June 29, 2009

H'ur'tly Yours

I was finally happy to hear from Anand those magical words... "I will regularly play squash every weekend!"

I have been forcing him to do some physical activity at least on weekends. So he leaves for IIT campus at 9:00 am with his friend N.

After around one hour, I call Anand to know when will he be free.

He replies, "Dear, I am waiting for N. He has gone for some work in my car. By the way, I have hurt my ankle."

"Oho....shall I come to pick you?"

"Nah... I will come"

After another 15 minutes, I get his call.

"Listen, the ankle is hurting....but dont worry..N will drop me..."

"Oops...Shall I come...it wont take 10 minutes.."

"NAh..just spoke to N he is coming in 5 minutes..."

10 minutes later....

"Listen....we leaving for hospital...you also come there...I think its fracture..."

"OMG...ok me reaching in 2 minutes..."

I reach hospital and see Anand sitting on wheelchair..with the widest grin I had ever seen on his face...

We guys actually hugged and laughed so much...Hospital staff was wondering why would anyone laugh after being hurt.... :))

P.S. : Not to worry...it isn't a fracture..but a sprain. Doctor has suggested 10 days rest. But Anand was found driving the car within 10 hours.. :)

June 19, 2009

Sweet And Sour Soup For The Married Ones - I

Finally, I am writing my much delayed and most interesting post...

I have been going through these mood swings from couple of weeks... I almost fought with Anand for no reason on 3rd June. Pity guy, he listened to my nonsense for full 3 hours. That day he was on leave since he wanted to take some rest... and I managed to ruin his day...

5th June : He comes from office and says today I will go to gym... Now nothing can be more amazing to hear than this. But it was almost 8:30 and he didnt went...I was again shouting on him for not going and wasting the fees on that gym... :((

At 10:30 pm he gets ready and goes out of the house....

Me: Where are you going at this hour?
Anand: Got some work.
Me: Like...
Anand: Something personal..

What the hell???

He left....

He comes pretty late and knowing about my mood...he says.. I am sorry..but I am planning something for your birthday...and things have turned up badly...I need to do damage control...

Fine... I wait for 2 days...

6th June 9:30 pm: My neighbor comes up and says she is not well and needs some urgent medicine. Anand leaves home to get them. Medicine shop is just 5 minutes from home. He comes back by 10:15 pm.

Now I was almost laughing...so as he enters I tell him "Anand I know you have got a surprise cake and flowers...so keep them in fridge. They will get spoiled in car..."

Anand stares at me, "OK ... I will get them...but you go in other room..."

I am laughing miserably by this time. We guys kept chatting and somehow I slept by 11 pm.

Anand wakes me up at 12... we cut the cake and he gives me this flower...it had a key inside it... What the hell...What is it???




Anand, you got Activa for me?????????????

Yes Sweetheart!!!

And here is my new Activa...

Love you sweetie!!!

Anand has been talking to Nidhi to help him choose the gift...Infact she came at 8 am on bday to give me a surprise!! Thanks dear!!! Thanks to all my family and frenz who called me up and made my day!!

P.S. : This was part I... A lot to tell about the whole day surprises!!!

June 12, 2009

The Garden

She dreams of flowers from her garden... While walking the aisle some seeds fell by the wayside.

She nurtured those seeds, watered them. She waited to see beautiful flowers...but wind blew to destroy them..She tried to hold them..protect them...

She still dreams....dreams for flowers...

June 5, 2009


"I need to buy new specs for Ma and also a new sari. The old ones are tattered. She hasn't bought one ever since Papa died 4 years back. The money earned by stitching clothes has been spent only upon my education.

I can now convince Radha's father to let me marry her. She has been my best friend since last 10 years. She has always waited for this day

Oh, I forgot I even need to get Ma's bangles she has mortgaged to the baniya. She will be so happy to get those treasured ones back.

After completing my B.Com, she had to give them to baniya, for I needed money to stay in Mumbai for initial days after I got job.

Today I have completed 3 months. Super Boss, Mr. Clinton has promised me that now I will get salary of 15,000 Rs. per month, after appreciating my work. Till now the stipend was so low that I could only survive in Mumbai and couldn't send any money to Ma.

She will be so happy to know that she can now stay with me."

"Vijay, We are extremely happy with your work. But as you know, recession time has affected us badly. Mr. Clinton informed us that we need to cancel the jobs for all the interns. I am sorry to say but..................... "

June 2, 2009


I reallly need a break.. I want to get out of office... Mumbai...infact out of country for a trip...

But alas, I cant resign right now (my company needs me)... no money to make a trip....not even in India....

sob sob...some body help me...

P.S. :Oh no...got a call...got to make some financial documents ready in half an hour.. I have no clue how to use Tally!!! :((((