June 26, 2008

SMS - Short M-isconception-S

SMS from Unknown (1:00 am) – Frnz r like d smell of Cigarettes wich stays in d fingertip 4 a short time. Bt true frnds r like nicotine in cigarettes wich stay in d heart till death. Good Night.
Me (8:30 am, Sleepy eyes) – Sorry, didn’t recognized you. (In shock state, since after marriage haven’t got any Good night messages from unknown number. Thought must be some Andy’s frenz.)
Unknown ( 10:30 am, Me in office) – An ideal day should begin with a cute little yawn on ur face, a cup of coffee in ur hand & a msg from me on ur mobile. Good morning.

After this message I was absolutely sure it was one of the Andy’s frenz who were our neighbors in previous flat. Next I dialed from office landline

Unknown - Hello
Me - Hi, May I know who am I talking to?
Unknown - “Kiddo” here (Name changed to protect life of the kiddo)
Me - Can you please tell me as to why have you been messaging me since yesterday.
Kiddo - Oh! You must be Priyanka.
My thoughts - He knows my name!!!!!!
Me - Yes, I am.
Kiddo - I want to be your friend.
Now hearing this I actually wanted to laugh. I didn’t know how to respond. In a second I knew that he was a 19 year guy, was trying for phone friends. But still I wanted to know where he got my number from.
Me (Trying to sound strict) - Who gave you my number?
Kiddo - I stole it from my friends cell.
And after this he disconnects the phone.

In 5 minutes, I get another SMS. This time I actually could guess its content.
Kiddo - I just want your friendship. No love no flirt nothing critical. I only know your number nothing else.
Me - Tell me the name of the guy from whose cell you stole the number.
Kiddo (6:30 pm) - No I can’t tell. Else you will kill him and he will not be my friend any more. I don’t want to lose his friendship

I was getting actually a stupid feeling. I remember that we all have gone thorough same stage. The only wrong thing with him, he caught a wrong gal.

Me - Name. I won’t kill him, only hit him.
Kiddo - Juni an IIT grad. (Juni is my younger bro’s friend)

Now I was laughing so hard, that my mom-in-law gave me those quizzical looks. So I called up my friend to share the joke. She told me to go for coffee with him accompanied by Mr Hubby. Now I could actually imagine the Kiddo’d face if he gets to know, that I am married.

SMS from Kiddo (Today Morning) - Good Morning , Have a lovely day
Me - I would start our friendship by letting you know the first thing, I am blissfully married from past 1 year.
Kiddo - Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, keh do ki yeh jhooth hai. (Nooooo, tell me it’s a lie). I thought you are an IITian gal.
Me - Juni came for my marriage. Wanna come for a coffee with my hubby.

After this no good morning, no good night message.
I was happy, that still people thought to be my friend even after my marriage!!!

I am sure next time his message to an unknown gal will be:
“Hey, are you married? “


  1. Kya baat he, shadi ke baad bhi ladke piche pade hein :P

  2. #Shaitaan: Kya karein hum hai hi aisi..;)


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