October 22, 2008


I saw a pretty weird dream this morning. I saw my history teacher, Ms. Neena Mathur. This is weird since I have never been in touch with her after school, but yeah tried many a times to know about her. She always used to get confused with my name and called me Kanakpriya who was my classmate.

Yesterday also she was calling me, saying that she wants to come back to India. She is not happy in foreign land. I called up my schoolmate to know about her and she told me that Neena mam is not in India. She took retirement and left to stay with her kids.

I don’t think she even remembers me, but I really like her very much. She taught me since 5th standard till 10th standard.

I hope I find out about her pretty soon. Please pray that she is fine.


  1. Amen :)

    I really hope she is fine and happy wherever she is :)

  2. oops!! do you have some ESP or something?

  3. thats really strange..i hope u can get in touch with her soon!!!

  4. #Nidhi: Yeah me too...

    #Jaya: I actually dont know.. :)

    #Santa: Thnks!!

  5. can u tell me which skul u r in? or were in?
    i had a history teacher named Nina Mathur too. I am from Jaipur. She went to delhi and then to may b US. I hope our teacher is same. I am also looking for her. Plz do reply soon.

    1. hey akshat i was in IIS...yes its same nina mathur..she keeps shuffling from delhi to USA...she is fine...ask one of ouer batchmates to find out abt her.... are you same akshat who passed out in 2001??

    2. no. i ws small by then. i am from cambridge court high school. she taught me when i was in 7th to 9th. she ws aged then. i passed out this year nt 2001.


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