April 23, 2009

Quick Updates

I always tell my friends that it takes just an hour to write a blog, then why aren't you regular..and lol..this time its me!!! But I swear, past 3 months have been the most tiring and busy months ever since I have come to Mumbai.

So here are quick updates:

1. My company thinks I am a Mom in office who can scold employees to be disciplined.
2. I have got lots of new responsibility. I confess that they were very attractive initially but now a burden!! :(
3. My brother got through IIM Calcutta
4. My hubby got through NUS Singapore.
5. Both of them will be studying now for next 2 years and I have to work. :(
6. I need job in Singapore…so guys help me….
7. The best thing… I have started losing weight..Everyone gave me compliment this time when I visited hometown!!! Yupieee!!!
8. Office work has taught me to maintain a to-do list every day… So please spare me if reading the blog in points really irritates you..
9. It is irritating to me..but I can’t help!!! :P
10. I lost my wallet… How and when… a long story..will share it in next blog!!

I guess that’s all for now. Nidhi, Richa, Alok please post a blog… I really want to read your current updates!!!

P.S.:If anybody looking for an HR manger job in a company of 20 employees (all guys)… let me know…I am looking for my replacement in this office.