July 2, 2008

The War Of The Games

When I got married with Andy, I always was happy that he behaved just like a kid and not like mature uncles. Though, I never knew that his kiddo behavior is associated with him everywhere. He loves watching Cartoons (Excessive love), Comic Books (Nagraj, Tenaliram etc..), Food (For him every eatable thing is God), and Games. Now, games were one thing which was reason for the war between us. He loves playing video games so much that I actually wished one day for his laptop to crash. And lo!! Next day, I could see him running here and there in full tension. His lappy was in Comma. Hahahhaha!!!!
I swear I didn’t do anything to it. It took full one month to revive it back. Still, it is not in perfect state. So in that one month, Andy realized he needs something to play. So then we bought Ludo. Ufff!!! Again, the child in him evoked to full swing. He played Ludo or Snakes and Ladder not to win, but to make me loose. Just like a kid, he would try to cheat and cheat. Boy, it was damn fun. Though, most of the time I won .. :)
Later we also asked N to get Scrabble for us. Though, we never played it. So yesterday night, my sis asked if we have Scrabble to play. I knew I would be the weakest one since I don’t remember when I last played it and thus, knew no rules. In case, it would have been only me and Andy, I would have never played. Since, he would have imposed all kind of rules over me. But since, Sis and Bro both were there, we started. Initially, Andy took almost 15 minutes to decide upon the word. This was because he wanted only those words where he could get bonus points. So, we had to introduce a rule of maximum time limit which was 3 minutes. Game began. Andy was leading, bro second, sis third and me last. Andy made the word LENT. Bro turned it into SILENT. Next was my turn, Andy gave me a helping hand, since I was almost stuck. Oh, the next moment I knew the word. It was RESILENT. And I got so many bonus points for it.
My final score was way ahead of all of them. I won. It was only after the end of the game, I told Andy that the spelling of RESILENT was wrong. Heheheh :). And now he never agrees to play a GAME with me. HEHAHAHHA


  1. Am I looking in a mirror or what ?? :)
    We also used to fight over my gaming habit... Men will be men.... hee hee hee

  2. hey!
    reached ur blog through sayeshaz. u write so well. havent had the chance to read all the previous blogs.. just read the last three and loved them.. keep posting

  3. Hey !

    You reminded me of the games I used to play wid my Parents and my bro...

    My mom and bro are born cheaters.. Be it carrom , ludo or snakes and ladders.. They would cheat and win..:D

    Feels like going back to good old days and play all the games once again :)

    Chal for the time being,I'll play with you and Andy over a weekend ;) Wat say :D

  4. #Harsh: Absolutely true... Men will be men..

    #Maryum: Welcome to my site..

    #Nidhi: Nopes I wont play with you..since I know you wll support Andy.. :(

  5. Classic Andy! maniacal about video games, and doing anything to win!

    I am so glad you won in scrabble!


  6. #Gautam: haar ke bhi jo jeete use kya bolte haine ;) he ha he ha


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