October 7, 2008

Life ho to Aisi!!!

Me back!!!

All these days in Jodhpur seems to be a dream. The whole time in Jodhpur was spent in sleeping, eating and sleeping. Mom was almost occupied whole day in kitchen to feed her 3 hungry children!! :P

It was so good. I didn’t felt even for a second that I am married and I am here only for 3 days. Living with my own family again after so much time brought back my old
memories. I loved watching TV with them, since most of the time my sis and father would fight for the channel. I loved standing in kitchen next to Mom, doing nothing but just talking. I loved when helped her with laundry. I loved fighting with her over those small money issues. I loved feeling so relaxed. Life was so slow compared to Mumbai life. I could live each and every moment. I enjoyed those 7 pani puris in just Rs 10/-. I really miss them now. :((

I wanted to do so many things but couldn’t find time to get up from bed and go out. I wanted get mehandi done on my hands. :(

I wanted to roam around in market and buy bangles and jutis. Missed Gudda a lot, she is my partner in crime while shopping and bargaining for such things.

I wanted to cook something special for family, but every time mom had some nice meal planned for us. And I would get selfish to eat them.

I wanted to stay there for many more days, didn’t want to come back. But time flew and I had to return.

But still, this trip meant a lot to me. For the first time I went all alone in train. Met Swati and his adorable son. Though I admit I got so busy in talking to her that forgot to take pics.

After my marriage it was for the first time that I went home just to stay with my parents for no specific reason. So, I could save myself from visiting those unwanted relatives.

On 24th I am going to Jaipur for Diwali. This trip is going to be damn hectic. Andy is also coming and we would have to go for hundreds of dinners and lunches and invite many of people at our home. I will have to do many things out of my wish so that no one gets angry.

My brother and sister won’t be there on Diwali, Though, I am expecting Mom Dad to come over to Jaipur. But I am still so excited to go there, since I will meet my in-laws. I and my sis in law are planning the places to go for shopping. I will meet my 1 year old nephew. I just adore him. My father in law will get all my favorites sweets from various shops in Jaipur.

And of course Diwali means shopping!!!! So fun time….

But still I am feeling so dull today… I don’t know the reason.. :((


  1. whoaaaaaaa!!!
    lucky u..to have some good time with family..and im sure it mus have been a wonderful trip..
    Family...mom dad..spending time with them now feels such a different thing..initially it was like whenver we had breaks,we were going home to be with parents..and it was sucha normal thing then..
    normal things are now..going n staying with ur husband..and going home to ur inlaws..and not parents..
    life takes such a sudden turn all of a sudden..
    Infact even i have these real mixed feelings..that for the first time,I wont be doing the diwali pooja with my parents..and it sure is an overwhelming feeling..:-)

    im happy u had a great time..and now dont be sad..for watever reason it is:-)!!

  2. I should have expected this from a lazy one like u :P SLEEPING EATING and SLEEPING :P

    And oye !! You deserved a princessly treatment and u got it :)

    So happy ho ja :) miss mat kar ghar ko... Soon u ll get to enjoy the same thing again :) Diwali coming ;)

  3. yup...time spent at home is always special though u dont do anything...me too waiting for that
    and i ll tell u why r dull...its coz u r at office :D ha ha ha!!

  4. i'm J....
    njoy the pani puris & the sweets...
    but then didn't u miss "ever rocking" Jaipur this time?
    njoy the festive season..

  5. #Santasizing: Yeah u r true... THough this is my second diwali with hubby and family but it still astonishes me that my home is not actually my home now..
    It feels so awkward when Momsays that ask ur in laws if u could stay at our home for one night..
    I mean its so suprising that I cant go my home now as before...
    Life do change!!!

  6. #Nidhi: I always go home for sleeping :)))
    My Mom hates me for that... :P

    I am happy diwali is coming!!!

  7. #Amod: I am happy that u r finally 'J' on my pani puris. :)
    I am going Jaipur for Diwali...but yeah missed the dandia time in Jaipur :(

  8. m not married but i kno d joy of goin back home after a long time...have been stayin away n i totally understand...mom's cookin...dads pamperin...suddenly one realises u r more valued by ur parents than u thot...
    sigh...u made me sad :(

  9. @Mayz:Now I realise why I was dull while writing the blog :(


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