October 1, 2008

New Home!!!


I have always wanted to go to Jodhpur since my college days. The reason my whole college gang was from Jodhpur.

Today I am going there....
My family has shifted to Jodhpur.

And the best part will meet my best friend . She has given birth to a baby. I am so excited to meet them!!!!

Though, Andy is not going. So will miss him. :(

Will be back on 5th. See you after that!!!

Pray from God that I do not find my home a Jungle when I return.:P


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!
    your trip sounds like so much fun!!
    have loads n loads of fun there..and give a lot of huggies to the little kiddie from my side too:-)

    ...and i really really really hope that u find your house in a decent avatar when you return:-)
    ALL the BEST for that too:P

  2. interesting blog you have here.

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  4. I wish your home is a complete MESS by the time u come back.. and I promise I ll help Andy do tha honors :P

    Aisi condition hai meri and tu mujhe chhod k bhaag gayi.. teri to aisi kam taisi :((

  5. Ok ok !! I won't be so mean... You ve been on call wimme since u ve reached home.. so I knw u r a sweetheart :)

    Chal bahut hua ab jaldi aa yaar

  6. #Santasizing:Thanks a lot!!1

    Had loads of fun and food...
    Met Swati's kid...He was sleping for the whole time I was there!!!

    It was so nice to see her as mommy!!

    And u wont believe my house was much more clean then i had left. :P

  7. #R.Patel: Welcome to my blog!! I will surely read your blog!!

  8. #Nidhi: Heheh... My house is much more better...
    Andy cleaned whole the house as well did the complete laundry... he is a swthrt!!

    And I was with u whole time so dont worry...think frm heart!!!


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