December 31, 2008

Chutti Time!!

Winters are such a delight for me. I am typically fond of those foggy mornings, with a cuppa of tea in hand, overloaded wih clothes, sleeping till late in the cosy quilt, eating all kind of paranthas, gajar ka halwa, gajak... Oh much I miss North India this time of the year. Yeah I know you gain weight..but then how does it is summer to sweat out all the fat!!!

Other than this I have more to celebrate...25th December is my sister's we always celebrate it with full enthu.. And the most special thing this time is my office is closed for 5 days!!! We had canceled our previous holidays due to loads of work and finally declared them during this week... WOOOWWWW!!!!

Some of our friend's are coming over to celebrate new year...infact it will celebrated this time with shopping. Actually, one of my best fren is getting married so she will coming over on weekend to do her shopping I know this is good for me but bad for Andy..But never mind to make him happy I have already cooked gajar ka halwa and some other delicacies for him. I am sure he wouldn't mind enjoying them on stake of his wallet. :)))

So a very very Happy New Year to you... May the new year bring all your wishes true!!!

See you all soon with detailed description of my vacations!!

December 22, 2008

Life is not so Simple!!!

Back in 2004, I was completely unaware of the aim of my life after completing my engineering. All my batchmates used to search on various job portals, keep editing their resumes, planned of going to Bangalore after college ended, for job search. Me and S would always be found chilling around in café deciding where to meet and have party after college. Another close friend of ours, B, would always be so worried. She scolded us for we had not still made our CV’s, but she knew she will be the one making for us. Finally, one day there was a storm in campus. Everyone was in hurried expression that our TPO is doing nothing. LnT was coming to a college in Jaipur and he was not even bothered to take us there. You won’t believe but sincerely speaking I didn’t know any company except Infosys. LnT was a strange word for me.

The next day we were in bus with 200 other girls on a trip to Jaipur. For me it was a trip since my parents were in Jaipur, so I could meet them. But lots of people were reading and revising lots of C codes and functions. We were going for LnT interviews. We went to a private college in there. I just knew Akash and one more friend in the college. Once we reached there I got busy meeting all friends of Akash. I didn’t even know where my resume was. Afterall, who had come for an interview ;) . It was just a get together of friends. We got to know that there would be a written test in evening and next day the personal interview. That meant whole day I was free. Bas phir kya tha…. I was with Akash and group looking for a prospective girlfriend for the guys (Ours was a girls college). I had amazing fun … Finally in the evening test started. Me, S and B sat together. Paper was simple maths and analytics (I love Maths). All three of us had absolute same answers. Finally after half an hour I got to know that we three are shortlisted. OMG….. I was elated. This was least expected. Next day it was technical round. And I knew I couldn’t do that. I hadn’t done any coding before. Full night B helped me to remember lots of basics and gave me fundas. But finally I failed in technical round.

After this whole thing, I realized that yeah Job is something I need to worry about. But I never wanted to go into engineering field. Then why the hell did I waste four years of my life. L After few days I was placed. And luckily, I didn’t have coding profile but testing. Work was fun in Gurgaon.With me were few of my college frenz including Richa. I was enjoying every bit of it, except my work. I mean I did like the work, but somehow deep inside me, I felt this is not what I want to be. I need to do something creative or I should get a place where I could lead people. I was all lost.

One day suddenly I got engaged. I was happy, of course since I got my life partner, but the better reason was that now I can actually look for better job. Andy helped me a lot. I resigned from Gurgaon and got settled in Mumbai. I started looking for something in Mumbai, but everyone offered me a software engineer profile. I never wanted that. Infact I wanted to join some editorial firm or newspaper. Then Andy suggested me to join a startup. He explained to me that it would be a best thing since the company has just 4 people and I can grow and learn a lot in there.

And there I am from past 1 year. Initially, I faced a lot of problem, but got adjusted to a fact that I have to be an initiator here. I love the fact in one year I have learned so much that even a management school can’t teach me in a two year course. I have to do all random work. My profile changes every day.

Last week I took interviews at IIT. My papa was so happy. He said so what you were not an IITian, but you hiring them. My brother who is in IIT was laughing at me. The best feeling was when I heard a group of people saying the written paper was so tough… HAHAHHA….I was GRINNING…. These students found my paper tough!!!!! Whole evening I was carrying a big smile on my face…..: ))))

I asked people about their life goals and found people who were just like me. They wanted to do something, but when asked what…then they didn’t have any answer. People take it as a negative thing, but I feel that it’s never too late to decide what do you want out of life. Everyone is meant to be best at something.

All the best to all my readers for their future lifes, hope you come out of flying colors.

December 13, 2008

Ek la chalo re...

Yesterday night, I felt lonely. For the first time after coming to Mumbai, I felt so aloof and alone. I am one of those people who rarely do anything all alone. Even if I have to go to buy grocery I would ask my neighbors to come with me or will drag Anand. I was at my dance class yesterday and a sudden creepy feeling came in. It told me that this is a land of strangers, I don't belong here. I felt, all people around me were behaving weirdly. After shifting to this new place, my previous neighbors did remind me that I will always miss the gang of those bachelor boys around me. After six months, I realized that yeah I do miss them. Its not that I am not happy here, but I met some strange people around me. Those were selfish people living in their own world of dreams. They were rude and arrogant. Many a times, I wanted to shout on them for I had started hating them, but something in me stopped me. One fine day, I gave up. It was enough. I wanted her to say sorry to me. She left from Mumbai recently. I am happy, but thoughts surround me that why did it all happen. It shouldn’t have happen.

I thought, that may be in Mumbai people are this way only. From then on I started fighting with myself. I started going alone. I started my morning exercise, reminding myself that these things will help me gain my lost confidence. I started doing all things on my own, saying to myself “See you don’t need anyone. You are best.”

I don’t know what happened yesterday at the class. People were talking to me, but I felt that the warmth was missing. I felt left alone. But this was the way I had chosen. Then why wasn’t I happy?

This is not me. I am changing. But should I change?

I know all this is so confusing. So many ifs and buts. I just wrote what was popping in my head with no correlation in things.

That one incidence had broken me. Something inside me wants to come out. I want to make friends, talk to strangers as I did previously. I want to be called the chatter box by everyone.

I want to do all those stupid things, calling people at middle of night just to laugh on them. I want to irritate those call centre guys by putting out of world questions on them. I want to be regular in my office and personal work. I want to be carefree of what people are thinking about me.

Very soon, I guess I will be back to MYSELF.

November 25, 2008



Guys...I have done some up gradations to my blog...

First of all... Now I have a favicon
Isn't it cool!!

And then.. I have found the code to protect copying of the content of my blog...So no one can now right click...Yupieee!!!!

Anyone who want to know how to do it..drop me mail...will help him/her..

I guess i am so happy since I wanted to do all this 4 months back...but my laziness was ruling me.. :)))

Iron 'Ki' Road

Yesterday I left from office at around 6:30 pm... Its the time when Hiranandani starts getting crowded. I go home via a very narrow road. Only cars and two vehicles are allowed. Infact most of time they dont even allow Auto rickshaws to go through it.

In that lane, I saw a group of around 12-15 bikers carrying flag of a political parties. Realised that election time is approaching now. I was stuck there for another 15 minutes and then appears a huge Truck, with loudspeakers on full volume playing the slogan for the party. And then came the irony of situation. It was actually a "Vikas Rally" promoting how the party has helped improving the traffic in the city by building roads, flyover and bridges.

I took 35 minutes to reach home, which I normally reach in 7-8 minutes. No wonder they have helped, but I guess they can be of more help by using them properly.

November 21, 2008

Tell me..something...

This particular tag is going all over the blogsville these days..Ofcourse the best part is you get to know what people think of you.. So I got all greedy to post it on my blog as well.

Here are the questions. You need to answer all these questions for me :) and let me know about myself:

1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. Something I have and YOU want?
4. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it?
5. Describe me in one word.
6. What was your first impression of me?
7. Do you still think that way about me now?
8. What reminds you of me?
9. If you could give me anything what would it be?
10. How well do you know me?
11. How do you see me in the future?
12. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t?
13. Are you going to post this in your blog and see what I say about you?

November 17, 2008

Ek Blog….Dosti ke naam!!!

Sometimes, first impression is not last impression. I met this guy in 2nd year training during engineering studies. He first appeared to be damn arrogant, selfish and an idiot. Though, I agreed that he had brains, but I used to say to my friends that I will not talk to him ever. I don’t know how in those 2 months he became my friend. Though, we never shared anything but I knew he will be around me whenever needed. I used to fight him a lot. He never used to be on time, never used to call up, not even drop a mail. Imagine this guy made me wait for him at a mall for one and half hour. If it would have been any goddamn other person, I would have never talked to him again in my life. But I don’t know why this never happened with him. He came, smiled and said “Woh didi ko parlour drop karna tha.” Though, I had word with didi 5 minutes back and she said that he had left way before. But still we were friends. Lots of ups and downs came in our respective lives. He never told me anything. Many a times it would months that we would have talked. But then still I knew I have a lovely friend.

Then I got my job in Gurgaon and there we talked a lot. I got to know about his recent developments in life. I was really happy, but every time I felt he never did justice to our friendship. He never spoke me of any of his troubles. Meanwhile I got married. He didn’t come to my wedding; of course he had a reason, as always, that he had his semester exams. I just laughed.

Today we are in two different cities. I had been angry over him from past 2 months. I don’t even know if he has realized it. Kabhi kabhi mann karta hai usko bahut maaroon… but I know he would just gimme a smile and say “Guppi…aisa nahi hai re… “ and would smile.

His name is Akash Gupta. He is on blog world. But he visits my blog only when I visit his blog. Of course it’s his attitude. Today is his birthday. And I want to wish you all the happiness in life. I wrote this blog just because I want to tell you that you are a special person in my life and will always remain. Though, I don’t know how much you consider me as your friend, but yeah if I need you I will call you in middle of night (Even if you get married).

So Mr. Akash Gupta, A very very Happy Birthday to you!!!

November 14, 2008

Si'ng'ly Tagged

Richa has tagged me...

Here are the rules:

1. Put your music player on Shuffle mode. (Mere N73 ki jai ho )
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. Write the song name no matter what it is.
4. After you've answered all of the questions, tag 5 other people and let them know they've been tagged.

Now before starting the Tag let me tell you that this is a pretty boring one. Infact I had done the tag 3-4 days back..but posting it now. Recently got an i-pod from a friend. So it had songs of her choice. Here is the Tag:

1. If someone says "Is this okay?", you say:
I could hardly believe it when I heard the news today
I had to come and get it straight from you
They said you were leaving, someone swept your heart away
From the look upon your face I see it's true
So tell me all about it, tell me 'bout the plans you're makin'
Then tell me one thing more before I go
Tell me how am I supposed to live without you
Now that I've been lovin' you so long
How am I supposed to live without you
And how am I supposed to carry on
When all that I've been livin' for is gone - Michael Bolton/D. James

(Isshhh.... :-/ )

2. What would best describe your personality?
Mann Saath Samandar Dol Gaya Jo Tu Aankhon Se Bol Gaya…
Oh… Mann Saath Samandar Dol Gaya Jo Tu Aankhon Se Bol Gaya
Le Teri Ho Gayi Yaar Sajna Ve Sajna, Ho Sajna Mere Yaar Sajna Ve Sajna - Chameli

(This is one of my favourite songs….and holds quite true)

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
I've been trying oh so long,
To let you know, let you know how I feel
So if I stumble and if I fall,
Just help me back, so I can make you see
Please give me one more night,
Give me that one more night
Oh one more night,
'Cause I can't wait forever
Please give me one more night,
Just give me that one more night
Oh one more night,
'Cause I can't wait forever - Phil Collins

(Of course the guy should be so wonderful that I cant wait for him further…yeah I found him)

4. How do you feel today?
Sab Chalte Hain, Duniya Ki In Raahon Mein
Par Kya Karoon Hai Nasha Koyi Hawaon Mein
Ab Zameen Ko Chor Ke Mujhko Bas Hawa Mein Udne Do
Udne Do, Udne Do Ab Mujhko Udne Do
Udne Do, Udne Do, Udne Do
Udne Do, Udne Do Ab Mujhko Udne Do
Udne Do, Udne Do, Udne Do
Ab Zameen Ko Chor Ke Mujhko Bas Hawa Mein Udne Do – Taxi No. 9211

(Sachchciiiii…..Udne do..udne do…)

5. What is your life's purpose?
Come and hold my hand
I want to contact the living
Not sure I understand
This role I've been given

I sit and talk to God
And he just laughs at my plans
My head speaks a language
I don't understand

I just want to feel real love
Feel the home that I live in
'Cause I got too much life
Running through my veins
Going to waste – Robbie Williams

(I love the lyrics…..they hold a lot more deeper meaning)

6. What do your friends think of you?
pehle nahi thi chandani
ho..yoon shabnami
pehle nahi thi chandani
chaand wo
bharma gaya
tujhko dekha to
sharma gaya
wo churane laga hai nazar
yoon shabnami… Saawriyan

(hehhehe… I am sure I not that beautiful…)

7. What do you think of your parents?
I'll be your dream
I'll be your wish
I'll be your fantasy.
I'll be your hope
I'll be your love
Be everything that you need.
I love you more with every breath
Truly madly deeply do..
I will be strong I will be faithful
'Cos I'm counting on a new beginning.
A reason for living.
A deeper meaning. – Savage Garden

(Correct one!!! I wish I am their dream…)

8. What do you think about very often?
Tere bin Jiyenge Kahan re, Tere bin Jiyenge Kahan -2
Oh.. Baharon Nazaaron Mein Tum Ho..
Sumhare Ujaalon mein Tum … Soniye …Soniye…- Dus Kahaniyaan

(Andy khush ho jaye…see I think about you this often)

9. What is 2+2?
soniye soniye soniye soniye - 2
(tu hi tu hi meri manzil
tu hi chahat mein hai shaamil) - 2
kuch aisa kahe do jaan-e-dil
tere bina meri subha nahi jalti
tere bina meri shaam nahi dhalti
tere bina meri jaan hai pighalti
soniye soniye soniye soniye - Aksar

(I hate this song)

10. What do you think of your best friend?
Sakhiya Re Sakhiya Re Meethi Meethi Batiya Re
Sakhiya Re Sakhiya Re Ohhhh
Sakhiya Re Sakhiya Re Katti Nahi Raahiya Re
Sakhiya Re Sakhiya Re Ohhhh

Do Dilon Ki Doori Musjhse Sahi Na Jaye
Dil Tere Ek Pal Kahin Na Chain Mujhko Aaye
Jawaan Is Dhadkan Ki Betaabi Ka Aab Karnaa Ha Izhaar
Na Jaane Tu Na Jaane Yaar Mujhe Tujhse Hai Kitna Pyaar 2 – Bhool Bhuaiyaa

(Simply perfect song for my best friends….)

11. What do you think of the person you like?
Koi Chanchal Shok Haseena Dil Dhoond Raha Hai
Jo Ho Anmool Nageena Dil Dhoond Raha Hai
Ho Koi Paise Wale Lage…
Dil Se Hum Ko Laga Ke
Wale Pyaare Pyaare Dil Thamle Humare
Ab Mile Hume Aake
O Yaara Dhol Bajake -3
O Yaara Jasna Manake
O Yaara Dhol Bajake -3
O Yaara Jasna Manake

12. What is your life story?
Mere Dil Mein Hai Joru
Dil Ki Dhadkan Mein Joru
Meri Aankhon Mein Joru
Meri Saanson Mein Joru

Are, Aagey Joru, Peeche Joru
Dain Joru, Bayein Joru
Joru, Joru, Joru, Joru, Joru...

Shaam Savere Abh Main Joru Joru Kahoonga
Main Joru Ka Ghulam, Ban Ke Rahoonga
Main To Joru Ka Ghulam
Joru Joru Ka Ghulam, Ban Ke Rahoonga

(Probably this is my better half’s life story…. )))

13. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Lukkaa Chhuppi... Bahut Huyi... Saamane Aajaa Naa...
Kahaan Kahaan... Dhundhaa Tujhe... Thak Gayi Hai Ab Teri Maa...
Aajaa Saanjh Huyi... Mujhe Teri Fikar...
Dhundhlaa Gayi... Dekh Meri Nazar... Aajaa Naa...

(Kya re…I still want to play…but when w grow up…why does people stop us from playing.. :(()

14. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
Khwab de ke jhoote moote, Batiya banaye kaise
Sajna anari baiman.... 2

Hey mister you say you want me as your lover
But tell me now Are you a player
Say what ah Chika chika 2

Jabhi dekhe tujhko nazar, Baby ghayal ho jaye jigar
O O O ho hoho, Hai mere hai sason ka
Asar baby tujhko manu hamsafar

15. What do your parents think of you?
When I need you
I just close my eyes and I'm with you
and all that I so want to give you
It's only a heartbeat away

When I need love
I hold out my hands and I touch love
I never knew there was so much love
keeping me warm night and day

Miles and miles of empty space in between us
a telephone can't take the place of your smile
but you know I won't be travelin' forever
it's cold out, but hold out, and do I like I do

(This Is my dream for my parents…I want to be someone like this for them…)

16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
Chhail Chhabeela Rang Rangila Badan Katila Ho Rasila
Roop Sajila Yaar Hatila Tang Pejaama Kurta Dheela
Chhabeela Rangila Hatila Rasila La La La Sajila
Hatila Pejaama Hai Dheela O O O O O......
Oh Re Chhabeela Nashila Saawan Bita Jaaye - 2
Suno Jamila Katila Aise Tan Ko Jalaaye Ke O O O.......
Ang Sajila Dekho, Rang Rangila Dekho - 2, Bijuri Mujhpe Giraaye
Ke O O O....Ke O O O....Ke O O O.......
Oh Re Chhabeela Nashila Saawan Bita Jaaye - Saawariya

Wish this movie had released before my marriage…Would surely have danced on it… :)))

17. What will they play at your funeral?
Patang Sang Ud Gaya Bachpan, Jhanak Jhanak Mann, Dagar Sunai Re
Ladakpan Aaya Ab To Kasak Masak Ke, Kya Mastani Re
Are Kyon Haay Javaani Ki Hoti Hai, Yehi Nishani Re
Ki Chitvan Tirchi Tirchi Hui Jaaye, Haan, Aai Javaani Re
Hoye Javaani Aayi, Saath Main Laayi
Pavan Ke Sang Sang, Har Ang Chale Hichkole Leke
Gagan Ke Rang Se,,Ude Hai Takari
Lagi Ab Laagi, Chali Purvaai, Main Hoon Tera Romeo
Tu Meri Hai Vahi Juliet, Are Main Ranjha Tera
Tu Meri Hai Heer, Soniye Mil Ja Mele Main
Ki Iska Naam Javaani, Aaha
Ki Jo Na Main Hoon Tere Sang, To Phir Kis Kaam Javaani
Are Woh Nahin Jaante, Aati Hai Kis Kaam Javaani
Tabhi To Hoti Hai Har Baar, Yeh Badnaam Javaani
Soniye Mil Ja Mele Main, Ki Iska Naam Javaani, Aaha – Aaja Nachale


18. What is your hobby/interest?
maaf karein, insaaf karein, rab ho na khafa
jaane jahaan se begaane jahaan se, abb main hoon juda
jaan liya hai maine, maan liya hai maine pyaar ki apana khuda
sajda, main karuun pyaar ka sajda, sajda, main karuun yaar ka sajda
sajda, karuun didaar ka sajda, sajda, main karuun pyaar ka sajda – Bhool Bhulaiyaa

19. What is your biggest secret?
Gumsum Chaandani Ho, Naajani Ho, Ya Koi Hoor Ho
Dilnashi Ho, Dilkashi Ho Ya Jannat Ka Noor Ho
Maasha Allah, Maasha Allah, Maasha Allah.....- Sawariya

20. What do you think of your friends?
kyun kisika kehna maane hum deewaane hain
jamke yaaron jindagi ke din bitaane hain
jile, gaale, mere sang tu dhol bajaale
hasake tu bhi duniya ki band bajaale
duniya hamein kehati rahein naamaakool
naamaakool, naamaakool, we are cool cool cool naamaakool

(Very True…)

21. What should you post this as?
Oceans apart day after day
And I slowly go insane
I hear your voice on the line
But it doesn't stop the pain

If I see you next to never
How can we say forever
Wherever you go
whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you – Richard Max

22. What do you think about this tag?
kitne armaan maan maan maan jaage tere vaaste sohniye
kitne armaan maan maan maan jaage tere vaaste sohniye
kitne armaan maan maan maan jaage tere vaaste sohniye
kitne armaan maan maan maan jaage tere vaaste sohniye
all day all night mujhe yaad sataye teri
haai haai yaad sataye teri
haa yaad sataye teri
haai haai yaad sataye teri

(Yupieeee Richa this is for you…)

Now as per the last rule, I need to Tag 5 people. But I am not in mood to do so. So all readers who wish to do it, can pick up the tag.

November 5, 2008

Seasonal Joys

This was my 2nd Diwali after marriage. This time we paid thrice the amount of ticket as fees to the agent. Till last day we were so unsure of how will we be going. Finally, when we got tickets, I was told it was of sleeper class. I have never travelled in a sleeper class, so Andy had already warned me that no matter if u have ticket, during Diwali you may not get space to sit. I was strictly told to keep minimum luggage and be prepared for atleast 30 people in a compartment. I was just crossing my fingers for a safe journey. When I reached station, it was not at all crowded. In our compartment out of 9 occupancies, only 6 had turned up at Bandra station. I smiled at Andy for getting an assurance that everything is fine. But he warned me that things will not be same after Borivali station.

Here came Borivali, nothing happened. Status was same. My grin was converting into a big smile. Finally we crossed Mumbai and no one came to our compartment. Yupieee!!!!... Andy kept telling me that I am damn lucky, because this is very unusual.

Finally we reached Jaipur next day morning, but I was ready for a nice scolding. The reason, I caught COLD. Now the story is whenever I go to Jaipur I am almost always sneezing. My in-laws are fed up of it. So next whole week I was under medication. The result, I was sleepy wherever I went. Everyone thought I was damn sick, but it was a positive thing. Due to this, no one forced me to over eat. I was saved. : ))))

Whole trip was damn hectic. I gained approx 2-3 kgs in 6 day. It’s true. Andy offered me to buy Pampers for kids, since I looked 4 months preggy. : (((

The cutest part of my trip was I met my nephew. He is now 1.5 year old and he is damnnnn cute. He is the most intelligent and shaitaan bachcha I have ever seen. Playing with him reminded me of my younger cousins. I am the eldest in my family, so was always given the duty of handling the kids while elders went to shopping. Once there were 6 kids with me ranging from 6 months to 4 years. It was so fun having them around.

And now I am back to old track in Mumbai. The same old working housewife.. Sigh!!! : (((

But still, I am excited for next weekend. It’s my beloved friend’s engagement. She is coming to Mumbai. I am so happy for her!!! I wish both of them a hearty congratulations and all the best for future life!!!

P.S.: I had written this blog with full enthu but by the end of it I had lost interest. Probably mujhe ghar ki yaad aa rahi hai... :(((

October 22, 2008

Bade Bade Shehro Mein Chhoti Chhoti Baatein Hoti Rehti Hai

Day: Some Saturday in September
Time: 3:30 pm
Place: D-Mart

Shopping for office stationary and decoration items (A client was suppose to visit us
on Monday). I called up my boss:

Boss: Yeah Priyanka tell me..

Me: Hi boss, mmm…aaa….uuummm, I forgot why I called up…

Boss: Nothing new… (Banged the phone)

My though bubble: What the F…??? Why do I forget things so much these days… Is someone stealing my brain cell??? Or am I getting old…..heck no…I am just 24…!!! :-/

Anand and Boss laughed hysterically at me in the evening.. : (((

Day: 22 October 2008
Time : 2:15 pm
Place: My Office

I get a call from unknown number.

Caller: Hello …mmm ummm…mmm

Me: (Recognized he was my travel agent) Hey C, Priyanka here…

Caller: Oh, Priyanka Madam.. How are you?

Me: I am good. Tell me what happened? Are you sending the tickets to office?

Caller: Yeah I am. But actually I forgot why I called you!!!

Me: hehehe… No worries.. It happens with most people.. : ))))

Yayayayyyy!!!! I am not the only one on this earth with less brain cells!!!

P.S.: Nidhi thanks for the title!!!


I saw a pretty weird dream this morning. I saw my history teacher, Ms. Neena Mathur. This is weird since I have never been in touch with her after school, but yeah tried many a times to know about her. She always used to get confused with my name and called me Kanakpriya who was my classmate.

Yesterday also she was calling me, saying that she wants to come back to India. She is not happy in foreign land. I called up my schoolmate to know about her and she told me that Neena mam is not in India. She took retirement and left to stay with her kids.

I don’t think she even remembers me, but I really like her very much. She taught me since 5th standard till 10th standard.

I hope I find out about her pretty soon. Please pray that she is fine.

October 17, 2008


Today is Karva Chauth. One of the days people associate with atrocities on women.

I, of course, kept it. My reasons are:

1. Pray to God to give Andy lots of patience to jhellofy my stupidities all my life.

2. A reason to get gifts. (BEST part)

3. He has to close doors and lights one day before karva chauth. Arrey baba I have put Mehandi na… :P

4. He can come early from office officially. His colleagues pity on me and allow him to leave by 8.

5. I can leave office early. YAYYAYY!!!!

6. My mother-in-law scolds him if he says anything against me today.(fluttering eyes)

7. My father-in-law scolds him if he says anything against me today.(fluttering eyes)

8. My sister-in-law scolds him if he says anything against me today.(fluttering eyes)

9. And of course, all of them get gifts for me. :))

10. Last but not least, I fall in love with him all over again seeing him handling things so well for me.

October 16, 2008

Hide n Seek

Life is hard, terribly hard

Full of surprises

Each day teaching a new lesson

Do not trust life

I trusted it

For people told me that good deed repays back

But forgot to tell life has its own gamble

It loves to play hide and seek

I never loved that game in past

Neither do I today.

October 7, 2008

Life ho to Aisi!!!

Me back!!!

All these days in Jodhpur seems to be a dream. The whole time in Jodhpur was spent in sleeping, eating and sleeping. Mom was almost occupied whole day in kitchen to feed her 3 hungry children!! :P

It was so good. I didn’t felt even for a second that I am married and I am here only for 3 days. Living with my own family again after so much time brought back my old
memories. I loved watching TV with them, since most of the time my sis and father would fight for the channel. I loved standing in kitchen next to Mom, doing nothing but just talking. I loved when helped her with laundry. I loved fighting with her over those small money issues. I loved feeling so relaxed. Life was so slow compared to Mumbai life. I could live each and every moment. I enjoyed those 7 pani puris in just Rs 10/-. I really miss them now. :((

I wanted to do so many things but couldn’t find time to get up from bed and go out. I wanted get mehandi done on my hands. :(

I wanted to roam around in market and buy bangles and jutis. Missed Gudda a lot, she is my partner in crime while shopping and bargaining for such things.

I wanted to cook something special for family, but every time mom had some nice meal planned for us. And I would get selfish to eat them.

I wanted to stay there for many more days, didn’t want to come back. But time flew and I had to return.

But still, this trip meant a lot to me. For the first time I went all alone in train. Met Swati and his adorable son. Though I admit I got so busy in talking to her that forgot to take pics.

After my marriage it was for the first time that I went home just to stay with my parents for no specific reason. So, I could save myself from visiting those unwanted relatives.

On 24th I am going to Jaipur for Diwali. This trip is going to be damn hectic. Andy is also coming and we would have to go for hundreds of dinners and lunches and invite many of people at our home. I will have to do many things out of my wish so that no one gets angry.

My brother and sister won’t be there on Diwali, Though, I am expecting Mom Dad to come over to Jaipur. But I am still so excited to go there, since I will meet my in-laws. I and my sis in law are planning the places to go for shopping. I will meet my 1 year old nephew. I just adore him. My father in law will get all my favorites sweets from various shops in Jaipur.

And of course Diwali means shopping!!!! So fun time….

But still I am feeling so dull today… I don’t know the reason.. :((

October 1, 2008

New Home!!!


I have always wanted to go to Jodhpur since my college days. The reason my whole college gang was from Jodhpur.

Today I am going there....
My family has shifted to Jodhpur.

And the best part will meet my best friend . She has given birth to a baby. I am so excited to meet them!!!!

Though, Andy is not going. So will miss him. :(

Will be back on 5th. See you after that!!!

Pray from God that I do not find my home a Jungle when I return.:P

September 24, 2008

Bad Day.... Not Today.....But yes!!!!

I hate everyone around me at this moment. People are so diplomat, egoistic…. I don’t understand why cant they always smile and bow a little in front of their so called friends. In past one year I have realized a lot difference between frenz, real frenz and true frenz.

Today was supposed to be one of the best days… It is Andy’s bday…But my mood is all spoiled becoz of some stupid nasty people. I am planning to delete all my phonebook, so that I can stop contacting them.

I am sorry Anand, it’s your bday and I am not in best of my moods.

P.S: They are my ramblings….and so no comments for this blog.

September 23, 2008

The Quality Tag!!!

I have accepted Nidhi’s tag.
So here are the rules:
There are 26 values stated and we have to write an incident depicting that value. Now, I have done a modification to the TAG. Instead of writing one full incident depicting the value, I have written how each of the value is embedded in me.

So here it goes:

1.Respect: In school, I respected all my teachers. Thus I never tried to prove them wrong when they said my handwriting can never improve. See, it’s still that bad.

2. Flexibility: I am flexible to work in office from 12 noon to 5 pm. I will not object in case my boss wants to give extra bonus for helping him by keeping one computer free for most of the time.

3. Love: I love sleeping. I can compromise with my shopping if sleep is given an option. You know I am flexible.

4. Trust: When I was a kid, my mom had full trust on me that I would be found sleeping under table or behind curtains…and I never did prove her wrong for even once....

5. Confidence: My hostel mates had full confidence in me that I would surely complete any novel in the given time frame, even if it involved bunking of all lectures.

6. Generosity: I am always ready to generously donate my whole bowl of daal in dinner to Andy, but he is not merciful to accept it :((((.

7. Mercy: It is a mercy that I never want to squash a cockroach. After all, he also has a life.

8. Obedience: Talk about Obedience and there can't be a better example than me , myself... Everytime my teachers would ask me to get out of the class, I would obediently walk out :) I only deserved it :)

9. Patience: I have enough patience in me.. I patiently wait for even a cyclist and an oxcart to go ahead of me while I drive the car :) I know Patience is the best VIRTUE :).

10. Caring: I always give only 1/3 of the pastry to Andy and eat rest; after all he is weight conscious.

11. Forgiveness: Sorry, I am not at all forgiving, so stay alert!!!

12. Excellence: Oops!!! I will have to think hard where I excel. May be you guys can help!!!

13. Responsibility: I consider it everyone’s responsibility to share their answers with me during exams; I do the same.

14. Orderliness: I care a lot for books. So, I always keep them intact till last day of Exam. After all reusing of things loses their shine. They are always found arranged on my table.

15. Enthusiasm : It can be seen when I am shopping or cooking : ))))

16. Honesty : I am honest to say that I am afraid of going to Gym. Those machines make me feel as if they will swallow me.

17. Peace : I am a peace loving girl, so during Viva time, I was always found maintaining peace in lab by not answering any of his question. (The silence never meant that I didn’t know the answer).

18. Humility: I have always been humble enough to take all the blames of breaking jars or glass windows or vase. Of course I never did them, it was the ball which did it.

19. Honor : I felt honored when Rawat Sir asked me not to come to class for next one week, since he wanted to teach a very complex topic of Wireless Technology. I was the chosen one from the class who was given the benefit of complete attendance for doing the honors by keeping away from the class for one week.

20. Self – discipline: I always made sure that I would go 10 minutes late for the first lecture in morning. I never tried to exceed than 10 minutes (neither decreased it :)).

21. Creativity: I always tried to give a different excuse for the above self-discipline stated.

22. Reliability: I am the most reliable company to go and eat PaniPuri. With me around, no one will have to eat all alone. I will accompany them from first plate till the Last one

23. Detachment: Though detachment gives loads of pain, but I bear it all. Everytime I am told to work, I make a sacrifice and detach myself from all the work.

24. Unity: I have always tried to encourage our whole batch to go for mass bunking, instead of only me enjoying and having the fun.

Statutory Warning:
None of these characteristics holds true, if they are read my family members or office colleagues.

Sorry, couldn't write on two words: Justice and Assertiveness.

Now its your turn. All the readers have to do this tag. And of Course do comment me when you do that ..:))

Thanks Nidhi!!!! I have realized there are so many positive qualities are within me!!!

September 22, 2008

Why me???? - II

I am back with much more embarrassing mishaps.

This time we went for a meeting at Trident Hotel. And guess what…. I entered a men’s toilet….Hellllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How could I do that…..And cherry on the top is there was someone there who said sorry to me!!! And I didn’t saw his face. So even if for the rest of meeting if he was staring at me, I couldn’t recognize him. :)))

Once we left from there, Andy dropped me at the Hair Salon, I planned for the
haircut. I was asked to wait for 10 minutes. So, as I stepped to the lounge area, I heard a tinkle of pearl dropping. I looked down and to my terror, my waist long
necklace was apart, and all pearls were all over the floor.


(Best part: A firang handsome guy came forward to help me pick those pearl, though later out of frustration I threw all those pearls).

P.S. : Nidhi, probably I will agree with Andy being lucky to get a cartoon Network with him whole day. :(((

September 18, 2008

Why mee????

Is it my fault if I misunderstood a person in DMart as a salesperson if he was wearing the same color shirt and an access card?

But of Course it’s his fault that I tumble down and buy a Rs 100/- cell (instead of 10/-) and feel embarrassed for whole evening!!!!
P.S.: I had to wait for around half an hour for an auto wala to drop me home. I hate Mumbai Auto walas. :(((((((((

September 16, 2008

Dip Dip Dip Diplets!!!

I have a real bad habit of watching TV while eating dinner. Many a times I forget to take my bite if something interesting is coming over.
The other day we had ordered Pizza from Dominos. I love garlic breads more than pizza. So, as soon as we start I take my first bite of Garlic bread with cheese dip; and make sure that I have one piece left so that I can eat at the end after pizza. As usual I was watching TV and eating Garlic Bread. Suddenly I realized something is wrong with the taste of the bread. So, I had to twist my neck away from TV and look what is wrong. All I could see was Andy was laughing hysterically. I didn’t pay any attention and again dipped Bread in the dip.
Aaaaa….. I am so stupid, Andy has closed the box of the Dip and since the box is absolutely transparent I couldn’t realize. :(((((((
Issshhhh!!! Another story of mine for him to laugh about!!!

Image from Dominos

September 12, 2008

Recently, I have seen a major change in Bollywood. We have seen a lot amazing movies in past 2-3 weeks. Some of them being Mumbai Meri Jaan, Rock On, A Wednesday, Tahaan and about to come The Last Lear. These movies have defined a totally different genre of Bollywood. But except Rock On not other movies have earned enough publicity and Janta ka Vote. This is why most of the directors don’t think of making those “hat ke” or off beat films, as they say.

My maid, Aruna is a 17 year old girl. As soon as she enters in our house in the morning, the first thing she will do is switch V channel on TV. She loves listening to music. And in the evening she will switch to various dance shows. The other day I was watching Aamir on UTV movies. She came and said “Didi kitni faltoo movie dekh rahe ho.” I was shocked and tried and explain that it is a nice movie with Rajeev Khandelwal being such a fine actor. She laughed hysterically and said “Kya didi, aap kitni ajeeb ho. Ek baar “gulti” movie dekhna. Us mein hero kya mast dance and fighting karta hai. Aamir mein to bas bhagta hi rehta hai and last mein mar jata hai.”

I had no other option left other than to laugh. I asked her which latest hindi movies she enjoyed. She said Om Shanti Om, Dhamal, Singh is Kingg and various other comedy movies which were source of full entertainment.
India has more than 50% of population which would agree with her choice of movies. Those people don’t have lots of scope for entertainment. For them a movie means songs, fight sequence and some comedy. And I can’t blame them for it. These people comprise of major part of India and thus directors and producers have to rely on them. I have read lot of criticism on Ekta Kapoor, for her style of Script. Though I myself cannot bear them, but I realized that its people like Aruna who want such media. They appreciate the fact that a Hero can do anything. They accept that after marriage the in-laws can never be good to them. They love the awesome saris the women wear. They want the bechari bahus to cry whole day and night. They love when its hero’s 10th marriage.

Though Aruna can’t read and write English, but she makes sure to go through Mumbai Mirror in the morning. And you won’t believe that her general knowledge about the film industry is much more than expected. She knows name of all Page 3 guests. She knows the latest breakup and makeup stories. She even once commented “Kareena kitni pagal hai, do bachchon ke baap se pyaar karti hai.”

I just smiled at her innocence, for it was not her fault.

P.S. : I asked Richa for a suggestion for this blog’s title. Her creations were:
bollywood n page 3
Page 3 ka Sach
janta ka insaaf
insaaf ka tarazu
rupahle parde ka sach
rupahle parde ki rangeeniya
bollywood ka mayajaal
rang rangila bollywood

Thanks Richa. I laughed like anything and people stared me thinking me a psychopath. I think I can pass it on these titles to Mithun Da. We will surely publish a B grade novel very soon. Richa you are simply awesome, highly creative, a genius born once in centuries. I bow to you. :)
Hey, Nidhi suggesteed me smething..

SO I have removed the title for blog...
Let all you readers suggest something good for it.... And Richa..u not suggesting anymore.
So Bring out the CREATIVE KEEDA and suggest a title for it...

September 10, 2008

Baking Woes

I have always been in lead when in wee hours of cooking in hostel. We used to experiment with lots of things in our room. That too, when we just had few vessels and a heater as our equipments. Usually, this feeling aroused in the middle of exam time. When everyone around us was busy in studying, we would be found begging for all the left over grub. And in the middle of the night our room would smell of delicacies. The luck was me and Richa got the job in the same company. So we were now roommates in gurgaon as well. There as well, I would prefer cooking myself instead of appointing a maid. Many a times, my roomies were lazy when it came to cooking. They would find shopping or roaming o doing something much more interesting. But, I would find time for cooking. And now after marriage, this hobby has gained more opportunities. Andy loves food and I love cooking. So we both complement each other.

He loves all my experiments with food. I had tried almost all cuisines with him, like, Italian, south Indian, etc. Infact I have tried many delicacies which, as per me only Moms have right to cook, like Dal Baati churma, Gatte ki Sabzi etc etc.
The only place where I fall apart is Baking. No matter whatever I try my cakes never turn out to be good. In fact LD is known for baking nice cakes. He also tried to teach me but that day even his cake turned out to be disaster. So now I blame it to my microwave, that it doesn’t know how to bake it.

One of my colleagues got this lovely marble cake when she came from her hometown. As usual I asked her to bake it for me as well. She happily came to my place. Though, I didn’t reveal her of my past with the cakes. I had found a recipe for Apple walnut cake, so she said let’s try first try this and then we will bake marble cake. We prepared the base as per the directions and finally kept it in microwave. She suggested me to keep it in normal microwave for 10 minutes and then on convention. I thought let’s try this as well, may be the microwave now helps me. But lo!!! After 5 minutes I smelt of burning. It was burnt. :(

I had given up all hopes on my stupid microwave. Finally my colleague suggested lets try marble cake and bake as per cook book suggests. Here we were again trying our hands on it. This time we were sure that no matter what happens atleast we will save it from burning so we will keep a watch on it second by second. Finally after 10 minutes, nothing happened to it. So, I did one more experiment with it, by changing some options. Finally after 10 more minutes this was the result:

Its one of the best cakes baked in my microwave :(. And I finally hopefully know which options to select while baking a cake. I would try another cake in this week so as gain expertise in it. Since, I plan to take one for my mom next month.

September 8, 2008

Shopping Redefined

I have always been the unlucky one when shopping in Sale. So the story goes that whenever there is a sale, we both avoid going there. The reason is simple, it’s so crowded that everytime, I end up buying the costliest fresh items and not the sale one. So, Andy, usually hides messages announcing a new Sale. This weekend I wanted to shop. I thought that most of the stores must now be over with End of season sale and so I can easily go around and refrain myself from crowd. So, I asked our ex-neighbor, lets call him LD, to company me for a movie (Rock On). And surprisingly he agreed. The best part, he also agreed to help me with shopping. I am grateful to him, since he knows how much I suck when shopping. Added feature, he wished to sponsor my shopping as my bday gift.. YAYYYY!!!
So, on Sunday, I completed my daily routine work quickly and left from home. The movie Rocked…. I love Arjun Rampal more than ever now. He is amazzzingg. Back to the track, after the movie, we checked out some stores. I tried various clothes. Finally, I settled on beautiful skirt and a top. When I went for billing…. I was surprised. The skirt was on 70% discount. Can you believe 70%%%%.... A 1300/- skirt, only in 500 bucks..... And top was also on 50% discount. OMG!!!! I had thought I will end up buying these clothes in around 2500/- but the final bill was Rs 995 only. Not even 1000/- but 995/-. LD knew that now I am on my pinnacle, and no one can stop me further from shopping. So, after half an hour, he left me with one more of my friend. She needed to buy some stuff from Biba, so I thought I will check out some kurtas. While trying clothes, I was missing Andy like hell. I have got so used to of his opinion that was unable to decide which clothes to buy. Suddenly, Andy calls me up saying; he is coming as he was getting bored. Wish I would have asked for some more options. Finally he helped me to pick some kurtas.
Finally, the last shop which we checked out was WellHome. We have been thinking of changing look of our bedroom since long. But budget never allowed. But, yupieee, Wellhome had amazing offer and we bought new curtains for the whole house. Andy is amazing while selecting such creative things. I appreciate his sense of decorating home. He did amazing job. When he put those curtains in drawing room, they looked awesome. Bedroom curtains have to be altered and once they are done, I will try and post the pics.

Finally, Shopping was worth!!! And September is bringing Luck!!!

September 1, 2008

Jinxed August

Finally my lapppyyy is back, all fit and fine. So, now I will be back with my writings and blogs soon. Last one month was really very bad for us. First of all, lappy went in comma. Then one day Tata Sky ka dabba died. After, hell lot of discussion with customer care, we got a new one with another 3 months guarantee. I had thought that I will not suggest anyone to go for set top box thing. Cable is anytime better and cheap, with great after sales service. And one day, our reliance landline went off to long sleep. No matter how much we would charge it, it wasn’t working. So, after 3 weeks we took it to service center, and would you believe. It started working normally there. Now this was THE horrible thing. After that, we went to Mount Abu. When we returned back, Andy realized our car was unlocked for past 3 days. And thus its battery got discharged. Luckily, nothing got stolen from the car.

Oh God!!!.. How horrible things went in August. I was hoping for September to arrive soon. Probably, August was jinxed. With new month starting from today, I hope to see better things around me. Rains have also come to an end, so no more pains of rains. Thanks to my new neighbor, I am back to evening walks with her. In fact she is helping me with my future career planning. I am also planning for a new haircut before Diwali. Do suggest me some haircut because I am still a nerd in deciding about it. I have to do lots of shopping for Diwali gifts in September only, since, whole October I will be travelling and won’t get much time. I am also thinking of catching up with some of my frenz. Nidhi you being on the top. Hope to meet you once you return back from Pali.

By the way, last week a girl came to my office, saying she was from an NGO and needed some finance. I told her all of us are contributing to the society in some or the other way. And none of us wants to donate anything as of now. I was shocked when she actually started forcing me to donate cash personally. I tried to explain that I am already doing my part of share to help the society, but she was not ready to listen. Finally, my colleague stepped in and asked her to leave immediately. I couldn’t understand such behavior. I understand that she was asking something to help the poor people, but then one can’t actually force. I always had ensured to give my old clothes to various institutes and my mom dad generously does various things to help needy people. I think it’s not always the money that counts, but the Act.

August 27, 2008

Signal to blissful Life

Hey got this as forward (Probably this is dedicated to all new mommies :)):

Small Additions

I know its been long time that I had promised to write about my Mount Abu Trip. But my lappy is still not working and office is keeping me very much busy.
Meanwhile, my best friend gave birth to a baby boy. Many Many congratulations to Swati. The name has to be on letter 'Chi'... so think about some hot names and do tell me. I suggested Chironji Lal.. :).

Also, one of my another close friend is expecting in Oct. Congratulations to her as well. She didn't tell me, as she wanted it to be surprise, but we got to know. So swthrt, take care. Probably this is season of babies and me becoming Mausi :)
Will post very soon about recent happenings.

August 14, 2008

Ticket to Joy

Me going for a break for 3 days. I will be meeting my mom dad after 4 months. We have planned a trip to Mount Abu and places nearby. Though our train tickets are still in waiting and hoping that a miracle happens and we get seats..but no matter how we go, we will go.
So await for a long blog on my trip.

P.S.: Yesterday, we went to see a play, ‘Biwi-O-Biwi’. Andy got stuck in traffic and reached 10 minutes late, so he got entry only after interval. The main reason to go for the play was Andy always calls me Biwi. ;)

August 11, 2008

Love And Frenz

Yesterday night, a thought ran in my mind. I have been praising Jaane tu ya Jaane na… In fact on Friday when I was reading Richa’s blog, I wondered on the reason as to why Rats and Meow came back.
They were just friends. That’s absolutely true. They never loved each other. Infact their parents wanted them to get married, but they didn’t. They never fell in love. It was only when they found their respective partners to be not up to the mark; they felt the need of each other. Meow’s fellow partner was aggressive and Rats was super stupid.
What if, if one of them had found a great partner? Would then they would have returned back? Would they have realized they loved each other? I still say they never loved each other, they just enjoyed being frenz. And it’s not always true that frenz are great partners. The title therefore is Love and friends and not Love Vs Frenz. What’s your take on it?

August 8, 2008

Active to Live Darshan

Ahhh.... after a long time I slept till 10 in morning on Saturday. What a delight it was!!! And of course, as usual Saturday breakfast had to include Eggs (Andy's favorite). When we were having our brunch, realised our Tata Sky TV was giving some trouble. We could only see Active Darshan. So saw Shirdi Baba ke darshan. And then, hona kya tha, Andy said why to see on TV; let’s go there only. And within half an hour we were in our car. After 15 minutes, realised I have forgotten quite a lot of things at home. So, we decided to buy all of it from Nasik. We havent been there before, so asked a taxi driver. He told us to go straight down the road till Nasik.

The weather was absolutely perfect for a long drive. It drizzled throughout the journey. Everywhere the environment was lush green. I couldn’t imagine that even Mumbai have such places. Everything was so clean and pure.

We played soft songs and I kept clicking the pics. And suddenly, we saw the best thing, a rainbow. I don’t remember when I had seen last rainbow (maybe in my college). I just loved it.

We stopped at a food plaza after around 3 hours. We both were craving to have a hot tea in such a fabulous weather. I bought some eatables from there. We both love munching something or the other while on such drives. Finally we were back to road. At around 6 pm we reached Nasik. Now we needed to shop. A guy told us that Vishal Garments is a little ahead and we will get all stuff from there. So, we reached there and grabbed everything we needed in just 10 minutes and again went straight.

But how could our journey be so simple. There has to be some adventure. After around 35-40 minutes, we realized that probably we are on wrong road. And yes, someone confirmed that we had to take turn from Vishal Garments. We were almost 20 kms far from that turn. Ooops!!!!.. It was already 7:00 pm, and was getting dark. But never mind, we finally reached Shirdi at around 9:30 pm.

And again the adventure starts. We started looking for a hotel to stay. Most of them were full or very costly. I was in mood to pay thousands of rupees for just a couple of hours. Finally, we found a decent and cheap place (the decent not as in Jab we met ;)), but God wanted us to have some more adventure. When we were just stepping out of hotel to get in car to look for dinner, a miserable thing happened. Since, it was raining in Shirdi, Andy asked me to stay at the entrance gate, for the meantime he will get the Car. And pati ka pyaar hanikarak sabit hua. The road was in deplorable condition and car got stuck in middle of raod in mud. I sat in car and Andy and a guard tried to push the car. But no use, the whole road was totally muddy. Finally, we called a truck wala to pull our car with his truck. Ahh...after half an hour ki mehanta, we were out of it. Meanwhile, when in car I had ruined clothes of Andy, just like the Ad of a detergent powder. :)

We took dinner finally at 11:30 pm. We were lucky, since food served was damn tasty, absolutely home made. :)) We decided that we won’t get up early next morning, since we had to drive back and we were damn tired by now.

So, next morning got up and got ready by 8:30, only to realize I had lost my earring. Aaaahhhh….why meeee…. I searched whole room, but couldn’t find anything. Never mind, we checked out of hotel and left for temple. Finally after 2.5 hours walking in zigzag paths, we had darshan. I must say, the temple had nice arrangements. Everyone walked in line, with coolers and fans almost at every corner. Not only that, but the place was very clean and nicely maintained.

I was damn tired by now. Poor Andy, he had to drive the whole way back. This time while returning, we were trying to be very cautious at every turn so as to not to miss the correct road to Mumbai. Voila, after around half an hour we were at a beautiful road. It just looked like the road to dreamland. Absolutely, fresh green color, with a beautiful path and small small waterfalls.

Only after a while, we found that this is a better road, since we don’t have to go to Nasik. Instead, it reaches to a village called Ghoti, from where we will join straight on the Highway. I was so tempted there, that I asked Andy to give me the car. And HE DID. Wohuuu…. I drive for around 20-25 kms. We saw beautiful windmills surrounded by floating clouds. It looked as if we were in scotland. I loved it so much.

Finally, I gave car back to Andy, and slept. I know its wrong, I shudnt be sleeping. But I was tired and I love it (Besides it was Sunday, my sleeping day). When I woke up saw it was all fog and I actually don’t know how anyone could drive. It was just a blind driving. But finally, we reached home in evening around 6:00.

It was for the first time that I had gone for such a long drive with Andy. But no doubt, it was beautiful.

August 6, 2008

Again 'A'-tagged

I have again been attacked by a tag. This time Nidhi has tagged me.

The rules for this tag:
1) Link the person who tagged you.
2) Mention the rules on your blog.
3) Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4) Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5) Leave a comment on each Tagged blogger's blogs, letting them know that they have been Tagged.

So here are my Unspectacular quirks.

1. I am damn punctual and hate people coming late. Infact, I always reached my tuitions 10 minutes before the time and had to wait outside early morning in fog. Many a times I don’t go to places if I know I would get late. Though this rule never applied to my college lectures after 1st year. :)

2. I love my bed and pillow. They are my worthy possessions, thus always want it to be clean. I hate even a single crease on my bed sheet. As soon as I return from office, the first thing is to jump into bed thus I make sure to clean it absolutely before leaving from home.

3. I hate shoes lying here and there. I want them to be placed in the rack very properly. My sister hates me for it. She has a bad habit of putting shoes under the sofa and has always been one of a reason for my scolding. After marriage, Andy has replaced my sister.

4. I can’t teach anyone. I am totally impatient. I hate to repeat anything what I say twice. Though, in college I have been famous for my reading speed, so always had to explain the topics to other. But then, they were very careful to note down everything, while I explain, to escape from my fury.

5. I am restless or rather over enthusiastic. As soon as I get my exam paper, I want to write down all my answers in 5 minutes. I always have this thought running in my mind to jump to the next question else I will forget the answer. No matter how lengthy the paper is I can complete my paper 20 minutes before time, else I fail in exam. :) People call me Shatabadi Express. Not only in exams, have I behaved the same, it has been with everything I have dealt with. If I know a thing I jump to complete it soon. My previous company PL knew how to get majority of work done from me. I think I am a typical Gemini.

6. I hate dumb girls. Dumb as in those who overact in front of males to be helpless. Infact, many a times I actually have to run away from the place to stop me from hitting them on their face. I hate it when they talk in those funny voices of Daisy.

I Tag (Sorry they are more than Six):
Harsh: You have already been tagged by Nidhi.

Thanks Nidhi, this blog actually made me think of my nasty habits which can irritate so many people. Also, realized I have so many of them and was so difficult to find best 6 among them. :)

August 1, 2008

Tag: Whats on Desktop

I have been Tagged by Harsh
The Theme is to post the picture of the wallpaper on desktop currently. Usually, I keep a calendar as a wallpaper, but this time its different:

And I tag to all those lazy readers who come and read, but don't leave a remark :) and to everyone who want to do this.

July 25, 2008


Recently, my lingo has changed dramatically towards the IIT lingo. Thus, words like, Matka, Scope, ‘Dayaa’, grub, arbit…. , they hold absolutely different meaning.
Other day, I was chatting to my ex-roomie. Let’s call her Ria. We were discussing about an ex-colleague who was applying for various MBA colleges and recently got through one. Now I didn’t remember the exact name of the university. So was trying to explain her about the university in some metaphors.

Here is the conversation:

Priyanka: u thrr??
Ria: yeppersss
Priyanka: hey I was trying to remember the name of the university in which Maddie has been selected.
Ria: Oh, he had told me. But don’t remember it.
Priyanka: Someone told me Maddie GOD university meine gaya hai...and meine us university ka kabhi naam bhi nahi suna. (Someone told me Maddie has got through GOD university. I haven’t even heard of its name).
Only 5 have been selected all oover india...

(Now Maddie, is one guy who thinks he is Lord of the World. He tell tall stories. In short is an exaggerator).

Ria: Oh! GOD University… I didn’t know. Lagta hai Bhagvan ke pass hi chala gaya. Kya university hai. (I think he has gone to God. Interesting University!!)

After this we discussed on lots of other issues on the university in USA. After around 30 minutes the discussion was:

Ria:-yaad aaya..his univ is Vanderbilt
Priyanka:-Ye konsi hai?ruk jaa pata karti hoon iske baare mein..(Which one is this... Lemme find out)
Priyanka:-76 rank hai....its nothing
Ria:-wo sab to thik hai..but ye GOD univ kaha se aaya? (Thats all ok about it But whats this GOD university then??)
Priyanka:-GOD???? (I was Absolutely Lost by now)
Ria:-apna sentence dekh na upar.u said Maddie has got through GOD univ. (Read your above statement. you said he is into GOD university).
Priyanka:-Riaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...GOD is a word used for something terrific..its an IIT lingo.Ohh shit...dont tel me u were thinking its GOd univ
Ria:-yaar mujhe kya will i know how IItians talk.

(After 30 seconds)...

Ria:-Yaar shitt..i dont believe can i be so dumbbbbbbbb.

After this I need not tell you anything, I was in splits of laughter. All i know is Ria was in a no-why-his-happens-with-me reactions.
But all this made me laughing whole day… :)

All thanks to my ex-IITian-neighbors !!!

July 23, 2008

Knot-ed for Life

One year of tears.

One year of laughter.

One year of togetherness.

One year of unconditional love

One year of Celebration,

Celebration of my First wedding Anniversary…

This blog is for you Sweetheart.. Love you Hamesha...

July 18, 2008

Weekend's' Ramayan

Last few weekends, I have almost been absent in the blog world. There are two reasons associated with it. Firstly, gmail has been blocked in office, secondly, I have shifted to a new place (thus, net connection was pain) and last but not the least, in laws visited us. Following all these factors, I have been on a Mumbai Darshan (Trip). Every weekend, we went to a new place in Mumbai. So here is the summary of all.
Though I have been to Nariman Point many a times, but this time it was best one. The reason being, it was not at all crowded and thus I went till the last tip and also, it was raining hard. I could see only water water everywhere. It was damn beautiful. From here, we went to the best eating place “Sardar”. I have mentioned the uniqueness of Sardar before as well. Aahh!!! It was so awesome lunch.
We went to BandStand and Versova Beach. I would have appreciated them much more, had they been a little clean. We couldn’t stand the smell at Versova Beach. I pity at authorities, since they are such beautiful places, but people don’t care to keep them clean. After this we went to eat food at Papa Pancho. I have always missed spicy and fresh food of dhaba, eversince I have come to Mumbai. Thanks to Papa Pancho, it actually was wonderful food. I also liked their concept. You just need to order your vegetable, with which they will serve dal, parantha and curd. So, it was a sort of Thali, with your favorite vegetable. The food was really spicy. The only thing bad was once I am in a restaurant, my hunger doubles. And their service was way too slow. Also, the sweet dish was not very tasty.
Since, my sister has got admission in the Law College, she came for her shopping. So, we went to Lower Parel, factory outlets, and Phoenix Mall. I did shopping for not only the sis, but for me, my brother and hubby. I did so much shopping after a long time. Felt so happy after that. After all, shopping and food are stress busters for me (I am sure it must be for most of gals :).
After 15097th planning, we again planned to visit Celini, in Hyatt. But once again, it was just a plan and we cancelled it. I wonder when I will finally go there. Celini, serves Italian food and the other joint which serves good Italian is Little Italy. So, there we go. Previously we had always been to Juhu branch; this time we planned to go to the Ghatkopar one. And I was a bit disappointed. The ambience was not as great as in Juhu and thus 50% of my mood was spoiled. We hold HSBC card and were suppose to get 10% discount on bill, but the manager had no clue about such offer and thus we paid whole bill. Next time I am not going there.
My brother will leave tomorrow, so now ends my family vacation. I will be back with the same routine. Hopefully, now I will be more regular with blogging.:)

P.S. – Thanks to Nidhi for helping me change the theme of my blog page.:)

July 10, 2008

Because I love my life...

Life is so helpless many times. You regret why some people entered in your life, only to ruin it. Why did they behave so mysteriously with you? What made best of frenz to get trapped into a pool of misunderstandings. Some people are so important in your life that even their presence makes you comfortable, but they never realize it. They never know how much they matter to you; instead they come to their own conclusions about anything, ruining the complete relationship. I wish I could go back and ask God to give me those moments back which I had wasted on such insensitive people. I have realized that there are so many people around me whom I really love, but they never cared to even call me and ask about me. But I never felt bad about it. May be I thought they are busy, or they are just lazy to call anybody. Today I regret all these thoughts, they were busy, lazy but not for all but only for me. They just didn’t want to talk to me. At least, one of them confessed this to me and may be others might also do in near future. Or maybe, they will never confess since they are so insensitive to ever care for me.

I promise to myself, from now onwards, I would use my cell only to return back the calls and not to be the first one to approach them.

But irony of my life, this is not me. I can’t be like this for ever. May be I will behave this way only for few months and will return back to original me. And again, one day will be hurt. But I still love my life.

“I love my past. I love my present. I'm not ashamed of what I've had, and I'm not sad because I have it no longer” (Read it somewhere).

July 7, 2008

Jaane tu ya Jaane na..

Friday night was office party. We went to watch Jaane tu ya Jaane ya. And by the end of the movie I was really happy, came out with a grin on my face.

The worst part was I missed the starting 20 minutes, all thanks to traffic in Mumbai. But this will be compensated by an ice-cream treat from the boss (I took lift from him). I don’t remember last time when did I saw such CUTE and Lovable movie. The characters were so cute and casted with perfect characters. Be it Ratna Pathak, Naseerudin Shah, Khan Brothers or Prateik Babbar (Smita Patel’s Son). Though, I couldn’t accept the role for Paresh Rawal in the first scene as a brutal Police Inspector. But, after the second scene, he actually did steal the show. Imran Khan was being promoted by far more than Genelia, but anytime I would say Genelia was better than him. She actually looked so much natural, be it while fighting with brother, teasing frenz, jealous of Jai’s girlfriend or simply embarrassed when her parents talk about her marriage with Jai.

There was not much of story line I mean I could predict every single scene, but it was entertainer. I usually go to watch a movie only to go into a dreamland, with pure and pure fun. And this movie, undoubtedly turned wonderful for me.

I loved the three brother’s names: Mowgli, Baghira and Baloo ( the three characters from Jungle Book). Wat an idea sirjje!!..

The best scene: Of course when Ratna Pathak sees Imran Khan on horse, she says, “Mera nahi, mere pati ka beta hai woh.. “ (“Not mine, but my husband’s son”).

The worst scene: I could not tolerate Meghna. Somehow, she irritated me.

So, all you guys who want to enjoy a movie with no tears, no message, no action, only and only plain cute movie with a popcorn and Ice tea, this movie is a sure watch. Enjoy!!!

July 2, 2008

The War Of The Games

When I got married with Andy, I always was happy that he behaved just like a kid and not like mature uncles. Though, I never knew that his kiddo behavior is associated with him everywhere. He loves watching Cartoons (Excessive love), Comic Books (Nagraj, Tenaliram etc..), Food (For him every eatable thing is God), and Games. Now, games were one thing which was reason for the war between us. He loves playing video games so much that I actually wished one day for his laptop to crash. And lo!! Next day, I could see him running here and there in full tension. His lappy was in Comma. Hahahhaha!!!!
I swear I didn’t do anything to it. It took full one month to revive it back. Still, it is not in perfect state. So in that one month, Andy realized he needs something to play. So then we bought Ludo. Ufff!!! Again, the child in him evoked to full swing. He played Ludo or Snakes and Ladder not to win, but to make me loose. Just like a kid, he would try to cheat and cheat. Boy, it was damn fun. Though, most of the time I won .. :)
Later we also asked N to get Scrabble for us. Though, we never played it. So yesterday night, my sis asked if we have Scrabble to play. I knew I would be the weakest one since I don’t remember when I last played it and thus, knew no rules. In case, it would have been only me and Andy, I would have never played. Since, he would have imposed all kind of rules over me. But since, Sis and Bro both were there, we started. Initially, Andy took almost 15 minutes to decide upon the word. This was because he wanted only those words where he could get bonus points. So, we had to introduce a rule of maximum time limit which was 3 minutes. Game began. Andy was leading, bro second, sis third and me last. Andy made the word LENT. Bro turned it into SILENT. Next was my turn, Andy gave me a helping hand, since I was almost stuck. Oh, the next moment I knew the word. It was RESILENT. And I got so many bonus points for it.
My final score was way ahead of all of them. I won. It was only after the end of the game, I told Andy that the spelling of RESILENT was wrong. Heheheh :). And now he never agrees to play a GAME with me. HEHAHAHHA

June 26, 2008

SMS - Short M-isconception-S

SMS from Unknown (1:00 am) – Frnz r like d smell of Cigarettes wich stays in d fingertip 4 a short time. Bt true frnds r like nicotine in cigarettes wich stay in d heart till death. Good Night.
Me (8:30 am, Sleepy eyes) – Sorry, didn’t recognized you. (In shock state, since after marriage haven’t got any Good night messages from unknown number. Thought must be some Andy’s frenz.)
Unknown ( 10:30 am, Me in office) – An ideal day should begin with a cute little yawn on ur face, a cup of coffee in ur hand & a msg from me on ur mobile. Good morning.

After this message I was absolutely sure it was one of the Andy’s frenz who were our neighbors in previous flat. Next I dialed from office landline

Unknown - Hello
Me - Hi, May I know who am I talking to?
Unknown - “Kiddo” here (Name changed to protect life of the kiddo)
Me - Can you please tell me as to why have you been messaging me since yesterday.
Kiddo - Oh! You must be Priyanka.
My thoughts - He knows my name!!!!!!
Me - Yes, I am.
Kiddo - I want to be your friend.
Now hearing this I actually wanted to laugh. I didn’t know how to respond. In a second I knew that he was a 19 year guy, was trying for phone friends. But still I wanted to know where he got my number from.
Me (Trying to sound strict) - Who gave you my number?
Kiddo - I stole it from my friends cell.
And after this he disconnects the phone.

In 5 minutes, I get another SMS. This time I actually could guess its content.
Kiddo - I just want your friendship. No love no flirt nothing critical. I only know your number nothing else.
Me - Tell me the name of the guy from whose cell you stole the number.
Kiddo (6:30 pm) - No I can’t tell. Else you will kill him and he will not be my friend any more. I don’t want to lose his friendship

I was getting actually a stupid feeling. I remember that we all have gone thorough same stage. The only wrong thing with him, he caught a wrong gal.

Me - Name. I won’t kill him, only hit him.
Kiddo - Juni an IIT grad. (Juni is my younger bro’s friend)

Now I was laughing so hard, that my mom-in-law gave me those quizzical looks. So I called up my friend to share the joke. She told me to go for coffee with him accompanied by Mr Hubby. Now I could actually imagine the Kiddo’d face if he gets to know, that I am married.

SMS from Kiddo (Today Morning) - Good Morning , Have a lovely day
Me - I would start our friendship by letting you know the first thing, I am blissfully married from past 1 year.
Kiddo - Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, keh do ki yeh jhooth hai. (Nooooo, tell me it’s a lie). I thought you are an IITian gal.
Me - Juni came for my marriage. Wanna come for a coffee with my hubby.

After this no good morning, no good night message.
I was happy, that still people thought to be my friend even after my marriage!!!

I am sure next time his message to an unknown gal will be:
“Hey, are you married? “

June 24, 2008


Sometimes you are caught in web of life, where no matter what you want, there is no escape. Life seems to be entangled between heavy relations. Probably I am into such a thing. I feel like running away. I wish I could just meet some people in my life and confront them the feelings. I want to say so many things, write them down. Maybe just lie down in corner with no one around and shout loudly. I want to be a bird, flying in the sky. Travel all over the world. Kick some people. Dance in the rain. Look deep down in heart of some people who had hidden their inner feelings. Forget about the future. Free from worries of next day household chores. Wish some people disappear from my life. Run back to college days, my frenz, my simple living, eating a 10 rupee sandwich as a treat, make some people answer my questions which have remained answered ever since. I can do many of the above things, but just can’t do. Maybe because of the barriers in my life which do not allow me to cross to the other side.

P.S: Sorry for not posting blogs these days. I have shifted to a new place, so was damn busy..:)From now will be regular.

June 7, 2008

Chit- Chats

I loved the igoogle stuffs. Recently, added a stuff, which says, Things to ponder. It is the collection of the stupid and witty question.

Some are:

Why do nose run and feet smell?

If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation or a murder?

Why isn't 11 pronounced onety one?

Why are there flotation devices under plane seats instead of parachutes?
Would fat people go skinny-dipping?

Do cemetery workers prefer the graveyard shift?

Why do doughnuts have holes? (This is one question which I always ponder upon)

Why is boxing ring Round??

By the way just noticed that the Google has changed the icon, which appears on the URL bar (Favicon). It is now the small ‘g’ and not the capital ‘G’.

Initially, I thought that its some kind of abstract painting with snakes winded amongst themselves, but later realize it was the lower case ‘g’ that appears in the word Google.

One more update, Mumbai rains have started. This is first time I would experience it. After marriage I came in August and was mostly at home (since had resigned from job). Heard that no matter how hard it rains, Mumbaites never stop. Their life still keep running. For me rains means nice weather, long drives, fresh air, a fresh fragrance around, pakode, a cup of tea and missing college days. In college, rains were one of those reason to skip the lectures, to endlessly dance on the terrace (full loud music), to see peacocks around (yeah our college was rest house for hundred of the peacocks), to clean the messy shoes… endless lists. I am missing all my friends back in college, Gudiya, Ninnu, Swati, Neha, my I-9 batch, my juniors, my stupid teachers. Wish we could all meet once and get back to college again… May be this time we would be more naughty then before. May be this time I would say thanks to all of them to be a part of my life. May be this time I would say sorry for fighting with them. May be this time my teachers would be proud to see me for where I am now. May be.. it happens…May that those months of “May” come back.Today is my missing much more...:(

May 31, 2008


If life was online…
If any assistance required from a plumber or electrician, then press F1.
If salary less, press ctrl+c from boss account and ctrl+v to your account
If found a good looking hunk, could just take a print out of it and save it in my purse, or may be just set him as a wallpaper.
If my friend found a good looking hunk, then she can forward it to me.
If missing your mom, click on home.
If want to be at disc immediately, press alt tab and away from office
If breakup required, press END
If hubby looking for lost pair of socks, press ctrl+F
If want to change the color of the room, look for new theme
If wanna have lunch with wife and gf both at the same time, select option to arrange windows.
If lots of problems around, SORT on basis of priority
If any urgent deliverables required by boss, mark them as Spam
If mother-in-law is again ready with tu-tu main-main, press MUTE button.
If wanna continue with Sunday till Monday, press PAUSE
Anymore wishes??

May 24, 2008

Never Wanted...

Since childhood, there were certain things which I never wanted to know about, since I never liked the subject or was lazy to know about them.
I never wanted to know anything which dealt with money. Thus, never went to bank (mom literally dragged me, and it took me a whole year to know how to deposit a cheque).
I never wanted to choose the clothes to wear. Everytime we had to go out, someone has to take out my clothes from cupboard. But then that doesn’t mean I would wear them. Definitely, I would again take out a frock of my choice and would argue that why not to wear this and finally will wear a third skirt. It still continues, though I am trying to come out of it. It takes me a whole 15 minutes to decide what to wear.
I never wanted to do coding in college. And probably I have still been running from it. Though, at current office I sometimes have to do coding. I can write about my profile in the company, probably in another blog since it is an interesting one.
I never wanted to know about the interiors of the computer. Probably I have a home to decorate then why to get into the hardware decoration of the computer.
I never wanted to know that why did my cousin's wife's father's daughter-in-law's son had a fight with his wife's brother's cousin's sister. I mean I can’t keep track of my own family members then why to get into extended to extended family deeds. Till now the habit continues, thus I still find it so hard to remember my hubby's extended family members.
I never wanted to about stock markets, trading and other such stuff. And lo, got married to an equity dealer. I still have to twist my brain nerves to understand when he talks about his office chores.
I never wanted to carry over a fake relation and thus, in hostel had very few friends. For me, friendship meant a relation where you don’t need to show off or tell lies. We have a huge world full of people to whom we can be what we are not, but very few for whom we are best when we are ourselves.

I never wanted to stop at any point of my life and I am thus running and running and running behind a thing called life..

May 19, 2008


It may sound surprising but my morning wakeup call is not by an alarm clock, but harsh and loud lullaby of crows. They love to play on my AC and hate me if I sleep late. They would just sit up outside my window on AC and refuse to shut up. Scientist say that crows are very intelligent and one of the most sociable bird around. Probably they want us to become their friends.

Saturday morning, I asked Anand to tie a new rope outside the window for hanging the clothes. He said he will do it. So I proceeded in kitchen to prepare breakfast. Suddenly, I hear a fearful voice of him, asking me to get a stick. Being very puzzled, I rushed to bedroom, only to find hubby fighting for his survival with the crows. And man, there were 4 of them and my hubby was fighting single handedly. I was so curious as to why did they attacked him since they were always friendly with me. Probably, they shared views with me and didn’t like his unshaven face. So, I asked him to please go and clear the unwanted hair on his face, and become friends with our new housemates. I got some strange looks from both hubby and the crow. Hubby told me that the crow has given eggs near the next room windows.

Oopss…now my brain ran the whole story in flashback reminding me that how and when this whole love did began. So now we have a whole crow family sharing our window. Not only that, this family was in left side window. And to the right, there was another family; it was our neighbor’s window. Then, began the sword fight between the crows and hubby. He was attacked by beak and claws of the bird. And in return he said “shoo shoo” and I banged my broomstick on the glass pane. Finally after around half an hour Anand came out with flying colors, he completed his task. He stood like a superman holding a broomstick in hand and possessed some scratches, which spoke the saga.

For next 7-8 hours, I could hear my hubby trying to get win cacophony contest with them. To remind you, Anand is a very good competitor with crow. He has always been famous among the friends for his beautiful god-gifted voice. I have always praised it and told him not to sing publicly else Indian Idol people might get hold of him. And then he might have to stay away from me for 5-6 months until he wins the competition (Only if the judge is Himesh Reshamiya). I have also warned him not to sing at home as well since I do not want all our neighbors to stand outside the home, banging our door.

I am just praying to God, that babies are born soon, so that my ear can relax. Below are the pics of the nest.