January 14, 2009

Flying High

Seemingly, last few weeks I have been listening to some beautiful songs. To count them, it would be Album - Slumdog Millionaire. One must be thinking that the movie has been given lot of hype, but I really have fell in love with its songs. I have been playing them in repeated mode on i-pod, for almost a week now. And now I am waiting for Dilli-6 songs. Sonam Kapoor is looking awsomely cute, surely a delight for all males. And of course, Abhishek Bachchan is a sweetheart.

If I have been listening to songs, and MR. Hubby has been busy on his two new phones, E-63 and Blackberry. You can imagine the heights of using the phone, that he is carrying his blackberry in toilet as well to check all the pending mails. I don't want to blame him, since he gets around 200-300 mails a day, obviously he need to check it at home as well. But .... :(((

Luckily, my in-laws are here, so I don’t get that bored. Didi will be coming on Sunday and I am sure after that Anand will not be able to use any of his gadgets in front of her son. After all he is just 1.5 years and loves to snatch all gadgets...:)))

By the way… Happy Makar Sankrati!!!. I just called up didi to wish her and I am so jealous. This is first time that I am not flying kites on Sankrati. Till last year I have always been in Jaipur to celebrate. Mostly on 13th night my brother would go to Nana-Nani’s place, so that on14th he could be on terrace by 5:30 am.

I miss all that, since its been so many years that he has not been in Jaipur on Sankrat. 14th January was always associated with a special sweet dish, “Finni” and then nani ke haath ke special “daal ke pakode”. Luckily, mom is here so I will get to eat all these things. But still, I don’t feel today as that special day. I miss those relatives who will all gather at one place. I miss my Mama, he has got so busy that we rarely talk now. Earlier he and my brother would go mad after kites. Mama would start gathering kites and manja since December vacations. It was a full family gathering reason. But, everyone is so busy, busy with work, busy at home, busy with worldly affairs that no one actually even have time to call and wish on this special occasion.

No sad talks on happy day… Eat lots of Gajak, til and pakode..!!! And those who can fly kites…please fly one for me as well!!!


  1. Oh My gawwwwwd...U can't belive me how wierd a sakraat can be..
    Usually I used 2 be on my terace right at 6Am in the morning on all the 14th January of my life...but alas U cant imagine how much I m hating the Jan14'09 since 9 AM, I am in the office for the usual grind...

    Khair ab kya kare...all part of life...atleast 'masakalli' ka to sahara hai ;)

  2. I think Sankrat can make any lazy person to get up early in Jaipur... Aas pass ka mahol hi ajeeb hota hai...:(((

    Anand hasnt celebrated it since 8 years and today he has been crying like anything!!!

  3. You know what - all this talk emanating from India regarding Makar Sankrati makes me want to put together an Indian Fighter myself! Or any kind of fighter kite really. Sounds like fun. I put so much effort into making kites of many kinds fly stable.

    Doing some pages on a wildly unstable but controllable fighter would be something different for my readers to peruse... and maybe try for themselves as well. :-)

  4. ah happy days :)

    happy sankranti to u too :)

  5. I miss sankranti too...though i never got to fly the kites,i would always be standing behind my bros holding the charkhi n getting yelled at for not doing a good job...
    but man what days!!
    i miss them so much!!

  6. Hey Paaro, I just mailed you on this post of yours...it was damn cute...BTW just posted something on Slumdog U might like to read :)

  7. Slumdog Millionare is an excellent movie... Amitabh is also right when he says that foreigner love to see poor India... Hungry India and hence its getting noticed a bit more... But in my humble opinion it deserves every ounce of its appreciation! I love the songs too... Paper planes is awesome... so is Jai Ho! And you should be happy that Andy takes only cell phones to toilet... It could've been worse! :P

    Me not flying any kites... But wud be watchin The Kite Runner tonight! :P Keep posting!

  8. # Tim: Thanks for visitng my blog. I did went through your amazing compilation of all types of kites..great job!!!

  9. #Mayz: Thanks..

    #Trinaa: Thanks swthrt!!

  10. #Santa: Ofcourse I can imagine what u must be doing on Sankrati all these years...holding charkhi...but as soon as u see those ladoos..u leave the charkhi there only..so of course a scolding is needed!!!

  11. #Toonfactory: Thanks!!

    #Aniket:Seriously, its absolutely true that Foreigners love to see Poor Indians..and thats why the movie is a big hit in there...In India common person might not like it!!

  12. I did not even see a single kite this uttarayan.. compare that with days back home when one cannot see the sky!!

    Happy holi to u too.. arre advance mein :P

  13. #Urv: I thought you will wish me all the festivals of the year in advance.. :)

  14. the winter came and went in such a hurry in jaipur this year… it did not feel as though we had winter at all. :(

  15. Nayi post kab dekhne milegi madam?

  16. You are not supposed to bring all this to public ;) Let Andy njoy his phone in the toilet... No Paparazzi re ;)

    Awwwwwwwww !! I too miss flying kit on Sakrant... Anyways the scene in Jodhpur Pali and Jaipur is at any time so different than the scene in Mumbai or Pune on Sakrant..

    I missed that sky full of kites...

    Am so used to flying kites, and eating all kind of snacks on the terrace while flying kites... playing songs on the top of the volumes...

    I wish I could turn back days...........


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