February 4, 2009

Foody Talks

I have been trying to write a post from past one week. But everytime I login, a meeting pops up. So many things are there to write about. First of all, I am sorry I need to post the pics of my nephew and fun we had in Mumbai. Will surely try to post them by this weekend.

Now for some updates. Most important, I have a samba competition at my dance class on 15th Feb. I am really excited about it. Though, I think my partner is quite at unease about this whole thing. For almost two nights, I literally thought about the clothes which I can wear for it. And when I discussed it with my Partner, he said he will wear any formal cloth. I said he needs to wear atleast a satin shirt, but he was not interested. I think I need to do something about it. Guys, you got to give me ideas to get out of it.

For my dress, my best friend rescued me. We both went for her honeymoon shopping in January first week. She is quite slim and nice figure. We bought lots of evening dresses. So when I asked her to give me ideas on my clothing, she suggested me to try one of her dresses and Voila, it almost fitted me. Almost means it did, but Anand thought it was a little body fitting and has deep neck.

So, here was the other step. My sis in law, who recently visited me,is a dietician. I asked her to give me a diet chart. And she suggested me to go for the GM diet. I had read about the diet quite a lot of time, but always felt that I lacked the power to stop my cravings for food.

I had certain things in my mind, if I dont reduce, my parents will disown me, its my best frenz wedding in April and I dont wanna look like a pig, and I to wear the dress for dance competition.

Finally, today is my 3rd Day of dieting. Its going on smoothly under my dietician Didi. Having been eating like a cow, all fruits and vegetables. Tomorrow is toughest day. I will only have bananas and milk. Dont be surprised, visit the GM diet chart and you will understand that here banana is used for throwing the toxicians in body via uric acid.

The best thing I found in this diet is that its in our mentality that we need to eat rice or chapati or bread to fill our stomach. Instead, a bowl of fruits and some vegetables are enough for the body. Remember we should eat to survive and not living just for food.


  1. Paaro...Ye Kya Kiya??? Even I wanted to write on this as m following the GM Diet from Sunday, on Banana & Milk today...trust me it wont be tough...and yep its really effective....All the best with your dress & dance competition :)

  2. ah yes...d GM diet...have heard abt it...but i think i lack d willpower...n all d best for ur samba thing paaro partner :D :D

  3. kya baat hai:)
    u remember ur promise of helping me with my diet that i start next week:)...
    karo karo!!!!
    u know u can even repeat the process if u want more weight loss:)...
    im waiting for sunday!!!!and yes im sure ur dance partner is such a fool...use bol ki thoda hosh mein aaye..and start taking the dance competition seriously!!

  4. One of my friend did this GM diet and trust me bananas and milk day is her happiest,there is one tomato day...best of luck for that :) and yeah there lot more better things than rice and roti...salads are the way baby!! :)

  5. #Toonfactory:I wish I had known that you were also planning for the same...then we would have started together. Its such a morale booster to know someone else also following it. :(
    And my banana milk day was bad ...really bad...i cudnt eat more than 4 bananas... I was about to puke after that. Happy today is 5th day..atleast now can eat a chapati :))

  6. #Mayz; let me know in case you want to follow...will surely help in boosting ur will power...its not that hard...:))
    Loved the word Paroo Partner..Wish u were my partner.. :((

  7. #Santasizing; Thanks a lot...yeah next monday u r starting it...infact one more of my friend will start it.. I will follow it again next month.. Didi has advised to do it after every 3 weeks.. :))

  8. #Jaya: I know there are better things than rice...but its only when u know thta u cant eat them...u feel more tempted!! Banana day was badddd....reallly bad...Today is tomato day..and I love tomatoes!!

  9. a fruit and veggie diet! What a depressing thought :( but good luck though.am sure you'll find it worthwhile when you swing your tendril like waist at your buddy's wedding. And anand wont frown at low necks or body hugging dresses either, you'll look so hot in them.
    good luck!

  10. sooooooooooob! mujhse toh dieting hoti hi nai hai.. i jus need to grow a tail to look like a pig! :(

  11. Loved ur pic :) nice dress it was :)

    And I so wish such diests work on people like us :( Kab hoga ye sapna pooooora ?????


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