July 23, 2008

Knot-ed for Life

One year of tears.

One year of laughter.

One year of togetherness.

One year of unconditional love

One year of Celebration,

Celebration of my First wedding Anniversary…

This blog is for you Sweetheart.. Love you Hamesha...


  1. It takes two special people,to make a loving pair. And you and Andy are two angels :)

    May God give you all the happiness and shower you with his blessings...

    May you two grow old together to see the beauty of life and laugh on your years together, wishing to be together in all your coming lives too :)

    Happy Anniversary Sweetheart :)

  2. May this be the first of a hundred. Happy Anniversary Priyanka and Andy. you deserve all the happiness in the world.

  3. Hey, wish you a happy anniversary Priyanka..... :)

  4. Thanks a lot my swthrt for the lovely blog and I have no words to express my feelings of love for you .. love you always jaanu ..

  5. #Nidhi: Thanks. You sure Andy is Angel..;)

    #Little Girl: Thanks a lot ..

    #Harsh: Thanks

    #Anand: Love you..


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