October 30, 2009

Where your heart goes....

Certain things in your life suddenly make you stop and look back...look back and realize that life has given you so much. There was time when all we wanted was a good college. Once there, prayed to God for a good job. Later on, the wish converted to ANY job with good salary. I saw my friends almost crying if they were not selected in an interview. And some who were super excited and flaunted that they are earning almost double what they expected. I was one of the last ones to get job. When I was selected in a topnotch and I refused the interviewer to answer any questions, since I didnt want to go into programming stuff, many of friends thought I was fooling them. And then finally I was placed. I guess my father was much happier than anyone else that day.

After one year of my job, whenever I would call my friends who were supposedly in big firms, with amazing money, would all the time crib. "I hate my boss.." "I hate my work..." "Don’t know why the hell am I working here...". I was so confused that if someone is not enjoying a job; then why they are working. Even if you could buy a Versace dress but at the end of day you crib how badly the day went...then what is the point of doing it. My frenz always had one reply, "You will not understand."

I enjoyed my work in Gurgaon. After sometime got engaged, and decided that I should take a break for 4-5 months to enjoy my wedding period. I remember one of my colleague said, "You can afford to resign since your hubby earns quite well." I didn’t feel like replying.

In Mumbai, I didn’t work for 3-4 months, since it was damn confusing where to work. I didn’t want to go back to technical field and for my kind of work experience no one will hire me for people management kindda work. Anand helped me to join one of his friend's startup firm. Now this startup worked totally hardcore technical stuff. Initially for 3 months, I tried learning their stuff...but one day I gave up. I said to myself this is not where I want to go, then why shall I waste my time. I confronted this to company's director. Now these guys totally understood my point of view and helped me getting out of technical stuff and do their other non technical work. Initially we were just 4 people in office. Slowly, we grew up to strength of 20. I could still hear the same cribs from my friends. How much they hated their job. Infact one of close friend was pregnant and still she wanted to work in that stressful environment. I actually forced her to resign and get out of there. She did and later she told only one thing, its best when you hear what your heart says to you.

I worked for this startup just like my own firm. I enjoyed what I was doing; thus could give my 200% without any hesitation. My mom would say they don’t even pay half of what you do, but still you work for them. I always had some or the other argument to support my decision. She finally gave up.

Yesterday, my whole work paid me off. I had decided to take a break from work and informed this to my boss. He told that he is so scared to imagine office without me. He told me those things which were worthless.

I am so glad that I did what I felt best at and I am much richer and happier than anyone around me. Isn't it amazing to hear when your director says that we will never give a farewell party to you since you can never leave our firm?

And I agree it’s so good when you do what your heart says... I smiled whole night.


  1. heyy..frst of all, its so nice to c u bak hre..hope, we gt to read more of ur wrk as earlier..vry well said, we shud listen wht heart speaks, then nly we get real contentment in whtever we do..nice read..!!!
    n ya, u were followin mine blog earlier na..i've changed blogspace, do visit n add urself in the list of followers again plss..hre's the link

  2. nice!. your post made me smile too. well done!

  3. yes..its a wonderful feeling, this is what the whole world is running after in the rat race, I am so glad and happy for you dear :)

  4. Apt timing han. I had the exact same feeling that I hate my job so much that the money doesn't seem to matter anymore. So I resigned a week back. Now am joining a startup of 14 people and am so looking forward to it. :D

  5. awwww...this is so true. Take your own decisions listen to your heart always..thats it !
    Congrats didi !!

  6. visited ur blog 1st time ...u write real good dear...looking frwd to more interesting writings :)


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