June 26, 2008

SMS - Short M-isconception-S

SMS from Unknown (1:00 am) – Frnz r like d smell of Cigarettes wich stays in d fingertip 4 a short time. Bt true frnds r like nicotine in cigarettes wich stay in d heart till death. Good Night.
Me (8:30 am, Sleepy eyes) – Sorry, didn’t recognized you. (In shock state, since after marriage haven’t got any Good night messages from unknown number. Thought must be some Andy’s frenz.)
Unknown ( 10:30 am, Me in office) – An ideal day should begin with a cute little yawn on ur face, a cup of coffee in ur hand & a msg from me on ur mobile. Good morning.

After this message I was absolutely sure it was one of the Andy’s frenz who were our neighbors in previous flat. Next I dialed from office landline

Unknown - Hello
Me - Hi, May I know who am I talking to?
Unknown - “Kiddo” here (Name changed to protect life of the kiddo)
Me - Can you please tell me as to why have you been messaging me since yesterday.
Kiddo - Oh! You must be Priyanka.
My thoughts - He knows my name!!!!!!
Me - Yes, I am.
Kiddo - I want to be your friend.
Now hearing this I actually wanted to laugh. I didn’t know how to respond. In a second I knew that he was a 19 year guy, was trying for phone friends. But still I wanted to know where he got my number from.
Me (Trying to sound strict) - Who gave you my number?
Kiddo - I stole it from my friends cell.
And after this he disconnects the phone.

In 5 minutes, I get another SMS. This time I actually could guess its content.
Kiddo - I just want your friendship. No love no flirt nothing critical. I only know your number nothing else.
Me - Tell me the name of the guy from whose cell you stole the number.
Kiddo (6:30 pm) - No I can’t tell. Else you will kill him and he will not be my friend any more. I don’t want to lose his friendship

I was getting actually a stupid feeling. I remember that we all have gone thorough same stage. The only wrong thing with him, he caught a wrong gal.

Me - Name. I won’t kill him, only hit him.
Kiddo - Juni an IIT grad. (Juni is my younger bro’s friend)

Now I was laughing so hard, that my mom-in-law gave me those quizzical looks. So I called up my friend to share the joke. She told me to go for coffee with him accompanied by Mr Hubby. Now I could actually imagine the Kiddo’d face if he gets to know, that I am married.

SMS from Kiddo (Today Morning) - Good Morning , Have a lovely day
Me - I would start our friendship by letting you know the first thing, I am blissfully married from past 1 year.
Kiddo - Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, keh do ki yeh jhooth hai. (Nooooo, tell me it’s a lie). I thought you are an IITian gal.
Me - Juni came for my marriage. Wanna come for a coffee with my hubby.

After this no good morning, no good night message.
I was happy, that still people thought to be my friend even after my marriage!!!

I am sure next time his message to an unknown gal will be:
“Hey, are you married? “

June 24, 2008


Sometimes you are caught in web of life, where no matter what you want, there is no escape. Life seems to be entangled between heavy relations. Probably I am into such a thing. I feel like running away. I wish I could just meet some people in my life and confront them the feelings. I want to say so many things, write them down. Maybe just lie down in corner with no one around and shout loudly. I want to be a bird, flying in the sky. Travel all over the world. Kick some people. Dance in the rain. Look deep down in heart of some people who had hidden their inner feelings. Forget about the future. Free from worries of next day household chores. Wish some people disappear from my life. Run back to college days, my frenz, my simple living, eating a 10 rupee sandwich as a treat, make some people answer my questions which have remained answered ever since. I can do many of the above things, but just can’t do. Maybe because of the barriers in my life which do not allow me to cross to the other side.

P.S: Sorry for not posting blogs these days. I have shifted to a new place, so was damn busy..:)From now will be regular.

June 7, 2008

Chit- Chats

I loved the igoogle stuffs. Recently, added a stuff, which says, Things to ponder. It is the collection of the stupid and witty question.

Some are:

Why do nose run and feet smell?

If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation or a murder?

Why isn't 11 pronounced onety one?

Why are there flotation devices under plane seats instead of parachutes?
Would fat people go skinny-dipping?

Do cemetery workers prefer the graveyard shift?

Why do doughnuts have holes? (This is one question which I always ponder upon)

Why is boxing ring Round??

By the way just noticed that the Google has changed the icon, which appears on the URL bar (Favicon). It is now the small ‘g’ and not the capital ‘G’.

Initially, I thought that its some kind of abstract painting with snakes winded amongst themselves, but later realize it was the lower case ‘g’ that appears in the word Google.

One more update, Mumbai rains have started. This is first time I would experience it. After marriage I came in August and was mostly at home (since had resigned from job). Heard that no matter how hard it rains, Mumbaites never stop. Their life still keep running. For me rains means nice weather, long drives, fresh air, a fresh fragrance around, pakode, a cup of tea and missing college days. In college, rains were one of those reason to skip the lectures, to endlessly dance on the terrace (full loud music), to see peacocks around (yeah our college was rest house for hundred of the peacocks), to clean the messy shoes… endless lists. I am missing all my friends back in college, Gudiya, Ninnu, Swati, Neha, my I-9 batch, my juniors, my stupid teachers. Wish we could all meet once and get back to college again… May be this time we would be more naughty then before. May be this time I would say thanks to all of them to be a part of my life. May be this time I would say sorry for fighting with them. May be this time my teachers would be proud to see me for where I am now. May be.. it happens…May that those months of “May” come back.Today is my bday...so missing much more...:(