December 22, 2008

Life is not so Simple!!!

Back in 2004, I was completely unaware of the aim of my life after completing my engineering. All my batchmates used to search on various job portals, keep editing their resumes, planned of going to Bangalore after college ended, for job search. Me and S would always be found chilling around in café deciding where to meet and have party after college. Another close friend of ours, B, would always be so worried. She scolded us for we had not still made our CV’s, but she knew she will be the one making for us. Finally, one day there was a storm in campus. Everyone was in hurried expression that our TPO is doing nothing. LnT was coming to a college in Jaipur and he was not even bothered to take us there. You won’t believe but sincerely speaking I didn’t know any company except Infosys. LnT was a strange word for me.

The next day we were in bus with 200 other girls on a trip to Jaipur. For me it was a trip since my parents were in Jaipur, so I could meet them. But lots of people were reading and revising lots of C codes and functions. We were going for LnT interviews. We went to a private college in there. I just knew Akash and one more friend in the college. Once we reached there I got busy meeting all friends of Akash. I didn’t even know where my resume was. Afterall, who had come for an interview ;) . It was just a get together of friends. We got to know that there would be a written test in evening and next day the personal interview. That meant whole day I was free. Bas phir kya tha…. I was with Akash and group looking for a prospective girlfriend for the guys (Ours was a girls college). I had amazing fun … Finally in the evening test started. Me, S and B sat together. Paper was simple maths and analytics (I love Maths). All three of us had absolute same answers. Finally after half an hour I got to know that we three are shortlisted. OMG….. I was elated. This was least expected. Next day it was technical round. And I knew I couldn’t do that. I hadn’t done any coding before. Full night B helped me to remember lots of basics and gave me fundas. But finally I failed in technical round.

After this whole thing, I realized that yeah Job is something I need to worry about. But I never wanted to go into engineering field. Then why the hell did I waste four years of my life. L After few days I was placed. And luckily, I didn’t have coding profile but testing. Work was fun in Gurgaon.With me were few of my college frenz including Richa. I was enjoying every bit of it, except my work. I mean I did like the work, but somehow deep inside me, I felt this is not what I want to be. I need to do something creative or I should get a place where I could lead people. I was all lost.

One day suddenly I got engaged. I was happy, of course since I got my life partner, but the better reason was that now I can actually look for better job. Andy helped me a lot. I resigned from Gurgaon and got settled in Mumbai. I started looking for something in Mumbai, but everyone offered me a software engineer profile. I never wanted that. Infact I wanted to join some editorial firm or newspaper. Then Andy suggested me to join a startup. He explained to me that it would be a best thing since the company has just 4 people and I can grow and learn a lot in there.

And there I am from past 1 year. Initially, I faced a lot of problem, but got adjusted to a fact that I have to be an initiator here. I love the fact in one year I have learned so much that even a management school can’t teach me in a two year course. I have to do all random work. My profile changes every day.

Last week I took interviews at IIT. My papa was so happy. He said so what you were not an IITian, but you hiring them. My brother who is in IIT was laughing at me. The best feeling was when I heard a group of people saying the written paper was so tough… HAHAHHA….I was GRINNING…. These students found my paper tough!!!!! Whole evening I was carrying a big smile on my face…..: ))))

I asked people about their life goals and found people who were just like me. They wanted to do something, but when asked what…then they didn’t have any answer. People take it as a negative thing, but I feel that it’s never too late to decide what do you want out of life. Everyone is meant to be best at something.

All the best to all my readers for their future lifes, hope you come out of flying colors.


  1. WHOA!!!!!MS Manager!!!So you finally are where you always wanted to be:)...Damn good..
    and yeah..i know that entire process of hiring the IIT' gosh..sow i can proudly tell some IIT'ian i meet some day.."I have a friend whos a "HR manager"if you want i can talk to her for ur!!that will be some fun...

    By the way im confused..
    how come this post of urs was not showing till yesterday?huh!!!

  2. Thats what u call an amazing feather in the cap girl.
    Kya buddhu ladki thi re tu...i still remember ;)
    N now...ooops...u r kicking the butt of the supposedly most intelligent brains of the country...
    KUDOS to u Guppi...!!!
    Btw...share some interview experiences too at this place some time.
    N hey, koi mujhe meri writing prowess lautaado :(

  3. I hope you ve heard of this one before... "Der aaye durust aaye.. aaye to sahi"

    Its good that finally you are doing what you always wanted to do :) and you are lucky to have ANdy by your side to help you with all your decisions :)

    See I had told you that everyone of us is confused about life and the decisions to be made in life.. at some or other time... The only solution is to stop running from questions of life and try to solve them :)

    You did and you won :)

    Love ya dear... may u always get to do wat u want to do and may u get d life u always wanted for urself :)

  4. cool.....that must have been one awesome experience :)
    and yeah I am in that lot...who wants to do something else, but dosent know wat!!

  5. talk abt timin...m here readin ur post commentin...n u comment on mine...hehe!!!

    btw i cud totally relate to d too neva wanted to do engg n yet studied it for 4 yrs...thnakfully i never had to do any codin...u kinda inspired me to do smthn different again :)

  6. #Santa: heheh... it was in draft on 19th..posted it on 22nd... :))) dont get confused ....
    Even I feel so weird abhi tak when people call me to ask if I can schedule and interview with them... Infact yesterday my neighbor said that they will send their daughter for career counseling... I was hell shocked.. I mean I myself was the most disoriented gal..and now career counseling!!!

  7. #Akash: Oye mein buddhu nahi thi... rememeber I won the paper presentation... I was always the bets when it was speaking in public or managment of things..just bad when u guys talked about coding.. :(((...Which still I am...:((

  8. #Nidhi: Yeah the best thing was Andy's support..if he wasn't with me I would have been here...:))

    Even i want to see you someday at a position where you are so satisfied at the end of day... All the best to you...

    And Thanks for always been with me.. :))

  9. #Jaya: I know you also want to do something different..thats why I always ask you to think a lot about it.. You are pushing yourself to a job which doesnt even interest you 1%... Start doing something... :))

  10. #Mayz: Yeah even I noticed..guess thats why we both might have had hiccups.. :))

    Welcome to the club "Hating Coding"...

    I guess now we should decide where to land up..else after 5 years we all will be crying for what we had done with life!!!

  11. of course life isnt simple..mere blog ka naam toh faltu hai ekdum..irrelevant to my own life ;P

    haan so engg...ummm..technical thingies r beyond me so i can only sympathise wid u :))

  12. Nice explained the feelings paro...

    I went through the same feelings when I had 1st paper of C exam in my first semester, I was taking help of a friend to learn C two days before exam and believe me I was mugging an answer of explain relational operators in C !!!

    but finally am in programming :-)yes i do get the same feelings like you about doing something else sometimes like writing articles for a newspaper or reporting a war front. But should start blogging hopefully.

  13. #Trinaa: Heheh... arrey yaar life is simplee...but we and this career oriented world makes its difficult!!!

    #Ketan: Thanks for visitng my blog!! even I learned codes of C and C++ but at the end always just wrote the algorithm in the exams... coding is not for me!!

  14. Navendu wali job chchod di kya aapne?
    Kaun sa startup join kiya... Me too going through quarterly life crisis... Don't know ki "hum kis gali jaa rahe hain" :P

  15. #Aniket: Arrey I am in that firm only...tabhi to itna sikhane ko milta hai!!!
    Teri Career Counselling kar dungi...ghar aa jana kabhi bhi.. :P


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