October 22, 2008

Bade Bade Shehro Mein Chhoti Chhoti Baatein Hoti Rehti Hai

Day: Some Saturday in September
Time: 3:30 pm
Place: D-Mart

Shopping for office stationary and decoration items (A client was suppose to visit us
on Monday). I called up my boss:

Boss: Yeah Priyanka tell me..

Me: Hi boss, mmm…aaa….uuummm, I forgot why I called up…

Boss: Nothing new… (Banged the phone)

My though bubble: What the F…??? Why do I forget things so much these days… Is someone stealing my brain cell??? Or am I getting old…..heck no…I am just 24…!!! :-/

Anand and Boss laughed hysterically at me in the evening.. : (((

Day: 22 October 2008
Time : 2:15 pm
Place: My Office

I get a call from unknown number.

Caller: Hello …mmm ummm…mmm

Me: (Recognized he was my travel agent) Hey C, Priyanka here…

Caller: Oh, Priyanka Madam.. How are you?

Me: I am good. Tell me what happened? Are you sending the tickets to office?

Caller: Yeah I am. But actually I forgot why I called you!!!

Me: hehehe… No worries.. It happens with most people.. : ))))

Yayayayyyy!!!! I am not the only one on this earth with less brain cells!!!

P.S.: Nidhi thanks for the title!!!


I saw a pretty weird dream this morning. I saw my history teacher, Ms. Neena Mathur. This is weird since I have never been in touch with her after school, but yeah tried many a times to know about her. She always used to get confused with my name and called me Kanakpriya who was my classmate.

Yesterday also she was calling me, saying that she wants to come back to India. She is not happy in foreign land. I called up my schoolmate to know about her and she told me that Neena mam is not in India. She took retirement and left to stay with her kids.

I don’t think she even remembers me, but I really like her very much. She taught me since 5th standard till 10th standard.

I hope I find out about her pretty soon. Please pray that she is fine.

October 17, 2008


Today is Karva Chauth. One of the days people associate with atrocities on women.

I, of course, kept it. My reasons are:

1. Pray to God to give Andy lots of patience to jhellofy my stupidities all my life.

2. A reason to get gifts. (BEST part)

3. He has to close doors and lights one day before karva chauth. Arrey baba I have put Mehandi na… :P

4. He can come early from office officially. His colleagues pity on me and allow him to leave by 8.

5. I can leave office early. YAYYAYY!!!!

6. My mother-in-law scolds him if he says anything against me today.(fluttering eyes)

7. My father-in-law scolds him if he says anything against me today.(fluttering eyes)

8. My sister-in-law scolds him if he says anything against me today.(fluttering eyes)

9. And of course, all of them get gifts for me. :))

10. Last but not least, I fall in love with him all over again seeing him handling things so well for me.

October 16, 2008

Hide n Seek

Life is hard, terribly hard

Full of surprises

Each day teaching a new lesson

Do not trust life

I trusted it

For people told me that good deed repays back

But forgot to tell life has its own gamble

It loves to play hide and seek

I never loved that game in past

Neither do I today.

October 7, 2008

Life ho to Aisi!!!

Me back!!!

All these days in Jodhpur seems to be a dream. The whole time in Jodhpur was spent in sleeping, eating and sleeping. Mom was almost occupied whole day in kitchen to feed her 3 hungry children!! :P

It was so good. I didn’t felt even for a second that I am married and I am here only for 3 days. Living with my own family again after so much time brought back my old
memories. I loved watching TV with them, since most of the time my sis and father would fight for the channel. I loved standing in kitchen next to Mom, doing nothing but just talking. I loved when helped her with laundry. I loved fighting with her over those small money issues. I loved feeling so relaxed. Life was so slow compared to Mumbai life. I could live each and every moment. I enjoyed those 7 pani puris in just Rs 10/-. I really miss them now. :((

I wanted to do so many things but couldn’t find time to get up from bed and go out. I wanted get mehandi done on my hands. :(

I wanted to roam around in market and buy bangles and jutis. Missed Gudda a lot, she is my partner in crime while shopping and bargaining for such things.

I wanted to cook something special for family, but every time mom had some nice meal planned for us. And I would get selfish to eat them.

I wanted to stay there for many more days, didn’t want to come back. But time flew and I had to return.

But still, this trip meant a lot to me. For the first time I went all alone in train. Met Swati and his adorable son. Though I admit I got so busy in talking to her that forgot to take pics.

After my marriage it was for the first time that I went home just to stay with my parents for no specific reason. So, I could save myself from visiting those unwanted relatives.

On 24th I am going to Jaipur for Diwali. This trip is going to be damn hectic. Andy is also coming and we would have to go for hundreds of dinners and lunches and invite many of people at our home. I will have to do many things out of my wish so that no one gets angry.

My brother and sister won’t be there on Diwali, Though, I am expecting Mom Dad to come over to Jaipur. But I am still so excited to go there, since I will meet my in-laws. I and my sis in law are planning the places to go for shopping. I will meet my 1 year old nephew. I just adore him. My father in law will get all my favorites sweets from various shops in Jaipur.

And of course Diwali means shopping!!!! So fun time….

But still I am feeling so dull today… I don’t know the reason.. :((

October 1, 2008

New Home!!!


I have always wanted to go to Jodhpur since my college days. The reason my whole college gang was from Jodhpur.

Today I am going there....
My family has shifted to Jodhpur.

And the best part will meet my best friend . She has given birth to a baby. I am so excited to meet them!!!!

Though, Andy is not going. So will miss him. :(

Will be back on 5th. See you after that!!!

Pray from God that I do not find my home a Jungle when I return.:P