December 31, 2008

Chutti Time!!

Winters are such a delight for me. I am typically fond of those foggy mornings, with a cuppa of tea in hand, overloaded wih clothes, sleeping till late in the cosy quilt, eating all kind of paranthas, gajar ka halwa, gajak... Oh much I miss North India this time of the year. Yeah I know you gain weight..but then how does it is summer to sweat out all the fat!!!

Other than this I have more to celebrate...25th December is my sister's we always celebrate it with full enthu.. And the most special thing this time is my office is closed for 5 days!!! We had canceled our previous holidays due to loads of work and finally declared them during this week... WOOOWWWW!!!!

Some of our friend's are coming over to celebrate new year...infact it will celebrated this time with shopping. Actually, one of my best fren is getting married so she will coming over on weekend to do her shopping I know this is good for me but bad for Andy..But never mind to make him happy I have already cooked gajar ka halwa and some other delicacies for him. I am sure he wouldn't mind enjoying them on stake of his wallet. :)))

So a very very Happy New Year to you... May the new year bring all your wishes true!!!

See you all soon with detailed description of my vacations!!


  1. O Ji njoy ur holidays big time...
    I wish the new brings all new joy in ur life...
    I wish Chirpy keep chirping for the entire 2009 too...
    I wish u start likin mumbai all the more...
    I wish all ur dreams come true...
    Have a rocking party..HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  2. Hey have a great time Guppi and come back soon with great Shopping Story...

  3. Have a great time honey :)

    Wish yuo and Andy a very happy and a prosperous new year :)

    Though belated... give my bday wishes to your darling sis :)

    Come back soon :)

  4. happy new year ! and enjoy holidays

  5. :) Happy new year..

    Gajar ka halwa.. Yummy..

    I want. I want.

  6. #Akash: Thanks a lot dear!!!! I wish all the wishes to you for each day in your life!!!

  7. #Toonfactory: Thanks and same to you!!! and Dont call me guppi.. :(((

    #Trinaa: Thanks and Same to you!!

  8. #Nidhi: Thanks Dear and wish you the same!!

    #Vivek: Welcome to my log!! Thanks a lot and wish you the same!

  9. #Urv: Thanks!!! Come to Mumbai anytime and drop in at my place to eat it!!!


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