January 5, 2009

2009 Begins with Fun!!!

It was the best time of 2008… I had 5 full days at home without any travelling to hometown. We were around 5-6 people at Andy’s frenz (my boss). For a change all of us were non-smokers, non-drinkers. I cooked up dinner at his place. It was so fun, making guy’s sit and asking them to chop the vegetables : )). And then we all saw Slumdog Millionaire on projector. By the way in afternoon I had seen Madagascar II at Vadala. I loved Slumdog Millionaire. Previously I had read the novel on which it is based, Q&A by Vikas Swarup. The movie is so different at every point yet captured very well. The romantic scenes are so aptly tied up with emotional melodrama. IMDB has given it the rating of 8.7 and stands at 45th position. I especially liked the kid who plays the young Jamal, the hero. I think it will release in India by last week of January, and I must say everyone should watch it once.

Friday and Saturday went in full shopping with two of the friends who had come over from Hyderabad. We bought all those clothes which we had dreamt of. Though we know that we will end up keeping them in cupboard only, but it gave such immense pleasure.

Sunday went in reminding me that gone are the happy days. Monday blues had started by Sunday evening only. I am feeling so lazy since morning. By the way whole January my in laws are visiting us in here, so will be little hectic. But of course it’s fun, since my sister in law is coming for the first time with her 1.5 year old horribly naughty son. I simply adore him. Will soon post his pics!!


  1. happy new year :)
    n do put up d pics :)

  2. I want to watch both the movies..

    //we had bought all the clothes we had dreamt of

    hehe.. I was recently goin to buy a shiny shimmery velvet tee ;)

  3. #Mayz: Thanks!!

    #Trinaa: Thanks!!

    #Urv: I also did something like this..its so fun to buy those things..even though we know we wont wear them!!

  4. I knw I knw am too late :d but better to be late than never :)

    U had funna:) dats is wat is expected from u chirpy dear :) be happy n njoy :)

    Projector pe movie.... hmm nice experience it is.. i remember I had seen Titanic like that on a projector...

    Nice experience it was :)

    Shopping... :( Its been a while I havent shopped for nething :(
    Pics kahan hai :D


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