June 29, 2009

H'ur'tly Yours

I was finally happy to hear from Anand those magical words... "I will regularly play squash every weekend!"

I have been forcing him to do some physical activity at least on weekends. So he leaves for IIT campus at 9:00 am with his friend N.

After around one hour, I call Anand to know when will he be free.

He replies, "Dear, I am waiting for N. He has gone for some work in my car. By the way, I have hurt my ankle."

"Oho....shall I come to pick you?"

"Nah... I will come"

After another 15 minutes, I get his call.

"Listen, the ankle is hurting....but dont worry..N will drop me..."

"Oops...Shall I come...it wont take 10 minutes.."

"NAh..just spoke to N he is coming in 5 minutes..."

10 minutes later....

"Listen....we leaving for hospital...you also come there...I think its fracture..."

"OMG...ok me reaching in 2 minutes..."

I reach hospital and see Anand sitting on wheelchair..with the widest grin I had ever seen on his face...

We guys actually hugged and laughed so much...Hospital staff was wondering why would anyone laugh after being hurt.... :))

P.S. : Not to worry...it isn't a fracture..but a sprain. Doctor has suggested 10 days rest. But Anand was found driving the car within 10 hours.. :)


  1. been here 4 d 1st tym...n u made me smile :)

  2. #Anwesa: Hope to see you again.. :)

  3. a fisrt timer here...u hve a real cute blog..keep up de gud work :-)

  4. hes so cute:)....reminds me of vin so much:)

  5. ohhhh!!! hope u takin care of him n not pushin him to work out again!!

  6. anand lambert.. i know a squash guy with that name :)

  7. @Shikha: Thanks dear..hope to see you regularly...

  8. #Aniket: :P

    #Santa: I think they both are same..they both can drive us nuts.. :)

  9. @Mayz: No he has got one more reason not to workout...though I never understand if he can drive car then hy not do exercise....:(

  10. #Chriz: I am sorry I dont know him...

  11. Poor Anand...how many times he gets to hear his wife saying,
    "I'll cook gud food everyday?"
    "I'll go to gym regularly now?"

    bolo bolo...;)

  12. @Akash: Dearest of all, I go to gym daily....secondly He has gained weight just for the reason that he has increased his diet due to my good food... :)) he appreciates me daily for the food.. :))

    Ab bolo...bolo...

  13. Oh thats good he had no facture...

  14. LOl .... Ur hubby is Very naughty huh ?! :)) Well ... best wishes for his sprain ... hope it gets better soon :D


  15. There are only 2 words for ur husband : Naughty S-C-A-M-P!
    Tell him to get well soon and fill him up with tasty soup before every meal!

  16. Haha.
    A special "haha" since my name happens to be Anand as well. :-)

  17. Well... that is his way of getting out of exercising wasn't it???? silly man!
    i love the way he was smiling so much at the hospital! men love to be pampered!!!!!

    good luck with him :)

    and i really am glad that he didn't break his foot and i hope that his sprain heals quickly, too.

  18. OMG! Thank God it was just a sprain.
    I don't think you'll insist he plays squash for a long time now :)


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