March 6, 2009


We have decided that its better to control ourselves right now, instead later repenting upon when Japanese recruiting us as "Sumo Fighters".

So, we decided that from now on we will take very light dinner. It would contain more of fiber and proteins and less of carbs and sweets. Also, mostly we will avoid bakery products.

Scene: 3 days later , Morning 8 am
Background: As usual Anand is late, running here and there. Me blaming his morning pyaari neend for all the chaos.

Anand: Get my socks and shoes, I am getting late.

Me: I am serving your breakfast. Got to get ready for gym as well. Why cant you wake up 15 minutes early, when you know everyday its the same scene.....&$%^%%....

Anand: [ignoring me]... Drop me to the highway, will then go with Jai in his car.

Me: I said I am getting late. I don't have time to drop you.

Anand: Sweetheart ...please na... Would you like that your hubby going in auto and u going in car... [Sad face...and few flying kisses...]

Me: Okay will drop you. But be on time tomorrow.

Anand: Sure the way whats in breakfast?

Me: French Toast

Anand: Okay... get me a cheese slice....

Me: Cheese??? Remember will avoid such fatty food....

Anand: We getting late...hurry up..get the cheese slice...

Me: :| .... Hmph!!!!


  1. hjahahahaahahahahahha...
    this is what i go through every day!!!
    Every weekend there are some promises on quitting junk food...and on monday we have varieties running in the house...:)..n now that Vinnie has company with plight is worse:)

    Welcome to the junkies world!!!:D
    Andy is cute:)i like him conveniently can he ignore ur anger:D

  2. #Santasizing: I think all men are same..and the worst part they have amazing metabolism..they don;t gain weight...I have to think thrice before eating chocolate and he can eat as much as wants.. :(((

    I think I shout on him so much that he has now learned how to ignore me.. He ignores all of "Bhashan".. :((

  3. Hahahaha....I am planning and procrastinating my second session of GM I can understand the dilemma of one last slice of cheese ;)

  4. #Toonfactory: I will not be following GM diet atleast for next 6 months...that 4th day has grown over me.. I hate the sightings of banana...

  5. Hahahhaha !!

    Ghar ghar ki yehi kahani hai..

    In my case , its not a hubby but my bro who is like dat.. God knows how good is his metabolism rate... he eats like nething for 4 days and becomes a sumo wrestler... he stops eating junk food for 4 days and he is back to normal....

    I wish I were like dat :(

    Me and momma thinks 100 times before ating a slice of cheese... and anyways dearie... cheese is not as bad as butter when it comes to your diet plan :)

    You really want yourself and Andy to loose weight... cut down on butter more than u cut down on cheese :)

    Happy Dieting :)

  6. Not onlt this, the modern kinda IT jobs add to the tummy woes...

    Btw...i saw the word cheese there...n wud like to recommend "Cheese paranthas"...actually even i got this recommendation frm my project mate a few days back...they r literally yummmyy....!!!

    So chuck the diet...n go for the yummiest things in life...!!! ;)

  7. #Nidhi: I am jealous of such people...infact my sis in law lost 5 kgs in just 10 days...imagine....why not us... :(((
    Kyun yeh nainsafi kari bhagvan ne humare saath... :(...

    Today only I made andy eat his favorite bread with melted butter...yummy... I also ate one slice!!! hahhaha :))

  8. #Akash: I HATE you...sab kuch abhi yaad dila... Now i will start craving for cheese.. kitni mehant se pizza ka moh khatam kiya hai... :((

    Somebody told me once...that God has fixed amount of food for everyone for his lifetime. Thats why when someone eats lots of sweets ..he has to later ditch it...
    So I have decided instead of putting a full stop on my sweets I shud better apply a semi colon... so that can enjoy it full life...Whats your take on it now??

  9. hehehehehehe...hahahahahaha...
    no further comments!!! :P

  10. Kahani mein twist!! I have to force my husband to have sweets and pizza and that he looks fuller than me...hahahahhahaha
    In fact, he competes with me in eating less food and on days when he has a sweet or anything fatty he makes sure I have it too, either by force or by love. Main motive is: why sin alone!! saath mein khayenge saath mein marenge...heheheheh

  11.!! :P

  12. Hehehe... I can understand Andy there. Bechara sharif pati mil gaya hai aapko to uspe hukum chala rahe ho? :P :P

    Junk food is the very essence of life around. Wo ghas phoons wala khana kha ke fit rehne se maut behter hai...

    Lust and Gluttony are my fav. sins anyway. :) Give in to the sinful pleasures.... don't fight it dearie... :)

  13. Remember, there is only one single letter difference between DIE & DIET!!!

  14. Hey Priyanka,

    Mera kuch khabar?? Mail me if you have any details...

  15. You can not call this post complete without my comment ... There is a basic difference between guys & gals I feel ...

    Guys - Live to Eat
    Gals - Eat to Live


  16. A beautiful blog indeed..and written with a sweet it..if u can please visit my blog and share your comments....

  17. The same thing I think and keep telling my husband also..wish to god he will transfer some fat from here to there:), really men have a better metabolism:)

  18. So finally Andy has spoken.

    Nice going! :)

    And its been a month now, next post likho ji..

  19. Hehehe.. too cute :)

    //men have amazing metabolism..they don;t gain weight

    Somebody please tell this to my body too :(

  20. U have such a cute nick name, hubby and blog to boot!!
    I know what u mean, sticking to a healthy eating pattern is hard...but worth it!
    :) will be a regular reader...ur light posts are a breeze to read :)
    pls do check out my blog and leave ur opinions! Would appreciate it!


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