April 22, 2008

Short & Sweet Long Weekend

Weekend was great….

My best friend was in town on Sunday and Monday, so took an off on Monday

On Sunday we went to Shiros for dinner (my MBA treat).First, a little history about it. Previously this place was Bombay Dyeing Mill which now is converted to a lounge Shiros and in front, there is Hard Rock Café.

‘Shiro’ means a castle in Japanese. It had an entire oriental ambience with rich furnishings. Every single piece of furnishing was made so huge that one can feel if entering really into a castle. The entrance door itself was around 12-15 foot high. It had lovely lotus flowers floating in water which created a calm and romantic environment. For dinner we tried some Sushi and Mojito. Not only the taste but the presentation of the food was great.

Mr. Hubby and I had a bet. He had to eat the whole wasabi sauce. For those who don’t know, it’s a sauce served with Sushi. Its hotness is more than mustard or chili or pepper. It produces vapors that not only irritate tongue but somewhere around nasal passage as well. I just had a pinch of it and after that I drank whole of my juice. I never knew I will lose my bet :(. Never mind, he is sweet didn’t asked me anything embarrassing to do, but just asked for another such treat.

Overall, I found it a nice relaxing place to sit and enjoy. If you are one to enjoy such dining affairs, do make your reservation with Shiro as it is in a class of its own when it comes to Japanese fine-dining. Do try and book the double-bed sitting place, we missed it.

Monday was full of excitement for both of us. We went to full day shopping. Westside is really good for home decoration. I got some decorative pieces for my bedroom. We had real fun bargaining around in Crawford market and Fashion Street. Finally, before dropping friend to station had the yummy PavBhaji from SARDAR...And there ended the nice long 4 days weekend…


  1. Wasabi sauce not just irritated my tounge and nasal openings ..they were set on fire .... but to win a bet and atleast from her ( he he he ) ..I can do anything ...so now I can have one more treat :)

  2. seems you had a great time there...
    loved reading your blog and nice pictures taken...


  3. #anand: next time u surely will loose..:)

    #Harsh: Thanks!!

  4. The pics really capture the ambience well...have never tried japanese cuisine before..and more than that shopping part looks more tempting

  5. #Jaya: So you are ready for another round of shopping like before ;)

  6. hey di n jeeju..next time we are going there..okies..n again we will bet on the same thing..
    good going di, at least now i will get to know how much i am missing the real weekends.
    love u.

  7. hey it was great weekend for me too ...that dinner wit anand n guppi was superb and spl the bet part .....
    Thanks guys for that lovely weekend....


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