June 24, 2008


Sometimes you are caught in web of life, where no matter what you want, there is no escape. Life seems to be entangled between heavy relations. Probably I am into such a thing. I feel like running away. I wish I could just meet some people in my life and confront them the feelings. I want to say so many things, write them down. Maybe just lie down in corner with no one around and shout loudly. I want to be a bird, flying in the sky. Travel all over the world. Kick some people. Dance in the rain. Look deep down in heart of some people who had hidden their inner feelings. Forget about the future. Free from worries of next day household chores. Wish some people disappear from my life. Run back to college days, my frenz, my simple living, eating a 10 rupee sandwich as a treat, make some people answer my questions which have remained answered ever since. I can do many of the above things, but just can’t do. Maybe because of the barriers in my life which do not allow me to cross to the other side.

P.S: Sorry for not posting blogs these days. I have shifted to a new place, so was damn busy..:)From now will be regular.

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  1. What a comeback.... :)

    Welcome back, Priyanka...
    Have you seen Abhishek Bacchan's movie.."Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai"..

    You should see beyond the barrier or winning post and not the barrier itself....


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