November 25, 2008

Iron 'Ki' Road

Yesterday I left from office at around 6:30 pm... Its the time when Hiranandani starts getting crowded. I go home via a very narrow road. Only cars and two vehicles are allowed. Infact most of time they dont even allow Auto rickshaws to go through it.

In that lane, I saw a group of around 12-15 bikers carrying flag of a political parties. Realised that election time is approaching now. I was stuck there for another 15 minutes and then appears a huge Truck, with loudspeakers on full volume playing the slogan for the party. And then came the irony of situation. It was actually a "Vikas Rally" promoting how the party has helped improving the traffic in the city by building roads, flyover and bridges.

I took 35 minutes to reach home, which I normally reach in 7-8 minutes. No wonder they have helped, but I guess they can be of more help by using them properly.


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  2. pooor you:)
    i can completely sympathise..and emphathize for i go through the same things everyday:(

  3. #Nidhi : I know... :((

    #Jimmy : Thanks for visitng my blog.. Will surely look around at your site...

    #Santa: Its a big pain to wait for such stupid things in the middle of road..!!

  4. loved the last part about the rally...LOL!! :D

  5. Paaro... I think you meant 2 wheelers and not two vehicles... Coz with a car and 2 vehicles it shouldn't be that crowded?? lolzz

    Just goin thru ur posts keep writing! :P


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