November 17, 2008

Ek Blog….Dosti ke naam!!!

Sometimes, first impression is not last impression. I met this guy in 2nd year training during engineering studies. He first appeared to be damn arrogant, selfish and an idiot. Though, I agreed that he had brains, but I used to say to my friends that I will not talk to him ever. I don’t know how in those 2 months he became my friend. Though, we never shared anything but I knew he will be around me whenever needed. I used to fight him a lot. He never used to be on time, never used to call up, not even drop a mail. Imagine this guy made me wait for him at a mall for one and half hour. If it would have been any goddamn other person, I would have never talked to him again in my life. But I don’t know why this never happened with him. He came, smiled and said “Woh didi ko parlour drop karna tha.” Though, I had word with didi 5 minutes back and she said that he had left way before. But still we were friends. Lots of ups and downs came in our respective lives. He never told me anything. Many a times it would months that we would have talked. But then still I knew I have a lovely friend.

Then I got my job in Gurgaon and there we talked a lot. I got to know about his recent developments in life. I was really happy, but every time I felt he never did justice to our friendship. He never spoke me of any of his troubles. Meanwhile I got married. He didn’t come to my wedding; of course he had a reason, as always, that he had his semester exams. I just laughed.

Today we are in two different cities. I had been angry over him from past 2 months. I don’t even know if he has realized it. Kabhi kabhi mann karta hai usko bahut maaroon… but I know he would just gimme a smile and say “Guppi…aisa nahi hai re… “ and would smile.

His name is Akash Gupta. He is on blog world. But he visits my blog only when I visit his blog. Of course it’s his attitude. Today is his birthday. And I want to wish you all the happiness in life. I wrote this blog just because I want to tell you that you are a special person in my life and will always remain. Though, I don’t know how much you consider me as your friend, but yeah if I need you I will call you in middle of night (Even if you get married).

So Mr. Akash Gupta, A very very Happy Birthday to you!!!


  1. Though, I know this chat was personal, but still to portray my dearest feelings in the best manner, I will have to paste the it is...

    The exact version of the chat that took place after I received my beautiful Bday gift frm my dearest friend Guppi, I knw u hate me for this...But here it is :)...

    Guppi: tera bday gift dekh lena

    akash: wow...on the blog...?

    Guppi: haan

    akash: thankx so much
    lemme chk

    Guppi: k

    akash: wow....very sweeet...i m elated
    n laughing out loud....literally

    Guppi: idiot
    tu hans raha hai
    meiene senti likha hai

    akash: aadha padha to bohot hasi aayi...
    ab towards the end...i m getting senti...
    lemme complete reading...

    akash: a reverberation in the end...
    a deeep chilll went thru...
    no tears...but it struck me deeep...very deeep

    Guppi: :))0
    but i m crying
    have a great day

    akash: dont do this...
    u r makin me cry too...

    Guppi: hahah
    u dont cry
    SRk kabhi nahi rota

    akash: aisa nahi hai...
    yeh waala bohot emotional hai...
    kabhi kabhi trickle aankho me aake ruk jaate hai

    Guppi: :)))

    akash: Thankx so much guppi...4 being my friend...

    Guppi: chal aaj tere bday ki khushi mein meine daal baati khaya

    akash: i knw u dont think it this ways...but u r very special...

    Guppi: obviously i know i m special ... :))

    akash: i hav very less no. of true frens n i m proud of all of thm...
    u r among the top 3 on tht list for sure :)

    Guppi: hhahha
    oye first 2 kau hai??

    akash: moti...mujhe khilaane ki jagah khud daal baati kha ri hai... :)

    Guppi: ek to mujhe shayad pata hai...

    akash: :P

    Guppi: dusari fren kaun hau??

    akash: hehe....sochna hoga

    Guppi: tu mota ho mein hi kha leti hoon.. :))
    hahah..i know tu nahi batayega...

    akash: arrrey kisne kaha u r 3rd...
    THE list me top 3 r all together

    Guppi: :))))

  2. GUYS!!!!!!!!!1
    u both getting senti is ok..
    but y on earth am i geeting emotional...:(
    may be coz i have seen u both living this friendship of urs..
    and its adorable..
    way to go....

  3. awwww that was soooooooo sweet!!!!
    happy birthday akash :)

  4. soooowwwyy m late...belated happy birthday akash! :)

  5. Cho chweeet :)

    First of all... Belated Happy Bday Akash :)

    There is no relationship as beautiful as friendship :) and you two have been blessed with each other :) Be the same forever :) Keep fighting and as always stay there for each other :)

  6. #Akash: Copy Cat..should have written something original..kya chat copy-paste kar di!!!!
    isshhh....kabhi nahi sudharega... :P

  7. #santa: Yeah ..i know you have been one of the few frenz who have seen us bring both frenz and enemies.. :))

  8. #Mayz: Thankss...

    #Nidhi: Thanks!!!... And I never fight..its always Akash..i am sidhi sadhi gal... :P

  9. @ Trinaa:

    Neva mind...Thankx for ur wishes...:)

  10. @ Nidhi:

    U r true...I hav very less number of girls as my "friends"...i hope u understand what friend I m talkin abt...
    N i m happy to hav Guppi as one of them on them...
    Thankx 4 ur wishes :)

  11. @ Guppi:

    I hope u don't mind my using this blogspace of urs to write replies to frens wishin me...

    But hey, even if u farak painda hai ;)))

    N hey, U cant imagine how many times I might hav read this blog, n evy time I read it...I love it all the more.....
    The first paragraph makes me laugh out loud...n the last makes me emmense senti...But believe its a purely wonderful gift...thanks again...

    N u knw, so many of my frens here r also givin beautiful comments on this blog thru so many different mediums...evy1 liked it so very much...

    I can see u smiling...:)

  12. Awwwh LOL Akash
    Belated Happy Birthday
    "So...where was it, after the parlour???"

  13. #Akki: See I always make your a bday a special one... :P
    I am the BEST,,,.

    #Bhaw: Akash is always been famous among I m sure he was busy with one of them,... :P

  14. @anand:
    I am honoured sirjee...thanks 4 ur wishes...:)...N hows life at ur end?...I wish our guppi is takin gud care of urs...hmmmmm?

  15. @bhaw:

    Thank u 4 ur wishes...:)
    I think it was straight @ Guppis after the parlour...kyon guppi?
    BTW "Bhaw..."...aage kya hai is naam me???

  16. @guppi:

    I don't knw why all girls of this world hav this misconception abt me...of my being famous among girls...
    Kaha hai aisa...bas mujhe hi nahi pata...;)

  17. @ Akash- Dude though I don't know U..but I think I can wish U a belated Happy B'day.

    @ Paaro - Yaar Kya Baat Hai...Kya Dosti Hai Kasam Se...


  18. #Toonfacctory: Yeh Dosti hum nahi chodege... :)))

  19. Awww... this is sooo sweet. i loved this post of yours:)


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