April 27, 2008


Today while surfing through one of my favorite websites found a discussion on the topic “Is marrying your best friend a good idea?” Few days before there was another article which talked about “Is living-in as good as marriage?” I mean I would keep seeing many such articles and their major central topic is the word “Marriage”.

When I think as to what is marriage, I would say that two people have agreed to stay with each other for life long. They will share their joys, sorrows, hopes, failures, success etc etc…of course their Wallets as well [:)]. You, all of sudden find a person for whom you are the most important part of his/her life. Not only they themselves are happy but their families are the one who are most happy. Marriage, in India, becomes an affair of two families. Life seems to be welcoming you in a new world. And then slowly, life is same back again with the same obstacles, same fight for survival, and the same old story. After all, life is definitely a mirage :).

For me there is no difference between love or arrange marriage. Except that in love both of them know each other and thus waits no surprises, while in arrange life is full of surprises. But after 2-3 years I don’t think love or arrange matters. A successful relationship is a combination of Mutual respect, love and commitment. If this is there than no matter you married with your best friend or you are living-in or its arrange, the relationship will flourish & attain greater heights over a period of time and there a sense of direction in life.

Talking about breakup of a relation then it happens anywhere. Not only between spouses or best friends, in every small relation as well there is a space for having animosity. It only depends on the way of handling and seeing the future with each other. But yes, there has to be a balance between both the partners. Afterall, zindagi ki gadi do pahiyon par chalti hai…and both have to be in sync with each other ;).


  1. Something nice abt something around which world revolves - relation.

  2. To add to it, in love marriage the expectations are quite high, as compared to arranged marriage. A simple statement "you used to do it before and why not now." is passed in every single situation. Promises made before marriage, if not fulfilled leads to so many conflicts and that makes the tyres(do pahiye) puncture.......

  3. #Anand: Thanks!!

    #Harsh: Absolutely correct...The debate can go on and on...

  4. Brilliant post. Agree to each word of it! Just that the surprises in an arrange stuff might be too polar at times to adjust!

  5. To an extent you are right but meaning of success of something (e.g. Marriage) changes with different kind of minds and thats why the debate goes on and on :)


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