July 25, 2008


Recently, my lingo has changed dramatically towards the IIT lingo. Thus, words like, Matka, Scope, ‘Dayaa’, grub, arbit…. , they hold absolutely different meaning.
Other day, I was chatting to my ex-roomie. Let’s call her Ria. We were discussing about an ex-colleague who was applying for various MBA colleges and recently got through one. Now I didn’t remember the exact name of the university. So was trying to explain her about the university in some metaphors.

Here is the conversation:

Priyanka: u thrr??
Ria: yeppersss
Priyanka: hey I was trying to remember the name of the university in which Maddie has been selected.
Ria: Oh, he had told me. But don’t remember it.
Priyanka: Someone told me Maddie GOD university meine gaya hai...and meine us university ka kabhi naam bhi nahi suna. (Someone told me Maddie has got through GOD university. I haven’t even heard of its name).
Only 5 have been selected all oover india...

(Now Maddie, is one guy who thinks he is Lord of the World. He tell tall stories. In short is an exaggerator).

Ria: Oh! GOD University… I didn’t know. Lagta hai Bhagvan ke pass hi chala gaya. Kya university hai. (I think he has gone to God. Interesting University!!)

After this we discussed on lots of other issues on the university in USA. After around 30 minutes the discussion was:

Ria:-yaad aaya..his univ is Vanderbilt
Priyanka:-Ye konsi hai?ruk jaa pata karti hoon iske baare mein..(Which one is this... Lemme find out)
Priyanka:-76 rank hai....its nothing
Ria:-wo sab to thik hai..but ye GOD univ kaha se aaya? (Thats all ok about it But whats this GOD university then??)
Priyanka:-GOD???? (I was Absolutely Lost by now)
Ria:-apna sentence dekh na upar.u said Maddie has got through GOD univ. (Read your above statement. you said he is into GOD university).
Priyanka:-Riaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...GOD is a word used for something terrific..its an IIT lingo.Ohh shit...dont tel me u were thinking its GOd univ
Ria:-yaar mujhe kya pata..how will i know how IItians talk.

(After 30 seconds)...

Ria:-Yaar shitt..i dont believe it..how can i be so dumbbbbbbbb.

After this I need not tell you anything, I was in splits of laughter. All i know is Ria was in a no-why-his-happens-with-me reactions.
But all this made me laughing whole day… :)

All thanks to my ex-IITian-neighbors !!!


  1. That's a very GO(o)D post..... :)

  2. Hihihihahahahhheheheh

    Need I tell you again what had happened to me after you had narrated the incident to me that day...

    Neways this definitely is a GOD post :)

  3. well well well...Ria is one hilarious kinda person isnt she...
    wonder how she can be so silly:-)
    incredible one for sure:-)

  4. #HArsh: Thanks!!

    #Nidhi: :))))

    #Santasizing: Oho...so u wannna know who Ria is...
    She is one stupid kind gal who doesnt know that if i tell the real name on blog ...she will be in trouble...:)


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