May 2, 2012


Last few days I have been pondering over and over again about my life. Its true that you can never relive your past, but then one can never erase the past as well. It is always behind my back, making fun of me when I cry over the wrongs I do. It makes me feel pathetic when I shout at him, assuring myself, I have a promising future. And the worst part is I never want to forget my past. It has memories of my best days which uptil now were my strength to fight this horrible world. Oh gosh... I feel so bad to run back at time and make some amends. But then what amends? Do I really need to make some corrections. Everything was correct and is correct. I keep giving explanations to myself that there is nothing I could have done. Everything I had, was ruined with totally no fault of mine. Why the hell do I need to say that to myself?

I have been awake all night
Turning and turning
It all had happened in a flash
I had done all the rights that were wrong
Somebody tell me what the wrongs were

It was like a breeze in scorching summer
A laugh that made my day
The hand to hold me tight
A dream that would never come true.

The remains are a skeletal lying in a coffin
No air to breath
No sun to shine
Dug deep in the earth

Will anything ever change?
Do fairytales exist?
Would an angel come and kiss her?
Will he ever find it?


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