May 3, 2008

Jail to Caves

My hubby is full of surprise elements. Last Saturday we woke up a little late by 8:30, I was in full Saturday Holiday mood. After having a lazy breakfast, I was again planning to sleep. Suddenly I find Mr. Hubby giving a very inquisitive looks. (Mind you, those looks scare me sometimes, wondering what next he is planning). And then he was with his lappy; searching for in some travel guides for Mumbai. I knew then, we going out in next 15 minutes. And that’s what happened, we were going Elephanta Caves. So, there we packed up our bags. He was in full enthu, I could realize this since he asked me to give him sunscreen (normally he never even think of applying it). So by afternoon we were in the car all set to go for a picnic.
We reached Gateway of India around 1:30. There we took a ticket to a ferry. I was traveling for the first time across a sea therefore was excited. The journey was around 1 hour long. It wasn’t interesting, since it was crowded and the temperature was very humid and hot. Once we reached there, we took a mini train, to take us from the dockside to the entrance. And this train journey was most interesting. Actually my cap flew off and just like a Bollywood hero Mr. Hubby jumped off from the train and ran behind it. He caught hold of it and then again ran and I became Kajol and pushed Shahrukh khan back to the seat. (Don’t worry train was damn slow heheh :)) Oh Boy it was so fun.

At the entrance there are lots of small shops selling cute crafts work. Mind you the prices are damn high so better bargain. There are also certain restaurants around. We took our lunch there (Didn’t knew there was MTDC restaurant on the top of the caves). To get to the caves, we climbed a steep street up. Some locals regard the caves as a religious place dedicated to Lord Shiva, which accounts for a large number of visitors during Mahashivratri. There are total of 5 caves full of sculptures and work of art. Since both of us don’t enjoy these things, so we didn’t go to all the caves. Instead, we just roamed around here and there and then bought some stuff for home.

The last boat leaves from Elephanta at 5:30pm. This time while returning we paid money to get the upper deck. It was the lovely thing to be done. Since it was sunset time the temperature was perfect. The view from the deck for the sea was really pleasing. And finally we were back to our car.

On the way back to our home, we had a quick dinner at a small nice restaurant, Crystal. The food tasted just like home made stuff. And the best part was no oil in food and damn low prices. Imagine we had full meal in just 120 bucks. This was cheapest of our meals ever in Mumbai.
It was lovely and tiring day. And did I forget to mention why we went to Elephanta. Actually, after breakfast, hubby was watching a movie (one of those which I never watch), Qayamat- City under Threat. And there the terrorists had planted missiles at the top of Elphinstone Jail. And there he found the idea of going to Elephanta. Whole day he said we are at Elephinstone caves instead of Elephanta. Cute NA!!!


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  2. nice thot and nice movie too ...
    and cutest part is andy .... next time i m thr i too want to go all those shooping in the next trip

  3. #Priyanka: sure..but probably one day for shopping is needed..:)

  4. Mujhe bhi ghoomnaaaaaaaaaa heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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