May 17, 2012

Bi&^hing about B#$ches

Women are blessed with loads of qualities. They love unconditionally, they forgive, they care, and they multitask. But they have one unique thing ...they love BITCHING.  It’s their inherent gender thing. No one can take that away from them. No matter much a lady would deny and say she hates bitching but she would do. If two women are talking with each other for more than 15 minutes then atleast there would be one person in the world who is being discussed there. And of course we know nothing positive about him/her.

My 'boy' friend list has always outnumbered the opposite gender. Though, I have done my engineering from an all-girls college, my favourite friends were guys from other colleges. With girls around me I always felt dumb and boring. Boys have a different genre of talking. Though, I must say boys’ loves gossiping, but then it is different. They would discuss the latest cars, stock market, and the girl with the best "butt". And it surely is funnier.

Once I shifted to this new society, I was surrounded by a gang of ladies. And since my MIL is a little (read Very Much) social, she insisted me to join them. And soon I was caught in a web of social networking bitching females. They have only three topics to discuss. Number one: Food, Number two: Husband/Sex and Number three: Bitching.

So, A and B are back biting about C on day 1. The next day even D joins them with more updates about how C keeps her house dirty. Now this poor C has been away for vacation for 10 days. One whole week goes into discussing the every damn thing about C, even her sex life. Once C is back, she invites everyone at her home for a cuppa of tea. Everyone is ready to go to her place in best of attires. C shows all her shopping, the pics, tells about all the fun they had. She gives everyone some chocolates which she had bought for them from her “phoren” trip. Everyone is gleaming with joy until C announces her special love for A and gifts her, an extra box of chocolate. Suddenly, everyone is much more focussed on A and running behind their brains is all the secrets about A which can be shared. From next day, C will get all sorts of delicacies made by A especially for her and C will also join others in bitching about A.

This is how it goes, in and out daily. The group changes, the season changes, but bitching never. I so much hope to get out of this shit. But then, I am a female gender.


  1. Hah! some people never grow up! it's sad to think that so many women keep their life views and thoughts so narrow, but I do know smart and intelligent women who can talk sensibly about stuff.

  2. ehhww..Get out of that soon :P


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