September 24, 2008

Bad Day.... Not Today.....But yes!!!!

I hate everyone around me at this moment. People are so diplomat, egoistic…. I don’t understand why cant they always smile and bow a little in front of their so called friends. In past one year I have realized a lot difference between frenz, real frenz and true frenz.

Today was supposed to be one of the best days… It is Andy’s bday…But my mood is all spoiled becoz of some stupid nasty people. I am planning to delete all my phonebook, so that I can stop contacting them.

I am sorry Anand, it’s your bday and I am not in best of my moods.

P.S: They are my ramblings….and so no comments for this blog.

September 23, 2008

The Quality Tag!!!

I have accepted Nidhi’s tag.
So here are the rules:
There are 26 values stated and we have to write an incident depicting that value. Now, I have done a modification to the TAG. Instead of writing one full incident depicting the value, I have written how each of the value is embedded in me.

So here it goes:

1.Respect: In school, I respected all my teachers. Thus I never tried to prove them wrong when they said my handwriting can never improve. See, it’s still that bad.

2. Flexibility: I am flexible to work in office from 12 noon to 5 pm. I will not object in case my boss wants to give extra bonus for helping him by keeping one computer free for most of the time.

3. Love: I love sleeping. I can compromise with my shopping if sleep is given an option. You know I am flexible.

4. Trust: When I was a kid, my mom had full trust on me that I would be found sleeping under table or behind curtains…and I never did prove her wrong for even once....

5. Confidence: My hostel mates had full confidence in me that I would surely complete any novel in the given time frame, even if it involved bunking of all lectures.

6. Generosity: I am always ready to generously donate my whole bowl of daal in dinner to Andy, but he is not merciful to accept it :((((.

7. Mercy: It is a mercy that I never want to squash a cockroach. After all, he also has a life.

8. Obedience: Talk about Obedience and there can't be a better example than me , myself... Everytime my teachers would ask me to get out of the class, I would obediently walk out :) I only deserved it :)

9. Patience: I have enough patience in me.. I patiently wait for even a cyclist and an oxcart to go ahead of me while I drive the car :) I know Patience is the best VIRTUE :).

10. Caring: I always give only 1/3 of the pastry to Andy and eat rest; after all he is weight conscious.

11. Forgiveness: Sorry, I am not at all forgiving, so stay alert!!!

12. Excellence: Oops!!! I will have to think hard where I excel. May be you guys can help!!!

13. Responsibility: I consider it everyone’s responsibility to share their answers with me during exams; I do the same.

14. Orderliness: I care a lot for books. So, I always keep them intact till last day of Exam. After all reusing of things loses their shine. They are always found arranged on my table.

15. Enthusiasm : It can be seen when I am shopping or cooking : ))))

16. Honesty : I am honest to say that I am afraid of going to Gym. Those machines make me feel as if they will swallow me.

17. Peace : I am a peace loving girl, so during Viva time, I was always found maintaining peace in lab by not answering any of his question. (The silence never meant that I didn’t know the answer).

18. Humility: I have always been humble enough to take all the blames of breaking jars or glass windows or vase. Of course I never did them, it was the ball which did it.

19. Honor : I felt honored when Rawat Sir asked me not to come to class for next one week, since he wanted to teach a very complex topic of Wireless Technology. I was the chosen one from the class who was given the benefit of complete attendance for doing the honors by keeping away from the class for one week.

20. Self – discipline: I always made sure that I would go 10 minutes late for the first lecture in morning. I never tried to exceed than 10 minutes (neither decreased it :)).

21. Creativity: I always tried to give a different excuse for the above self-discipline stated.

22. Reliability: I am the most reliable company to go and eat PaniPuri. With me around, no one will have to eat all alone. I will accompany them from first plate till the Last one

23. Detachment: Though detachment gives loads of pain, but I bear it all. Everytime I am told to work, I make a sacrifice and detach myself from all the work.

24. Unity: I have always tried to encourage our whole batch to go for mass bunking, instead of only me enjoying and having the fun.

Statutory Warning:
None of these characteristics holds true, if they are read my family members or office colleagues.

Sorry, couldn't write on two words: Justice and Assertiveness.

Now its your turn. All the readers have to do this tag. And of Course do comment me when you do that ..:))

Thanks Nidhi!!!! I have realized there are so many positive qualities are within me!!!

September 22, 2008

Why me???? - II

I am back with much more embarrassing mishaps.

This time we went for a meeting at Trident Hotel. And guess what…. I entered a men’s toilet….Hellllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How could I do that…..And cherry on the top is there was someone there who said sorry to me!!! And I didn’t saw his face. So even if for the rest of meeting if he was staring at me, I couldn’t recognize him. :)))

Once we left from there, Andy dropped me at the Hair Salon, I planned for the
haircut. I was asked to wait for 10 minutes. So, as I stepped to the lounge area, I heard a tinkle of pearl dropping. I looked down and to my terror, my waist long
necklace was apart, and all pearls were all over the floor.


(Best part: A firang handsome guy came forward to help me pick those pearl, though later out of frustration I threw all those pearls).

P.S. : Nidhi, probably I will agree with Andy being lucky to get a cartoon Network with him whole day. :(((

September 18, 2008

Why mee????

Is it my fault if I misunderstood a person in DMart as a salesperson if he was wearing the same color shirt and an access card?

But of Course it’s his fault that I tumble down and buy a Rs 100/- cell (instead of 10/-) and feel embarrassed for whole evening!!!!
P.S.: I had to wait for around half an hour for an auto wala to drop me home. I hate Mumbai Auto walas. :(((((((((

September 16, 2008

Dip Dip Dip Diplets!!!

I have a real bad habit of watching TV while eating dinner. Many a times I forget to take my bite if something interesting is coming over.
The other day we had ordered Pizza from Dominos. I love garlic breads more than pizza. So, as soon as we start I take my first bite of Garlic bread with cheese dip; and make sure that I have one piece left so that I can eat at the end after pizza. As usual I was watching TV and eating Garlic Bread. Suddenly I realized something is wrong with the taste of the bread. So, I had to twist my neck away from TV and look what is wrong. All I could see was Andy was laughing hysterically. I didn’t pay any attention and again dipped Bread in the dip.
Aaaaa….. I am so stupid, Andy has closed the box of the Dip and since the box is absolutely transparent I couldn’t realize. :(((((((
Issshhhh!!! Another story of mine for him to laugh about!!!

Image from Dominos

September 12, 2008

Recently, I have seen a major change in Bollywood. We have seen a lot amazing movies in past 2-3 weeks. Some of them being Mumbai Meri Jaan, Rock On, A Wednesday, Tahaan and about to come The Last Lear. These movies have defined a totally different genre of Bollywood. But except Rock On not other movies have earned enough publicity and Janta ka Vote. This is why most of the directors don’t think of making those “hat ke” or off beat films, as they say.

My maid, Aruna is a 17 year old girl. As soon as she enters in our house in the morning, the first thing she will do is switch V channel on TV. She loves listening to music. And in the evening she will switch to various dance shows. The other day I was watching Aamir on UTV movies. She came and said “Didi kitni faltoo movie dekh rahe ho.” I was shocked and tried and explain that it is a nice movie with Rajeev Khandelwal being such a fine actor. She laughed hysterically and said “Kya didi, aap kitni ajeeb ho. Ek baar “gulti” movie dekhna. Us mein hero kya mast dance and fighting karta hai. Aamir mein to bas bhagta hi rehta hai and last mein mar jata hai.”

I had no other option left other than to laugh. I asked her which latest hindi movies she enjoyed. She said Om Shanti Om, Dhamal, Singh is Kingg and various other comedy movies which were source of full entertainment.
India has more than 50% of population which would agree with her choice of movies. Those people don’t have lots of scope for entertainment. For them a movie means songs, fight sequence and some comedy. And I can’t blame them for it. These people comprise of major part of India and thus directors and producers have to rely on them. I have read lot of criticism on Ekta Kapoor, for her style of Script. Though I myself cannot bear them, but I realized that its people like Aruna who want such media. They appreciate the fact that a Hero can do anything. They accept that after marriage the in-laws can never be good to them. They love the awesome saris the women wear. They want the bechari bahus to cry whole day and night. They love when its hero’s 10th marriage.

Though Aruna can’t read and write English, but she makes sure to go through Mumbai Mirror in the morning. And you won’t believe that her general knowledge about the film industry is much more than expected. She knows name of all Page 3 guests. She knows the latest breakup and makeup stories. She even once commented “Kareena kitni pagal hai, do bachchon ke baap se pyaar karti hai.”

I just smiled at her innocence, for it was not her fault.

P.S. : I asked Richa for a suggestion for this blog’s title. Her creations were:
bollywood n page 3
Page 3 ka Sach
janta ka insaaf
insaaf ka tarazu
rupahle parde ka sach
rupahle parde ki rangeeniya
bollywood ka mayajaal
rang rangila bollywood

Thanks Richa. I laughed like anything and people stared me thinking me a psychopath. I think I can pass it on these titles to Mithun Da. We will surely publish a B grade novel very soon. Richa you are simply awesome, highly creative, a genius born once in centuries. I bow to you. :)
Hey, Nidhi suggesteed me smething..

SO I have removed the title for blog...
Let all you readers suggest something good for it.... And Richa..u not suggesting anymore.
So Bring out the CREATIVE KEEDA and suggest a title for it...

September 10, 2008

Baking Woes

I have always been in lead when in wee hours of cooking in hostel. We used to experiment with lots of things in our room. That too, when we just had few vessels and a heater as our equipments. Usually, this feeling aroused in the middle of exam time. When everyone around us was busy in studying, we would be found begging for all the left over grub. And in the middle of the night our room would smell of delicacies. The luck was me and Richa got the job in the same company. So we were now roommates in gurgaon as well. There as well, I would prefer cooking myself instead of appointing a maid. Many a times, my roomies were lazy when it came to cooking. They would find shopping or roaming o doing something much more interesting. But, I would find time for cooking. And now after marriage, this hobby has gained more opportunities. Andy loves food and I love cooking. So we both complement each other.

He loves all my experiments with food. I had tried almost all cuisines with him, like, Italian, south Indian, etc. Infact I have tried many delicacies which, as per me only Moms have right to cook, like Dal Baati churma, Gatte ki Sabzi etc etc.
The only place where I fall apart is Baking. No matter whatever I try my cakes never turn out to be good. In fact LD is known for baking nice cakes. He also tried to teach me but that day even his cake turned out to be disaster. So now I blame it to my microwave, that it doesn’t know how to bake it.

One of my colleagues got this lovely marble cake when she came from her hometown. As usual I asked her to bake it for me as well. She happily came to my place. Though, I didn’t reveal her of my past with the cakes. I had found a recipe for Apple walnut cake, so she said let’s try first try this and then we will bake marble cake. We prepared the base as per the directions and finally kept it in microwave. She suggested me to keep it in normal microwave for 10 minutes and then on convention. I thought let’s try this as well, may be the microwave now helps me. But lo!!! After 5 minutes I smelt of burning. It was burnt. :(

I had given up all hopes on my stupid microwave. Finally my colleague suggested lets try marble cake and bake as per cook book suggests. Here we were again trying our hands on it. This time we were sure that no matter what happens atleast we will save it from burning so we will keep a watch on it second by second. Finally after 10 minutes, nothing happened to it. So, I did one more experiment with it, by changing some options. Finally after 10 more minutes this was the result:

Its one of the best cakes baked in my microwave :(. And I finally hopefully know which options to select while baking a cake. I would try another cake in this week so as gain expertise in it. Since, I plan to take one for my mom next month.

September 8, 2008

Shopping Redefined

I have always been the unlucky one when shopping in Sale. So the story goes that whenever there is a sale, we both avoid going there. The reason is simple, it’s so crowded that everytime, I end up buying the costliest fresh items and not the sale one. So, Andy, usually hides messages announcing a new Sale. This weekend I wanted to shop. I thought that most of the stores must now be over with End of season sale and so I can easily go around and refrain myself from crowd. So, I asked our ex-neighbor, lets call him LD, to company me for a movie (Rock On). And surprisingly he agreed. The best part, he also agreed to help me with shopping. I am grateful to him, since he knows how much I suck when shopping. Added feature, he wished to sponsor my shopping as my bday gift.. YAYYYY!!!
So, on Sunday, I completed my daily routine work quickly and left from home. The movie Rocked…. I love Arjun Rampal more than ever now. He is amazzzingg. Back to the track, after the movie, we checked out some stores. I tried various clothes. Finally, I settled on beautiful skirt and a top. When I went for billing…. I was surprised. The skirt was on 70% discount. Can you believe 70%%%%.... A 1300/- skirt, only in 500 bucks..... And top was also on 50% discount. OMG!!!! I had thought I will end up buying these clothes in around 2500/- but the final bill was Rs 995 only. Not even 1000/- but 995/-. LD knew that now I am on my pinnacle, and no one can stop me further from shopping. So, after half an hour, he left me with one more of my friend. She needed to buy some stuff from Biba, so I thought I will check out some kurtas. While trying clothes, I was missing Andy like hell. I have got so used to of his opinion that was unable to decide which clothes to buy. Suddenly, Andy calls me up saying; he is coming as he was getting bored. Wish I would have asked for some more options. Finally he helped me to pick some kurtas.
Finally, the last shop which we checked out was WellHome. We have been thinking of changing look of our bedroom since long. But budget never allowed. But, yupieee, Wellhome had amazing offer and we bought new curtains for the whole house. Andy is amazing while selecting such creative things. I appreciate his sense of decorating home. He did amazing job. When he put those curtains in drawing room, they looked awesome. Bedroom curtains have to be altered and once they are done, I will try and post the pics.

Finally, Shopping was worth!!! And September is bringing Luck!!!

September 1, 2008

Jinxed August

Finally my lapppyyy is back, all fit and fine. So, now I will be back with my writings and blogs soon. Last one month was really very bad for us. First of all, lappy went in comma. Then one day Tata Sky ka dabba died. After, hell lot of discussion with customer care, we got a new one with another 3 months guarantee. I had thought that I will not suggest anyone to go for set top box thing. Cable is anytime better and cheap, with great after sales service. And one day, our reliance landline went off to long sleep. No matter how much we would charge it, it wasn’t working. So, after 3 weeks we took it to service center, and would you believe. It started working normally there. Now this was THE horrible thing. After that, we went to Mount Abu. When we returned back, Andy realized our car was unlocked for past 3 days. And thus its battery got discharged. Luckily, nothing got stolen from the car.

Oh God!!!.. How horrible things went in August. I was hoping for September to arrive soon. Probably, August was jinxed. With new month starting from today, I hope to see better things around me. Rains have also come to an end, so no more pains of rains. Thanks to my new neighbor, I am back to evening walks with her. In fact she is helping me with my future career planning. I am also planning for a new haircut before Diwali. Do suggest me some haircut because I am still a nerd in deciding about it. I have to do lots of shopping for Diwali gifts in September only, since, whole October I will be travelling and won’t get much time. I am also thinking of catching up with some of my frenz. Nidhi you being on the top. Hope to meet you once you return back from Pali.

By the way, last week a girl came to my office, saying she was from an NGO and needed some finance. I told her all of us are contributing to the society in some or the other way. And none of us wants to donate anything as of now. I was shocked when she actually started forcing me to donate cash personally. I tried to explain that I am already doing my part of share to help the society, but she was not ready to listen. Finally, my colleague stepped in and asked her to leave immediately. I couldn’t understand such behavior. I understand that she was asking something to help the poor people, but then one can’t actually force. I always had ensured to give my old clothes to various institutes and my mom dad generously does various things to help needy people. I think it’s not always the money that counts, but the Act.