July 25, 2008


Recently, my lingo has changed dramatically towards the IIT lingo. Thus, words like, Matka, Scope, ‘Dayaa’, grub, arbit…. , they hold absolutely different meaning.
Other day, I was chatting to my ex-roomie. Let’s call her Ria. We were discussing about an ex-colleague who was applying for various MBA colleges and recently got through one. Now I didn’t remember the exact name of the university. So was trying to explain her about the university in some metaphors.

Here is the conversation:

Priyanka: u thrr??
Ria: yeppersss
Priyanka: hey I was trying to remember the name of the university in which Maddie has been selected.
Ria: Oh, he had told me. But don’t remember it.
Priyanka: Someone told me Maddie GOD university meine gaya hai...and meine us university ka kabhi naam bhi nahi suna. (Someone told me Maddie has got through GOD university. I haven’t even heard of its name).
Only 5 have been selected all oover india...

(Now Maddie, is one guy who thinks he is Lord of the World. He tell tall stories. In short is an exaggerator).

Ria: Oh! GOD University… I didn’t know. Lagta hai Bhagvan ke pass hi chala gaya. Kya university hai. (I think he has gone to God. Interesting University!!)

After this we discussed on lots of other issues on the university in USA. After around 30 minutes the discussion was:

Ria:-yaad aaya..his univ is Vanderbilt
Priyanka:-Ye konsi hai?ruk jaa pata karti hoon iske baare mein..(Which one is this... Lemme find out)
Priyanka:-76 rank hai....its nothing
Ria:-wo sab to thik hai..but ye GOD univ kaha se aaya? (Thats all ok about it But whats this GOD university then??)
Priyanka:-GOD???? (I was Absolutely Lost by now)
Ria:-apna sentence dekh na upar.u said Maddie has got through GOD univ. (Read your above statement. you said he is into GOD university).
Priyanka:-Riaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...GOD is a word used for something terrific..its an IIT lingo.Ohh shit...dont tel me u were thinking its GOd univ
Ria:-yaar mujhe kya pata..how will i know how IItians talk.

(After 30 seconds)...

Ria:-Yaar shitt..i dont believe it..how can i be so dumbbbbbbbb.

After this I need not tell you anything, I was in splits of laughter. All i know is Ria was in a no-why-his-happens-with-me reactions.
But all this made me laughing whole day… :)

All thanks to my ex-IITian-neighbors !!!

July 23, 2008

Knot-ed for Life

One year of tears.

One year of laughter.

One year of togetherness.

One year of unconditional love

One year of Celebration,

Celebration of my First wedding Anniversary…

This blog is for you Sweetheart.. Love you Hamesha...

July 18, 2008

Weekend's' Ramayan

Last few weekends, I have almost been absent in the blog world. There are two reasons associated with it. Firstly, gmail has been blocked in office, secondly, I have shifted to a new place (thus, net connection was pain) and last but not the least, in laws visited us. Following all these factors, I have been on a Mumbai Darshan (Trip). Every weekend, we went to a new place in Mumbai. So here is the summary of all.
Though I have been to Nariman Point many a times, but this time it was best one. The reason being, it was not at all crowded and thus I went till the last tip and also, it was raining hard. I could see only water water everywhere. It was damn beautiful. From here, we went to the best eating place “Sardar”. I have mentioned the uniqueness of Sardar before as well. Aahh!!! It was so awesome lunch.
We went to BandStand and Versova Beach. I would have appreciated them much more, had they been a little clean. We couldn’t stand the smell at Versova Beach. I pity at authorities, since they are such beautiful places, but people don’t care to keep them clean. After this we went to eat food at Papa Pancho. I have always missed spicy and fresh food of dhaba, eversince I have come to Mumbai. Thanks to Papa Pancho, it actually was wonderful food. I also liked their concept. You just need to order your vegetable, with which they will serve dal, parantha and curd. So, it was a sort of Thali, with your favorite vegetable. The food was really spicy. The only thing bad was once I am in a restaurant, my hunger doubles. And their service was way too slow. Also, the sweet dish was not very tasty.
Since, my sister has got admission in the Law College, she came for her shopping. So, we went to Lower Parel, factory outlets, and Phoenix Mall. I did shopping for not only the sis, but for me, my brother and hubby. I did so much shopping after a long time. Felt so happy after that. After all, shopping and food are stress busters for me (I am sure it must be for most of gals :).
After 15097th planning, we again planned to visit Celini, in Hyatt. But once again, it was just a plan and we cancelled it. I wonder when I will finally go there. Celini, serves Italian food and the other joint which serves good Italian is Little Italy. So, there we go. Previously we had always been to Juhu branch; this time we planned to go to the Ghatkopar one. And I was a bit disappointed. The ambience was not as great as in Juhu and thus 50% of my mood was spoiled. We hold HSBC card and were suppose to get 10% discount on bill, but the manager had no clue about such offer and thus we paid whole bill. Next time I am not going there.
My brother will leave tomorrow, so now ends my family vacation. I will be back with the same routine. Hopefully, now I will be more regular with blogging.:)

P.S. – Thanks to Nidhi for helping me change the theme of my blog page.:)

July 10, 2008

Because I love my life...

Life is so helpless many times. You regret why some people entered in your life, only to ruin it. Why did they behave so mysteriously with you? What made best of frenz to get trapped into a pool of misunderstandings. Some people are so important in your life that even their presence makes you comfortable, but they never realize it. They never know how much they matter to you; instead they come to their own conclusions about anything, ruining the complete relationship. I wish I could go back and ask God to give me those moments back which I had wasted on such insensitive people. I have realized that there are so many people around me whom I really love, but they never cared to even call me and ask about me. But I never felt bad about it. May be I thought they are busy, or they are just lazy to call anybody. Today I regret all these thoughts, they were busy, lazy but not for all but only for me. They just didn’t want to talk to me. At least, one of them confessed this to me and may be others might also do in near future. Or maybe, they will never confess since they are so insensitive to ever care for me.

I promise to myself, from now onwards, I would use my cell only to return back the calls and not to be the first one to approach them.

But irony of my life, this is not me. I can’t be like this for ever. May be I will behave this way only for few months and will return back to original me. And again, one day will be hurt. But I still love my life.

“I love my past. I love my present. I'm not ashamed of what I've had, and I'm not sad because I have it no longer” (Read it somewhere).

July 7, 2008

Jaane tu ya Jaane na..

Friday night was office party. We went to watch Jaane tu ya Jaane ya. And by the end of the movie I was really happy, came out with a grin on my face.

The worst part was I missed the starting 20 minutes, all thanks to traffic in Mumbai. But this will be compensated by an ice-cream treat from the boss (I took lift from him). I don’t remember last time when did I saw such CUTE and Lovable movie. The characters were so cute and casted with perfect characters. Be it Ratna Pathak, Naseerudin Shah, Khan Brothers or Prateik Babbar (Smita Patel’s Son). Though, I couldn’t accept the role for Paresh Rawal in the first scene as a brutal Police Inspector. But, after the second scene, he actually did steal the show. Imran Khan was being promoted by far more than Genelia, but anytime I would say Genelia was better than him. She actually looked so much natural, be it while fighting with brother, teasing frenz, jealous of Jai’s girlfriend or simply embarrassed when her parents talk about her marriage with Jai.

There was not much of story line I mean I could predict every single scene, but it was entertainer. I usually go to watch a movie only to go into a dreamland, with pure and pure fun. And this movie, undoubtedly turned wonderful for me.

I loved the three brother’s names: Mowgli, Baghira and Baloo ( the three characters from Jungle Book). Wat an idea sirjje!!..

The best scene: Of course when Ratna Pathak sees Imran Khan on horse, she says, “Mera nahi, mere pati ka beta hai woh.. “ (“Not mine, but my husband’s son”).

The worst scene: I could not tolerate Meghna. Somehow, she irritated me.

So, all you guys who want to enjoy a movie with no tears, no message, no action, only and only plain cute movie with a popcorn and Ice tea, this movie is a sure watch. Enjoy!!!

July 2, 2008

The War Of The Games

When I got married with Andy, I always was happy that he behaved just like a kid and not like mature uncles. Though, I never knew that his kiddo behavior is associated with him everywhere. He loves watching Cartoons (Excessive love), Comic Books (Nagraj, Tenaliram etc..), Food (For him every eatable thing is God), and Games. Now, games were one thing which was reason for the war between us. He loves playing video games so much that I actually wished one day for his laptop to crash. And lo!! Next day, I could see him running here and there in full tension. His lappy was in Comma. Hahahhaha!!!!
I swear I didn’t do anything to it. It took full one month to revive it back. Still, it is not in perfect state. So in that one month, Andy realized he needs something to play. So then we bought Ludo. Ufff!!! Again, the child in him evoked to full swing. He played Ludo or Snakes and Ladder not to win, but to make me loose. Just like a kid, he would try to cheat and cheat. Boy, it was damn fun. Though, most of the time I won .. :)
Later we also asked N to get Scrabble for us. Though, we never played it. So yesterday night, my sis asked if we have Scrabble to play. I knew I would be the weakest one since I don’t remember when I last played it and thus, knew no rules. In case, it would have been only me and Andy, I would have never played. Since, he would have imposed all kind of rules over me. But since, Sis and Bro both were there, we started. Initially, Andy took almost 15 minutes to decide upon the word. This was because he wanted only those words where he could get bonus points. So, we had to introduce a rule of maximum time limit which was 3 minutes. Game began. Andy was leading, bro second, sis third and me last. Andy made the word LENT. Bro turned it into SILENT. Next was my turn, Andy gave me a helping hand, since I was almost stuck. Oh, the next moment I knew the word. It was RESILENT. And I got so many bonus points for it.
My final score was way ahead of all of them. I won. It was only after the end of the game, I told Andy that the spelling of RESILENT was wrong. Heheheh :). And now he never agrees to play a GAME with me. HEHAHAHHA