September 22, 2013

Writing is Fun!!

Here is my entry for MissMalini Megahaul Contest

I started my blog around 4 years back when my life was in middle of twists and turns. There were lot of things which went through my mind and couldn’t express to anyone. My friends were busy in their life and there was not much for them to help me out. It was new city, Mumbai, new life with my partner and new job profile. I was caught in a web where nothing could snatch me out of it.

I remember my neighbour telling me about a blog she would read the first thing in morning. She asked me to read it once and soon it became addiction. It was so fun to read about joys and sorrows of that blogger. And one day I wrote her a mail expressing my regards to her and congratulating her on being such a good writer. She replied me back saying that writing is best way to vent out your thoughts. It was the day when I got inspired and started my blog ChirpyParo.

Initially there were lot of hesitations as to what to write and who all will be the readers. But very soon it became a habit. Writing any snippet, poem or a whole long page for the blog relieved me of my thoughts. I made new friends through it. Blogging explored me to a whole new world with introduction to various people and their thinking process.

I realised that life is not easy for anyone. Each one deals with their troubles, problems and struggles. Each day brings a new promise to life. Every night we need to realise that it is the youngest we ever would be and eldest we have been. Writing blog or even scribbling random thoughts on paper clears your mind and allows more positive thinking with rational approach to solve the issues. Friends would encourage by writing their comments and giving their solutions and opinions.

Though after becoming mother of two I rarely get time now to write a blog, but I have taken writing as a professional career. I have been writing articles for various websites and magazines. Writing for me now is fun. Currently one of my baby is in my lap and other is learning alphabets next to me, but still I can write this blog since it’s just uninterrupted thoughts which flow like water.  Thanks for the lovely blogger who helped me get into this field. Will be grateful to her always!


Thanks for visiting my blog!