April 23, 2009

Quick Updates

I always tell my friends that it takes just an hour to write a blog, then why aren't you regular..and lol..this time its me!!! But I swear, past 3 months have been the most tiring and busy months ever since I have come to Mumbai.

So here are quick updates:

1. My company thinks I am a Mom in office who can scold employees to be disciplined.
2. I have got lots of new responsibility. I confess that they were very attractive initially but now a burden!! :(
3. My brother got through IIM Calcutta
4. My hubby got through NUS Singapore.
5. Both of them will be studying now for next 2 years and I have to work. :(
6. I need job in Singapore…so guys help me….
7. The best thing… I have started losing weight..Everyone gave me compliment this time when I visited hometown!!! Yupieee!!!
8. Office work has taught me to maintain a to-do list every day… So please spare me if reading the blog in points really irritates you..
9. It is irritating to me..but I can’t help!!! :P
10. I lost my wallet… How and when… a long story..will share it in next blog!!

I guess that’s all for now. Nidhi, Richa, Alok please post a blog… I really want to read your current updates!!!

P.S.:If anybody looking for an HR manger job in a company of 20 employees (all guys)… let me know…I am looking for my replacement in this office.


  1. Nice updates Paaro...I am planning one such update post soon...And m waiting for that Wallet Story..write soon...when U guys leaving for S'pore

  2. @Toonfactory: Post it soon...I have to post so many things...my sula vine fest pics and other stoies!!! Next week onwards I am a little free...so will tyr to be regular in blogging!!!

    singapore abhi decided nahi hai..still awaiting for one more college's result...

    But one thing is for sure...jaane se pehale teri movie mein kaam karke jaungi!!!

  3. First of all I think you mean will tell you in my next "post" and not "blog" unless of course you want to shift to a new blog. :-D :-D

    Now that I've pulled your leg. Congrats for your bro. and Andy!

    Kab jaa rahe ho? Or already chale gaye kya?

    I'll be pissed if you left without even giving a call! :D

    Glad to have you back in action. :P

  4. Good to see you are back dear :)
    Congratulations to Honey and Anand!
    And congrats about the weight loss! that makes two of us...

  5. Its super fun na when all good news come together:)
    Fun filled post...totally loved it..
    and yes i seriously have no issues reading in bullets...some how the thakela IT industry teaches u this pattern of writing...and i can proudly say that im also proficient in doing it now:D

    And madame...im waiting for the pics...so kindly send them soooooooooooooonly!!!!!

    about my post...hell..the silly blocks in my mind...never leave me..m trying hard though:)

  6. hey :)
    I am glad you found my blog again! congrats on your weightloss & good luck finding a job. i hope you find a really good one that pays really well!!!

    {i'm a follower of your blog now}

  7. @Aniket: You will have to accept my english mistakes in my blog!!:P

    We haven't decided when to go since we still waiting for one more college result of Singapore only...

    By the way when u flew to USA do you remember you called me... ?? Infact I have heard that u often come to mumbai and never have time to visit me... :(

    I guess now I am pulling your leg...

  8. @Amrita: Thanks dear!!! Congs to you too...

  9. @Santa: It was not all fun... I lost my wallet as well..but still yeah...loads of happiness!!!

    And you better write down a post in next 3 days else I am not sending you any pics!!!

    Now that u can write it in points only!!!

  10. @Merriane: Thanks a lot dear for being my blog follower!!!

  11. Thanks for your comment on my blog. The font I am using in Papyrus. I got the code for it from thecutestblogontheblock.com

  12. Awesome at the IIM-C and NUS part. Congrats to both of em :)

    You shall be shifting to Singapore eh..

    Hope u dint loose a lot with the wallet :(

  13. And yeah, we shall be really really really lucky if we get a post form either Nidhi or Richa :D

  14. @Haley: Thanks a lot.. I will look for fonts from the website!!

  15. @Urv: I think we all unitedly need to stand and force both the females to write a post!!

    About Singapore..not yet very sure when we will shift since we are still awaiting for some more results!!

    There was lot of cash in wallet... :((

  16. So, u were a Mom in school...a Mom in college...n now a Mom in company too...so we r all waiting for becoming Mom at the fourth place (read home) too...:P

    Congrats all the way again for the family achievements...believe me, its a gr8 time 2 go 4 MBA...mkts r expected 2 boom again 2 years down the line...

    So, the only bread-earner needs a job...try knocking ur frend Bhai Bartender...;)...btw when is all this shifting happening?

    Wallets...guess females r not even gud at managing money these days...;)...but its somethin which is TERRIBLE, if it happens...:(

  17. who!!! NUS n IIMC...u r surrounded by intelligent ppl

  18. Thank God for publishing blog, I was tired opening your url with no updates.

    congrats for your brother and your hubby. Well I have written a blog and trying to publish with final touches... feeling skeptical about it as it is political due to elections on the way.

    hope to hear from you soon.


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