May 11, 2012


Words are everywhere
The long words,
The short words,
The words which are forever.

Can the words define
The first stare,
The first kiss,
Morning chirp of the lovebird,
Rainbow in between the high rise,
Smell of the soil after the first rain,
The sight of dancing peacock on the way,
The memories of friends
who would steal food from the mess,
Sleeping in the arms of the beloved
after a bad day.

We fall short of words
But some words dont exist
I close my eyes
And see the pain take a flight
Left with a pen in hand
and Joy in heart


  1. very true deepest feelings in life do not have words

  2. it feels good to know that you have learnt to let go pain and live in the joy of your present life.

  3. Reading your last couple of posts, I think it's time we had another get together. :D

    I also think that motherhood is making you a better writer. ;)


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