October 30, 2009

Where your heart goes....

Certain things in your life suddenly make you stop and look back...look back and realize that life has given you so much. There was time when all we wanted was a good college. Once there, prayed to God for a good job. Later on, the wish converted to ANY job with good salary. I saw my friends almost crying if they were not selected in an interview. And some who were super excited and flaunted that they are earning almost double what they expected. I was one of the last ones to get job. When I was selected in a topnotch and I refused the interviewer to answer any questions, since I didnt want to go into programming stuff, many of friends thought I was fooling them. And then finally I was placed. I guess my father was much happier than anyone else that day.

After one year of my job, whenever I would call my friends who were supposedly in big firms, with amazing money, would all the time crib. "I hate my boss.." "I hate my work..." "Don’t know why the hell am I working here...". I was so confused that if someone is not enjoying a job; then why they are working. Even if you could buy a Versace dress but at the end of day you crib how badly the day went...then what is the point of doing it. My frenz always had one reply, "You will not understand."

I enjoyed my work in Gurgaon. After sometime got engaged, and decided that I should take a break for 4-5 months to enjoy my wedding period. I remember one of my colleague said, "You can afford to resign since your hubby earns quite well." I didn’t feel like replying.

In Mumbai, I didn’t work for 3-4 months, since it was damn confusing where to work. I didn’t want to go back to technical field and for my kind of work experience no one will hire me for people management kindda work. Anand helped me to join one of his friend's startup firm. Now this startup worked totally hardcore technical stuff. Initially for 3 months, I tried learning their stuff...but one day I gave up. I said to myself this is not where I want to go, then why shall I waste my time. I confronted this to company's director. Now these guys totally understood my point of view and helped me getting out of technical stuff and do their other non technical work. Initially we were just 4 people in office. Slowly, we grew up to strength of 20. I could still hear the same cribs from my friends. How much they hated their job. Infact one of close friend was pregnant and still she wanted to work in that stressful environment. I actually forced her to resign and get out of there. She did and later she told only one thing, its best when you hear what your heart says to you.

I worked for this startup just like my own firm. I enjoyed what I was doing; thus could give my 200% without any hesitation. My mom would say they don’t even pay half of what you do, but still you work for them. I always had some or the other argument to support my decision. She finally gave up.

Yesterday, my whole work paid me off. I had decided to take a break from work and informed this to my boss. He told that he is so scared to imagine office without me. He told me those things which were worthless.

I am so glad that I did what I felt best at and I am much richer and happier than anyone around me. Isn't it amazing to hear when your director says that we will never give a farewell party to you since you can never leave our firm?

And I agree it’s so good when you do what your heart says... I smiled whole night.

October 8, 2009

Lazy me...

I have so much to write... Its so confusing how to start... Dont know when..but soon.. I shall return!!!

August 27, 2009

Jee Le....

I am in love with this song from Phir Milenge: Khul Ke muskurale... Lyrics are so good...

Khul Ke Muskurale Tu Dard Ko Sharmaney De
Boondon Ko Dhartee Par Saaz Ek Bajaney De

Hawayen Keh Rahee Hain, Aaja Jhoolein Zara
Gagan Ke Gaal Ko Jakey Choolein Zara
Utaar Gham Ke Mozey, Zamein Ko Gungunaney De
Kankaron Ko Talwon Main Gudgudee Machaney De
Khul Ke Muskuraley...Saaz Ek Bajaney De

Jheel Ek Aadat Hai, Tujhmey Hee To Rehtee Hai
Aur Nadee Shararat Hai, Terey Sang Behtee Hai
Har Lehar Yeh Kehtee Hai, Khud Ko Jhoom Janey De
Zindagi Ko Aaj Naya Geet Koi Ganey De
Khul Ke Muskuraley...Saaz Ek Bajaney De

Bansuree Ki Khidkyon Pe Sur Yeh Kyon Thithaktey Hain
Ankh Key Samander Kyon Bewajeh Chalaktey Hain
Titlyan Yeh Kehtee Hain Ab Basant Aaney De
Jungalon Ke Mausam Ko Bastiyon Mein Chaney De.

Khul Ke Muskuraley...Saaz Ek Bajaney De

P.S. It was Shilpa Shetty's one of the finest performances.

July 23, 2009

Another Day , Another Year

Smiles brought us together for the first time
I could trust you, I knew right then
Love pronounced us husband and wife
Nothing could ever tear us apart,I knew right then
Years will bind us stronger
Fights will get worse
Pleasures will become a habit
But I will always know
That you are by my side
To hold my hand
Share my joy,and my tears
Today I celebrate our love
As we continue our journey
In another season
Together, forever

Happy Anniversary!!

June 29, 2009

H'ur'tly Yours

I was finally happy to hear from Anand those magical words... "I will regularly play squash every weekend!"

I have been forcing him to do some physical activity at least on weekends. So he leaves for IIT campus at 9:00 am with his friend N.

After around one hour, I call Anand to know when will he be free.

He replies, "Dear, I am waiting for N. He has gone for some work in my car. By the way, I have hurt my ankle."

"Oho....shall I come to pick you?"

"Nah... I will come"

After another 15 minutes, I get his call.

"Listen, the ankle is hurting....but dont worry..N will drop me..."

"Oops...Shall I come...it wont take 10 minutes.."

"NAh..just spoke to N he is coming in 5 minutes..."

10 minutes later....

"Listen....we leaving for hospital...you also come there...I think its fracture..."

"OMG...ok me reaching in 2 minutes..."

I reach hospital and see Anand sitting on wheelchair..with the widest grin I had ever seen on his face...

We guys actually hugged and laughed so much...Hospital staff was wondering why would anyone laugh after being hurt.... :))

P.S. : Not to worry...it isn't a fracture..but a sprain. Doctor has suggested 10 days rest. But Anand was found driving the car within 10 hours.. :)

June 19, 2009

Sweet And Sour Soup For The Married Ones - I

Finally, I am writing my much delayed and most interesting post...

I have been going through these mood swings from couple of weeks... I almost fought with Anand for no reason on 3rd June. Pity guy, he listened to my nonsense for full 3 hours. That day he was on leave since he wanted to take some rest... and I managed to ruin his day...

5th June : He comes from office and says today I will go to gym... Now nothing can be more amazing to hear than this. But it was almost 8:30 and he didnt went...I was again shouting on him for not going and wasting the fees on that gym... :((

At 10:30 pm he gets ready and goes out of the house....

Me: Where are you going at this hour?
Anand: Got some work.
Me: Like...
Anand: Something personal..

What the hell???

He left....

He comes pretty late and knowing about my mood...he says.. I am sorry..but I am planning something for your birthday...and things have turned up badly...I need to do damage control...

Fine... I wait for 2 days...

6th June 9:30 pm: My neighbor comes up and says she is not well and needs some urgent medicine. Anand leaves home to get them. Medicine shop is just 5 minutes from home. He comes back by 10:15 pm.

Now I was almost laughing...so as he enters I tell him "Anand I know you have got a surprise cake and flowers...so keep them in fridge. They will get spoiled in car..."

Anand stares at me, "OK ... I will get them...but you go in other room..."

I am laughing miserably by this time. We guys kept chatting and somehow I slept by 11 pm.

Anand wakes me up at 12... we cut the cake and he gives me this flower...it had a key inside it... What the hell...What is it???




Anand, you got Activa for me?????????????

Yes Sweetheart!!!

And here is my new Activa...

Love you sweetie!!!

Anand has been talking to Nidhi to help him choose the gift...Infact she came at 8 am on bday to give me a surprise!! Thanks dear!!! Thanks to all my family and frenz who called me up and made my day!!

P.S. : This was part I... A lot to tell about the whole day surprises!!!

June 12, 2009

The Garden

She dreams of flowers from her garden... While walking the aisle some seeds fell by the wayside.

She nurtured those seeds, watered them. She waited to see beautiful flowers...but wind blew to destroy them..She tried to hold them..protect them...

She still dreams....dreams for flowers...

June 5, 2009


"I need to buy new specs for Ma and also a new sari. The old ones are tattered. She hasn't bought one ever since Papa died 4 years back. The money earned by stitching clothes has been spent only upon my education.

I can now convince Radha's father to let me marry her. She has been my best friend since last 10 years. She has always waited for this day

Oh, I forgot I even need to get Ma's bangles she has mortgaged to the baniya. She will be so happy to get those treasured ones back.

After completing my B.Com, she had to give them to baniya, for I needed money to stay in Mumbai for initial days after I got job.

Today I have completed 3 months. Super Boss, Mr. Clinton has promised me that now I will get salary of 15,000 Rs. per month, after appreciating my work. Till now the stipend was so low that I could only survive in Mumbai and couldn't send any money to Ma.

She will be so happy to know that she can now stay with me."

"Vijay, We are extremely happy with your work. But as you know, recession time has affected us badly. Mr. Clinton informed us that we need to cancel the jobs for all the interns. I am sorry to say but..................... "

June 2, 2009


I reallly need a break.. I want to get out of office... Mumbai...infact out of country for a trip...

But alas, I cant resign right now (my company needs me)... no money to make a trip....not even in India....

sob sob...some body help me...

P.S. :Oh no...got a call...got to make some financial documents ready in half an hour.. I have no clue how to use Tally!!! :((((

May 22, 2009

Maid in Mumbai

Aruna (If you haven't read about her before, click here), suddenly asks me "Didi, can you lend me 150 Rs today?"

This is quite surprising because she never asks for money in middle of the month.

I tried to inquire about it, " What Happened? everything okay?"

She answered "Yeah Di, I just need to go to parlor. Haven't got my eyebrows and waxing since 2 months."

:O :O :O

May 20, 2009

Terribly Tired

Today is one of those days when I feel frustrated with my colleagues. Certain people are there who always shout to bring in some changes...changes as in make things automated...make everything accessible..and when we do that..they are one to say that why the hell have you made life so complicated for us???

Its so emotionally draining when you give in 200% of your dedication to bring about changes and people reject it without even listening to you. I have been experiencing this from past couple of weeks. No matter what I do I am never appreciated but only looked down upon as if I am hurting somebody's ego. At the end of the day I feel I haven't done anything and I am useless.

I really wanted to take break from work. But the sense of responsibility to this company never lets me take that break. I really don't know what to do. I want to work, but not when I see some horrible faces. Even when I hear their voice, I feel like hiding myself in a corner...

What shall I do?? I know my ranting will not help...but this is only place where I can vent out my anger....

May 18, 2009


As I step outside
A drop of rain falls from the clouds above
Reminds me of the beautiful world around me

I see people running helter-skelter
Moms holding hands of kids
Running to reach home fast

I see the 5 year old kid
Laughing his heart out
Holding an orange candy

I see the birds flying back to their nest
Trying to cover their babies
Pleading the sky

I let my fingers reach out to the drops
Wanting to wash all my fears
I surrender myself to the beauty of nature

Car, Van and Letter!!!

Yesterday, after returning from gym, a Blue Dart van was parked right in front of the colony gate. I was already in spoiled mood, and thus literally honked the car horn for 2 minutes. The driver was not at all in mood to even start his van. I muttered all nonsense for him (silently :)).

After parking the car, I enter my home. My maid informs me, that we have got a courier. Guess what it was Anand's admission letter, which he has been waiting for since past 7 days...

Yeah, it was delivered by Blue Dart!!!

P.S.: Due to some reasons, we have decided not to move to Singapore...So yeah...I can still have panipuri every Sunday!!

May 5, 2009

Silent Love

Take me to a drive today
Far on a lonely road
With gentle breeze swaying my hair
We shall sit on the bridge over the river
To talk endlessly through the eyes
Under the open sky and shiny stars
Hold me tight
To let me hear the sound of your breath
Near my neck
And touch of your fingers on my skin
Caressing me gently
Let me stare deep in your eyes
Allow me to awaken what’s asleep in your mind
And when the sun rises
Let the rays enlighten the love within
Then I can say I have known the beauty of true love

May 4, 2009

Missing Links

Loved the below lines in "Almost Single" by Advaita Kala:

"Sometimes, life is like a book. You can get so desperate to reach the end of the story that you conveniently skip a couple of chapters. However, when you do get to the end, you're left with this icky restless feeling, and you know that you need to go back to those missing chapters before you can close he book."

Isn't it so true?

April 23, 2009

Quick Updates

I always tell my friends that it takes just an hour to write a blog, then why aren't you regular..and lol..this time its me!!! But I swear, past 3 months have been the most tiring and busy months ever since I have come to Mumbai.

So here are quick updates:

1. My company thinks I am a Mom in office who can scold employees to be disciplined.
2. I have got lots of new responsibility. I confess that they were very attractive initially but now a burden!! :(
3. My brother got through IIM Calcutta
4. My hubby got through NUS Singapore.
5. Both of them will be studying now for next 2 years and I have to work. :(
6. I need job in Singapore…so guys help me….
7. The best thing… I have started losing weight..Everyone gave me compliment this time when I visited hometown!!! Yupieee!!!
8. Office work has taught me to maintain a to-do list every day… So please spare me if reading the blog in points really irritates you..
9. It is irritating to me..but I can’t help!!! :P
10. I lost my wallet… How and when… a long story..will share it in next blog!!

I guess that’s all for now. Nidhi, Richa, Alok please post a blog… I really want to read your current updates!!!

P.S.:If anybody looking for an HR manger job in a company of 20 employees (all guys)… let me know…I am looking for my replacement in this office.

March 6, 2009


We have decided that its better to control ourselves right now, instead later repenting upon when Japanese recruiting us as "Sumo Fighters".

So, we decided that from now on we will take very light dinner. It would contain more of fiber and proteins and less of carbs and sweets. Also, mostly we will avoid bakery products.

Scene: 3 days later , Morning 8 am
Background: As usual Anand is late, running here and there. Me blaming his morning pyaari neend for all the chaos.

Anand: Get my socks and shoes, I am getting late.

Me: I am serving your breakfast. Got to get ready for gym as well. Why cant you wake up 15 minutes early, when you know everyday its the same scene.....&$%^%%....

Anand: [ignoring me]... Drop me to the highway, will then go with Jai in his car.

Me: I said I am getting late. I don't have time to drop you.

Anand: Sweetheart ...please na... Would you like that your hubby going in auto and u going in car... [Sad face...and few flying kisses...]

Me: Okay will drop you. But be on time tomorrow.

Anand: Sure dear..by the way whats in breakfast?

Me: French Toast

Anand: Okay... get me a cheese slice....

Me: Cheese??? Remember ...you will avoid such fatty food....

Anand: We getting late...hurry up..get the cheese slice...

Me: :| .... Hmph!!!!

February 19, 2009

Gtalk Status!!

One my friend has this status msg for the day:

How creative someone could be!!!!

Got more good titles/quotes? Do let me know.

February 16, 2009

Heartiful Valentine

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! I also had loads of fun... Since Saturday morning Andy strictly told me that I am not gonna go anywhere without him. The reason was he was leaving for a business trip for this week. We had loads of work for 14th Feb. So got up early morning and planned for the whole day. We had surely decided on one thing that we will not go out since its V day that too on Saturday so everywhere there must be long queues. Instead we will spend quality time with each other. Started Breakfast with Andy's favorite Methi ke Paranthe, then lunch with my favorite Dominos Pizza.

In evening I had to go for the Dance practice. My partner is so cute; he finally got little excited about the dance thing. I realized that he is actually a shy person and required a little more time to get used to my non stop talks.

Although we knew that we stood no chance of winning; but we really wanted to put our best foot forward. We practiced a lot and our performance on Sunday was good (Okay as per me, it was THE BEST!!!). Though we didn't qualify for semi finals but I was happy indeed. Amongst all the best thing was I wore a nice evening dress for the night and was looking beautiful... :)))

I was so relaxed on Sunday night after dropping Andy at airport, since will not have to get up early morning on Monday. But my bad luck is really bad. Anand called me up at sharp 6 am; he needed some address to fill in immigration form. AAarrgghhhh!!!!

Little Girl has suggested me an amazing book, "The Hungry Tide" by Amitav Gosh, started reading it yesterday. Anand gave me the book as my V day gift and I gifted him "A Thousand Splendid Suns". I had thought I will read the book on my way to Ahmedabad this weekend, but I guess by then I will complete the book; its so interesting to stop in middle of it.

I hope I get back to my reading habit once again. Want to share your favorite titles!!!

February 13, 2009

Coincidences Happen!!

I found a new friend at my aerobics class and again the same thing happened, we share the same name. It’s not the first time. In college or in school or in dance class...wherever I go the first friend I make her name is Priyanka. During my school days, there were around 4 gals with same name and I so hated it. I always asked my mom to change my name. But she told that Dadaji loved this name and now that he is no more he wouldn't like if you change the name. The most amazing thing was Papa's senior also shared his name with him. And his daughter was Priyanka. Whenever we met we used to laugh. We both got admission in same college, but luckily in different branches. In engineering our first year had same courses for all branches. It was only after 2-3 days that we realized our mark sheets have been interchanged. She still calls me "Humnaam". And recently, after marriage got to know our hubby almost looks like twins!!!

The girl I met at aerobics told me she has her blog. I was too excited and as soon as got online, read it. She referred that it’s his father wish to travel to Australia. Since, my childhood, I always had a fantasy of staying in Australia. The cowboy hats, Ostriches and Kangaroos attracted me a lot. As I grew up, the charm turned to be part of my wish list. Anand has promised me that before we go for family planning he will surely take me there. In fact, my mother-in-law recently was advised by a Panditji that Anand will flourish more if he settles in Australia, that’s what his destiny says!! I don't believe in astrology, but then if he is saying something for me, I don't mind at least smiling.

Incidentally, Papa told me that during his geography exams, he always used to mark Canada first and foremost. He told me that even if not asked in question he would color the area of Canada. And his first trip out of country was to Canada.

Sometimes destiny plays amusing games. I am waiting to win my part of game!!

February 12, 2009

Chit-Chats - 2

Yesterday went to Matunga and saw "Ismat Apa ke Naam". Its my second play and I loved it. The play was presented by Naseerudin Shah, Ranta Pathak Shah and their daughter, Hemal Shah. Since, it was my second play so I really dont know what is THE Best performance and the good performance, but all I can say it was delight to watch such fine actors live. Last time Anand was not allowed entry since he was 2 minutes late, but in Matunga people were allowed even after half an hour. Cell kept ringing, I could feel the mismanagement. This time as well Anand was about to get late but he actually ran all the way from station to the theatre and later regretted that late entry was allowed. We were sitting next to Randeep Hooda, I told this to Anand. And he gave me the same look, "Whose he???".

Sunday, Anand is leaving for a business trip and I will be all alone for a week. Sadly, my neighbor is also going her hometown for the same time. If anyone in Mumbai and needs help in shopping, yours truly will be glad to do so. :))

The best part, Anand will be able to attend my dance competition. Atleast someone will be there with me, else I was expecting to go alone. He will be leaving straight to airport after the competition. Any one else who would like to attend is most welcome and he can contact me!!!

And the news of the day... I finally BAKED and Awesome Black Forest Cake. It was so goood.... I am glad that at last didi made me realise my mistake while using the convention. And now I can bake lots of things which was a part of my wish list!!!

Guys whats the plan for Vday??? Ok I agree many peopl will find me silly hearing this question, but then whats the problem of celebrating one more day of love. Even I hate when the roadside romeos fidn this day to impress the gal...but nothings wrong when I have an excuse to ask for my gift!!!! Whats your take??? :))

Happy Valentine's Day in Advance, since I would be very busy the whole weekend to post a blog!!!

Joke of the day: What did Baby corn ask Mom Corn?


Ans: Where is pop Corn!!!!

February 4, 2009

Foody Talks

I have been trying to write a post from past one week. But everytime I login, a meeting pops up. So many things are there to write about. First of all, I am sorry I need to post the pics of my nephew and fun we had in Mumbai. Will surely try to post them by this weekend.

Now for some updates. Most important, I have a samba competition at my dance class on 15th Feb. I am really excited about it. Though, I think my partner is quite at unease about this whole thing. For almost two nights, I literally thought about the clothes which I can wear for it. And when I discussed it with my Partner, he said he will wear any formal cloth. I said he needs to wear atleast a satin shirt, but he was not interested. I think I need to do something about it. Guys, you got to give me ideas to get out of it.

For my dress, my best friend rescued me. We both went for her honeymoon shopping in January first week. She is quite slim and nice figure. We bought lots of evening dresses. So when I asked her to give me ideas on my clothing, she suggested me to try one of her dresses and Voila, it almost fitted me. Almost means it did, but Anand thought it was a little body fitting and has deep neck.

So, here was the other step. My sis in law, who recently visited me,is a dietician. I asked her to give me a diet chart. And she suggested me to go for the GM diet. I had read about the diet quite a lot of time, but always felt that I lacked the power to stop my cravings for food.

I had certain things in my mind, if I dont reduce, my parents will disown me, its my best frenz wedding in April and I dont wanna look like a pig, and I to wear the dress for dance competition.

Finally, today is my 3rd Day of dieting. Its going on smoothly under my dietician Didi. Having been eating like a cow, all fruits and vegetables. Tomorrow is toughest day. I will only have bananas and milk. Dont be surprised, visit the GM diet chart and you will understand that here banana is used for throwing the toxicians in body via uric acid.

The best thing I found in this diet is that its in our mentality that we need to eat rice or chapati or bread to fill our stomach. Instead, a bowl of fruits and some vegetables are enough for the body. Remember we should eat to survive and not living just for food.

January 14, 2009

Flying High

Seemingly, last few weeks I have been listening to some beautiful songs. To count them, it would be Album - Slumdog Millionaire. One must be thinking that the movie has been given lot of hype, but I really have fell in love with its songs. I have been playing them in repeated mode on i-pod, for almost a week now. And now I am waiting for Dilli-6 songs. Sonam Kapoor is looking awsomely cute, surely a delight for all males. And of course, Abhishek Bachchan is a sweetheart.

If I have been listening to songs, and MR. Hubby has been busy on his two new phones, E-63 and Blackberry. You can imagine the heights of using the phone, that he is carrying his blackberry in toilet as well to check all the pending mails. I don't want to blame him, since he gets around 200-300 mails a day, obviously he need to check it at home as well. But .... :(((

Luckily, my in-laws are here, so I don’t get that bored. Didi will be coming on Sunday and I am sure after that Anand will not be able to use any of his gadgets in front of her son. After all he is just 1.5 years and loves to snatch all gadgets...:)))

By the way… Happy Makar Sankrati!!!. I just called up didi to wish her and I am so jealous. This is first time that I am not flying kites on Sankrati. Till last year I have always been in Jaipur to celebrate. Mostly on 13th night my brother would go to Nana-Nani’s place, so that on14th he could be on terrace by 5:30 am.

I miss all that, since its been so many years that he has not been in Jaipur on Sankrat. 14th January was always associated with a special sweet dish, “Finni” and then nani ke haath ke special “daal ke pakode”. Luckily, mom is here so I will get to eat all these things. But still, I don’t feel today as that special day. I miss those relatives who will all gather at one place. I miss my Mama, he has got so busy that we rarely talk now. Earlier he and my brother would go mad after kites. Mama would start gathering kites and manja since December vacations. It was a full family gathering reason. But, everyone is so busy, busy with work, busy at home, busy with worldly affairs that no one actually even have time to call and wish on this special occasion.

No sad talks on happy day… Eat lots of Gajak, til and pakode..!!! And those who can fly kites…please fly one for me as well!!!

January 5, 2009

2009 Begins with Fun!!!

It was the best time of 2008… I had 5 full days at home without any travelling to hometown. We were around 5-6 people at Andy’s frenz (my boss). For a change all of us were non-smokers, non-drinkers. I cooked up dinner at his place. It was so fun, making guy’s sit and asking them to chop the vegetables : )). And then we all saw Slumdog Millionaire on projector. By the way in afternoon I had seen Madagascar II at Vadala. I loved Slumdog Millionaire. Previously I had read the novel on which it is based, Q&A by Vikas Swarup. The movie is so different at every point yet captured very well. The romantic scenes are so aptly tied up with emotional melodrama. IMDB has given it the rating of 8.7 and stands at 45th position. I especially liked the kid who plays the young Jamal, the hero. I think it will release in India by last week of January, and I must say everyone should watch it once.

Friday and Saturday went in full shopping with two of the friends who had come over from Hyderabad. We bought all those clothes which we had dreamt of. Though we know that we will end up keeping them in cupboard only, but it gave such immense pleasure.

Sunday went in reminding me that gone are the happy days. Monday blues had started by Sunday evening only. I am feeling so lazy since morning. By the way whole January my in laws are visiting us in here, so will be little hectic. But of course it’s fun, since my sister in law is coming for the first time with her 1.5 year old horribly naughty son. I simply adore him. Will soon post his pics!!