July 23, 2009

Another Day , Another Year

Smiles brought us together for the first time
I could trust you, I knew right then
Love pronounced us husband and wife
Nothing could ever tear us apart,I knew right then
Years will bind us stronger
Fights will get worse
Pleasures will become a habit
But I will always know
That you are by my side
To hold my hand
Share my joy,and my tears
Today I celebrate our love
As we continue our journey
In another season
Together, forever

Happy Anniversary!!


  1. Happpy Anniversary..
    may u have countless years together...:)
    loved the lines in the poem:)

  2. Happy Anniversary to both of you :-) Enzooy your day.

  3. Since I am a very lazy person..even more lazy follower...I have chanced upon your blog I think for the second time. You write pretty well my dear! Keep going!

    Yeah the activa surprise is really awesome:)


  4. Itne pass rehke bhi wish nahi kar payi...too bad! Happy Anniversary anyway....

    Waise galti tumhari hain....party ke darr se nahi bataya pehle ya phir koi aur reason? chorungi nahi :P

  5. #Santa: Thanks Richa!!! Thanks for help as well!!

    @Ketan: Thanks Ketan!!

  6. @chillimili: Anu madam...i open ur blog once a month in hope to see a new entry..but only thing i see is "Bai-Bai"... I guess its an amazing irony that u said bye bye from ur last post to blogs!!!

  7. @Priya: Thanks Priyanka for visiting the blog!!! Madam, kal we didnt met...and we wont be meeting for another week...so aap jab miloge tab wish kar dena!!

  8. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

  9. Oye, Happy Anniversary to both of you!

    Kudos, to Andy for surviving another year! :D :D :D

    Here's to many more.... cheers! :P

  10. Happy anniversary! Thanks so much for your comments on my blog, they are all so sweet!

  11. Happy anniversary Chirpy Paaro..

    Wishing you many more pleasant years to come...

    With loads of love and best wishes,
    Kajal (the pink orchid)

  12. My best wishes for both of you. Though I am yet to figure out the who's who here... :)

    Also, lemme congratulate you on the overall theme that you have selected for your blog and the I love the Chirpy Paro sign off on every blogpost...

    Cheers :)

  13. Happpy Anniversary.. came here for the 1st time..really nice blog you have keep it up!!


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