May 4, 2009

Missing Links

Loved the below lines in "Almost Single" by Advaita Kala:

"Sometimes, life is like a book. You can get so desperate to reach the end of the story that you conveniently skip a couple of chapters. However, when you do get to the end, you're left with this icky restless feeling, and you know that you need to go back to those missing chapters before you can close he book."

Isn't it so true?


  1. this is something i really am going through these days. there is so much rush that i feel i am missing out on a lot.
    so is it a readable book?

  2. @LGL: Even I am going through the same phase... i guess we need a break to admire people and things around us.. :))

    The book is good...I am sure you will like it..

  3. Food for thought indeed. :D

    Few more on the same lines:

    "Life moves real fast. If you don't stop at times and give it a good look, you can easily miss it"


    "Life could be lived as an adventure to live or a problem to solve. The choice is ours to make."

  4. these lines are so true nd very impressive. I keep telling my siblings and children that you peopleare in so much hurry to reach the destination that you are loosing the charm of journey and the destination always comes one day, but the lost times never.

  5. this is nice...I'm going to get this book... :) the weather is nice,for a change...time to get out of the A/c and smell the damp earth.after all...what is success...happiness...if theres no time to enjoy it ?

  6. uhmmm...nice thought:)...makes one hell of sense:)


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