May 31, 2008


If life was online…
If any assistance required from a plumber or electrician, then press F1.
If salary less, press ctrl+c from boss account and ctrl+v to your account
If found a good looking hunk, could just take a print out of it and save it in my purse, or may be just set him as a wallpaper.
If my friend found a good looking hunk, then she can forward it to me.
If missing your mom, click on home.
If want to be at disc immediately, press alt tab and away from office
If breakup required, press END
If hubby looking for lost pair of socks, press ctrl+F
If want to change the color of the room, look for new theme
If wanna have lunch with wife and gf both at the same time, select option to arrange windows.
If lots of problems around, SORT on basis of priority
If any urgent deliverables required by boss, mark them as Spam
If mother-in-law is again ready with tu-tu main-main, press MUTE button.
If wanna continue with Sunday till Monday, press PAUSE
Anymore wishes??

May 24, 2008

Never Wanted...

Since childhood, there were certain things which I never wanted to know about, since I never liked the subject or was lazy to know about them.
I never wanted to know anything which dealt with money. Thus, never went to bank (mom literally dragged me, and it took me a whole year to know how to deposit a cheque).
I never wanted to choose the clothes to wear. Everytime we had to go out, someone has to take out my clothes from cupboard. But then that doesn’t mean I would wear them. Definitely, I would again take out a frock of my choice and would argue that why not to wear this and finally will wear a third skirt. It still continues, though I am trying to come out of it. It takes me a whole 15 minutes to decide what to wear.
I never wanted to do coding in college. And probably I have still been running from it. Though, at current office I sometimes have to do coding. I can write about my profile in the company, probably in another blog since it is an interesting one.
I never wanted to know about the interiors of the computer. Probably I have a home to decorate then why to get into the hardware decoration of the computer.
I never wanted to know that why did my cousin's wife's father's daughter-in-law's son had a fight with his wife's brother's cousin's sister. I mean I can’t keep track of my own family members then why to get into extended to extended family deeds. Till now the habit continues, thus I still find it so hard to remember my hubby's extended family members.
I never wanted to about stock markets, trading and other such stuff. And lo, got married to an equity dealer. I still have to twist my brain nerves to understand when he talks about his office chores.
I never wanted to carry over a fake relation and thus, in hostel had very few friends. For me, friendship meant a relation where you don’t need to show off or tell lies. We have a huge world full of people to whom we can be what we are not, but very few for whom we are best when we are ourselves.

I never wanted to stop at any point of my life and I am thus running and running and running behind a thing called life..

May 19, 2008


It may sound surprising but my morning wakeup call is not by an alarm clock, but harsh and loud lullaby of crows. They love to play on my AC and hate me if I sleep late. They would just sit up outside my window on AC and refuse to shut up. Scientist say that crows are very intelligent and one of the most sociable bird around. Probably they want us to become their friends.

Saturday morning, I asked Anand to tie a new rope outside the window for hanging the clothes. He said he will do it. So I proceeded in kitchen to prepare breakfast. Suddenly, I hear a fearful voice of him, asking me to get a stick. Being very puzzled, I rushed to bedroom, only to find hubby fighting for his survival with the crows. And man, there were 4 of them and my hubby was fighting single handedly. I was so curious as to why did they attacked him since they were always friendly with me. Probably, they shared views with me and didn’t like his unshaven face. So, I asked him to please go and clear the unwanted hair on his face, and become friends with our new housemates. I got some strange looks from both hubby and the crow. Hubby told me that the crow has given eggs near the next room windows.

Oopss…now my brain ran the whole story in flashback reminding me that how and when this whole love did began. So now we have a whole crow family sharing our window. Not only that, this family was in left side window. And to the right, there was another family; it was our neighbor’s window. Then, began the sword fight between the crows and hubby. He was attacked by beak and claws of the bird. And in return he said “shoo shoo” and I banged my broomstick on the glass pane. Finally after around half an hour Anand came out with flying colors, he completed his task. He stood like a superman holding a broomstick in hand and possessed some scratches, which spoke the saga.

For next 7-8 hours, I could hear my hubby trying to get win cacophony contest with them. To remind you, Anand is a very good competitor with crow. He has always been famous among the friends for his beautiful god-gifted voice. I have always praised it and told him not to sing publicly else Indian Idol people might get hold of him. And then he might have to stay away from me for 5-6 months until he wins the competition (Only if the judge is Himesh Reshamiya). I have also warned him not to sing at home as well since I do not want all our neighbors to stand outside the home, banging our door.

I am just praying to God, that babies are born soon, so that my ear can relax. Below are the pics of the nest.

May 15, 2008

My lost cell..almost..

Okay so the story goes like this...Yours truly is a little clumsy and that too when she is carrying a jhola, which has no separate pockets. You have to get hold of 10-15 things before you could even get a glance of the wanted item.

This weekend we were in full enthu to complete our to-do weekend list, which was pending since long. Finally by afternoon we were sitting in CCD with almost all things done. Now, since we had done so much labor we needed a break, so thought of watching Bhootnath. As we sat down in the hall, I opened my jhola in search to find a toffee. You see, my purse contains everything. So the larger it is, the more things it would have. And in the midst of finding toffee, realized my cell was not there. Meanwhile all lights were off.We both took out every single thing from purse. We found bank forms, long lost bills, my watch (which was to be repaired from past 5 months), case of my goggles, etc etc.. But cell was not there. Now my cell is very precious to me. First of all, it is N-73 music edition, quite costly and secondly, it was my wedding gift from Andy.

We both decided to rush back to CCD, for it was the last place it was seen. But, it wasn’t there. Then went to the shop where I had bought a teddy bear and accessories, which weren’t needed, but it was buy 2 get one free. Meanwhile, Andy kept ringing on the cell from the landline of the shop. Andy’s cell was in car, so I rushed to get it back.

On the way while returning, I tried to call on my cell. And, I was aghast..the cell was switched off. I was almost crying when I reached back to Anand. He had made announcement in the shop for if anybody has the cell please return it and he will be rewarded. We knew we can’t find it now. I kept cursing myself and my purse all the while. Anand got the sim locked to prevent further calls from it. He kept cheering me and asked to go back to movie and relax. We returned back to our seat. A couple was sitting next to us; Andy asked him if he has seen our cell. And lo…it was in his pocket. He said it was lying under our seat and since the ring was loud, he switched it off. Man..I didn’t know whether to thank him for the cell or to scold him for not picking up the call. Finally, my dearest darling was with me back again in my Jhola..

So what happened was that during national anthem, when I got up from my seat, my jhola fell off and that time the cell slipped. But all this definitely added up in my hubby’s list of jokes on me. And by the way the movie was good and memorable for me.

May 13, 2008

When Shahrukh licked Aamir's feet

Shocked me too...
Read this on rediff...

I wonder how do they search for these news???
Meanwhile got this video in forward ..found it really funny..
Rajnikant back in Dhoni style...

May 11, 2008

Eyes- Mirror of our Heart

Every mom is typical mom in herself. They always have something which would irritates us to hell when we were kids and things which we miss once we go away from her. My mom was famous in the whole colony for her eyes. No no, its not that she has blue eyes like Ash, but the reason being they spoke a lot. By speaking I mean is scolding. My bro has always been target of her eyes. If we would go out for a dinner, my mom’s eyes will keep following him. And he would not even care of it. He would go all over the place, will find something or the other to spoil and attract everyone to him. In the end I knew that when we will enter our home, he will get a nice scolding. And I would pity on my ’bechara bhaiya’, and will keep saying sorry on his behalf to her. And he would still be happy (Since he would have just a minute back broken a glass in kitchen). One day mother locked him in the bathroom. After 10 minutes she felt bad and opened it only to find that the brat was sleeping in there very comfortably, with his head over the bath stool. Uff..he could do anything. Mummy’e eyes will again stare him.
I always found it amusing when she talked. She would explain any small thing to her padosan (neighbor), with full enthu. Her eyes will keep rolling with every expression she said.
So once me, mom and mausi, we decided to go for shopping (I was rarely asked to accompany them, since I was kid according to them, so I was pretty excited). I had kinetic Honda. So we three sat on it with mausi being the driver. We went into tiny shops hidden in some corners. And there they both bargained with the shopkeeper even for a 5 Rs. Bindi packet. Soon my adventure was turning into nightmare. We were heavily loaded on the chota sa kinetic. I was sitting in the middle carrying lots of fur for mausi’s hobby;s classes, in my both hands. My mom was behind me. I really was feeling damn embarrassed. But the other ladies were happy for they did good shopping. And lo, a traffic man stopped us. I was so afraid. I asked my mom to call up Papa (here I underestimated her). But what I saw next shocked me. My mom suddenly started walking towards the bus stand just 100 meters away. She told mausi that thanks for dropping her and she will come by bus. The looks on the face of the cop and me were … u can imagine. And now the drama starts, she started scolding cop, since according to her, mausi was just helping her to drop to bus stand, since she is old and can’t walk. That time her eyes actually hypnotized the cop and he told us to leave. And just few seconds later she joined us back on the next turn. After that, I just remember that I just closed my eyes and was praying to reach safely with no more dramas ahead.
Once I reached, I straightway took the keys of my kinetic and promised never to go with them ever. As I grew up, people said I resemble my ma very much. I took it has a compliment since not only I resembled her in the looks, but also the way my eyes played.
Now, I live very far from her, brother is also in hostel and papa has also been posted to another place. But still she stays there with my younger sis. She says me many times that she is all alone and gets bored. I suggest her to go for shopping and other places. But, I guess she doesn’t want, probably no one is there to break her cups and glasses, and spoil the bedsheets…
Today’s post is to tell her that I love her very much. We all siblings love you. No matter how much we shout at you, we need you every day in our life. You are our support and greatest strength, for you taught us how to be independent and take decisions. And now that we are independent and happy with our life, we thank both of you ma and papa to be with us everytime.

May 9, 2008

Girl's Thoughts

A very nice thought...loved the line..
"I Love my Mom...but I dont want to be like her.."

May 6, 2008

Ay Kya Bolti Tu ...

Everyone waits for a weekend to get an option of sleeping till late. Anand also does the same. HE would keep complaining me every morning that why does he have to go so early. (He leaves for office around 6:45am to reach by 7:30). And finally, when Saturday is there, he would get up at 6:00 am. I never understand why he can’t do the same to whole week instead. But I guess everyone is the same. My favorite past time is sleeping, and I am usually devoid of it, courtesy Mr. Hubby.
This Saturday was a little better for me. Anand slept till late on a Saturday morning. Surely I was surprise and happy too. Though previous night, he promised to get up at 6:30 and go for jogging. Possibly he gets up early only when he needs to irritate me. Sigh..
I also love Saturdays for a reason that he helps in cooking breakfast. Most if the time it’s some or the other experiment with eggs. As soon as I entered kitchen, there came a call. His college friend, KM, was here. So I had to cook breakfast for 5-6 people. No, only one friend was here, but my apartment is surrounded by all bachelors which happen to be Anand’s college friends. So we decided that we’ll all have breakfast at our place. And while breakfast, KM suggested lets go to Lonavala. His fiancé and one more couple was to join us. One of my very good friends (let’s call her YG) lives in Vashi, so we thought to pick her up with her hubby on the way. Anand decided to reach at YG’s place by 3:30, though I know it meant 5:00 pm.
I was correct we reached YG’s place by 4:45. I met her sweet little angel, Inu. We decided to leave Inu with her Nani, since YG was afraid if she could take care of her at Lonavala or not.
Meanwhile KM, with his friends, had reached Lonavala and booked the rooms in a resort. It was already 7:00 by the time we reached to the hotel. We saw sunset on the Mumbai Pune Express Highway, which was beautiful.

Since, KM was in a cab, the driver knew various sightseeing places. So we decided to follow his car. YG and Anand, guessed that we are going to Bhushi Dam. Slowly, we crossed Bhushi Dam. The ideal time to visit it is during rains, since then the water overflows. Currently, it was totally dry. The cab didn’t stopped there and was still running in the slopes of the mountain. Anand’s next guess was, we going to Amby Valley. Amby Valley is a posh city developed by Sahara Parivar. It has its own shopping mall, golf course and every single thing you need. They give an Audi free to the owners of houses. We kept driving and driving, cracking all stupid jokes and remembering good old college days. Finally, after whole good 15 minutes, we all kept wondering and guessing the place we might be going. We all prayed that hopefully when we reach to top, the driver won’t say, “This place is better during day time”.
We reached to the Lion’s Point finally and parked our cars at the edge of the valley. Gosh…the view was stunning. After so many years I saw absolute clear sky. We could see countless stars across the sky. Though, after 10 minutes, KM said the unwanted lines..”This place is better during the sunlight”. YG and I started scratching our heads to remember the names of the constellations. Probably we can’t qualify for “Kya aap panchavi pass se tez hai”. We could just remember Orion and Saptrishi. The temperature was a little cool due to the breeze. Finally we decided we will come back to see sunrise early morning, though I never wanted to get up early.

After dinner, guys decided to look for a place where they could play pool. Lucky me, all places were closed by then. So we just took a stroll around and bought the famous chiki and Fudge.
Finally, we retired to our rooms to travel in the dreamland. Few people were excited to get up early to see the sunrise, but lazy I ignored them. Anand as usual, did put an alarm so that he could think if he wanted to join others. He promised to switch it off himself. No one can change the destiny; I had to get up at 5:15am to switch off the stupid alarm as Anand muttered in his sleep that he doesn’t wish to go anywhere. I hate him for it… When I finally threw the sheets and came out of the room, I realized I was the first one to wake up. No one actually went to see the sunrise. What an Irony!!!
After good long breakfast of one and half hour (courtesy, the cook, who would make one parantha in 20 minutes), we went back to the top of cliff. And boy, the driver was correct; the view was amazing during the daylight.

We rushed up from there, since YG was worried about baby Inu and reached back home by late afternoon.
The next morning the headlines were :

God!!..we were saved..

May 5, 2008

Unspoken Wishes...

Things you mite like to say to people around you on their face:

1. Oops…you are not so are actually “shikaar” of malnutrition.
2. Wish I could swap my hair with you.
3. Can you please be decent while eating your dinner? I mean it would be better if you close your mouth and then chew your food.
4. Is it the same shirt you were wearing yesterday??
5. You going all alone in that auto..please drop me on the way…!!:)(While waiting for an auto for more than 1 hour)
6. I am actually not listening to you.
7. Wish I could throw the bean bag….. (of course, you sitting on it…)
8. I am sorry but don’t feel like saying it.
9. I am there…Listen to me…
10. Can I throw a watermelon over your head…:O
11. I know you love your girlfriend..but can you please tell her at your OWN house..and not in public place
12. Man, you are real HOTTT!!!
13. I wish I could have figure like you.
14. Deodorants are not that costly to use.
15. Your baby is so cute…unlike you… :))
16. Why are you guys so lazzzyyy???
17. If only few people can realize they are in office and not on a mall road,
18. Oops…I think I need a translator while talking to you… (People wid fake accent)
19. Is some jhingalala competition around... (gals wearing earring all over the ear). And the winner of the competition will get a nose ring free…hehe
20. So did you gifted this sari to your wife as well.. (the sales person at sari shop, according to whom every sari in the shop is the BEST one to buy).

May 3, 2008

Jail to Caves

My hubby is full of surprise elements. Last Saturday we woke up a little late by 8:30, I was in full Saturday Holiday mood. After having a lazy breakfast, I was again planning to sleep. Suddenly I find Mr. Hubby giving a very inquisitive looks. (Mind you, those looks scare me sometimes, wondering what next he is planning). And then he was with his lappy; searching for in some travel guides for Mumbai. I knew then, we going out in next 15 minutes. And that’s what happened, we were going Elephanta Caves. So, there we packed up our bags. He was in full enthu, I could realize this since he asked me to give him sunscreen (normally he never even think of applying it). So by afternoon we were in the car all set to go for a picnic.
We reached Gateway of India around 1:30. There we took a ticket to a ferry. I was traveling for the first time across a sea therefore was excited. The journey was around 1 hour long. It wasn’t interesting, since it was crowded and the temperature was very humid and hot. Once we reached there, we took a mini train, to take us from the dockside to the entrance. And this train journey was most interesting. Actually my cap flew off and just like a Bollywood hero Mr. Hubby jumped off from the train and ran behind it. He caught hold of it and then again ran and I became Kajol and pushed Shahrukh khan back to the seat. (Don’t worry train was damn slow heheh :)) Oh Boy it was so fun.

At the entrance there are lots of small shops selling cute crafts work. Mind you the prices are damn high so better bargain. There are also certain restaurants around. We took our lunch there (Didn’t knew there was MTDC restaurant on the top of the caves). To get to the caves, we climbed a steep street up. Some locals regard the caves as a religious place dedicated to Lord Shiva, which accounts for a large number of visitors during Mahashivratri. There are total of 5 caves full of sculptures and work of art. Since both of us don’t enjoy these things, so we didn’t go to all the caves. Instead, we just roamed around here and there and then bought some stuff for home.

The last boat leaves from Elephanta at 5:30pm. This time while returning we paid money to get the upper deck. It was the lovely thing to be done. Since it was sunset time the temperature was perfect. The view from the deck for the sea was really pleasing. And finally we were back to our car.

On the way back to our home, we had a quick dinner at a small nice restaurant, Crystal. The food tasted just like home made stuff. And the best part was no oil in food and damn low prices. Imagine we had full meal in just 120 bucks. This was cheapest of our meals ever in Mumbai.
It was lovely and tiring day. And did I forget to mention why we went to Elephanta. Actually, after breakfast, hubby was watching a movie (one of those which I never watch), Qayamat- City under Threat. And there the terrorists had planted missiles at the top of Elphinstone Jail. And there he found the idea of going to Elephanta. Whole day he said we are at Elephinstone caves instead of Elephanta. Cute NA!!!