Okay... get me a cheese slice....

Me: Cheese??? Remember will avoid such fatty food....

Anand: We getting late...hurry up..get the cheese slice...

Me: :| .... Hmph!!!!