February 19, 2009

Gtalk Status!!

One my friend has this status msg for the day:

How creative someone could be!!!!

Got more good titles/quotes? Do let me know.


  1. AWESOME!!!!
    give him rounds of appreciation on my behalf!!!:)

    as of now cant think of anything..but will come up with something soon:)

  2. hahahahaha!!!

    my fren had this...

    "I have started believing in the power of sleep...citi never slept and looked what happened to it"

  3. good one... well i had one, a year back, borrowed from our Dear MMS (ManMohan Singh), who was being under pressure by the leftist's for the nuclear dear... He told themedia persons "When Winter sets in, then spring is not far behind"

    An optimistic approach to troubles and yes finally MMS became "Singh is King" for winning in parliament and making the Nuclear Deal go through. :-)

  4. My boss had this during the time of Obama's win..."Do you have some Change?"

  5. lol!!! niiice one..i just might re-use it! ;)

  6. Hey Priyanka,

    Do visit my blog to see what I had to say about you :)


  7. Awesome !!

    A big round of applause for Thakkar :D

  8. Lol....that's funny..I thought I've already commented on this...nayi post kab aa rahi hai?

  9. I don't know how I missed this for soo long.

    Only Bhai can do this. He had the following for a couple of days too "Not at your desk" :-)

  10. heyy..i know m unknown to u..just, don't know how got a chance to visit ur blog..and this particular post,rlly needs to b commented upon.
    hope, u don't mind. :)
    it's rlly funny and at the same time ur friend has a gr8 mind..
    m using dis for my blog..culdnt resist, want my frnds to hav a luk..just, in case u hav ne objection, plss let me know.will surely remove it off..srry..
    hav a nice tyme..happy blogging..!!!

  11. #Anon: Please let me know ur blog address and then you can of course mention it there. This status msg was of somebody else so I need to take his permission as well.

  12. Priyanka,

    By all means use kar lo...

    Bhai ka hi to hai na....
    We create such farty jokes a million a day. :D

    Am sure he wont mind. :D

  13. heyy..nice to hear nd thanx a lot..:)
    i rlly appreciate ur wrk..its awsum..!!! earlier posted as annonymus..was in a bit confusion, dunno hw wud b ur reaction..newys, m new into dis bloggin field, hav jus strted, so u may nt find mch of high-fundu wrk, bt ya surely i wuld like u to giv a visit..so c u..:)


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