November 25, 2008



Guys...I have done some up gradations to my blog...

First of all... Now I have a favicon
Isn't it cool!!

And then.. I have found the code to protect copying of the content of my blog...So no one can now right click...Yupieee!!!!

Anyone who want to know how to do it..drop me mail...will help him/her..

I guess i am so happy since I wanted to do all this 4 months back...but my laziness was ruling me.. :)))


  1. Wowww Mubaraka Paaarooo (look I not only visited ur blog but read it and see see see I even left a comment....)

  2. Bata naaa....bata naaaaaaa....
    Plz plz plz...!!!
    (btw...good strategy 2 get comments ;)

    Aur yeh favicon dikhta kyon nahi hai...hai likh deti to kya jaata...haaaaaaaaa?

  3. absolutely....the favicon just rocks!

  4. whoa:D
    i have them too now...
    and ofcourse the credit goes to u!!!
    now its the time for that template:P

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. i would also like to copy protect my stuff online. whats your email address?

  7. hey suddenly when i read the phrase 'first of all' in the post, couldnt control laughing offence please, its coz of this post at and i was a witness to the narrated episode!

  8. #Mayz: Will soon mail you the code.

    #Rahul: My email -

    #Jaya: Hey read the blog..its hilarious...

  9. # santa: so now all problems solved... :)))

    #Akash: i hope the code is working for you...and Hope u now know what is favicon... :))

    #Toon: Hey thanks for obliging me by reading my blogs.. :)) But I needed your reply on one of my previous posts.. :))

  10. Excuse me ... but i think i can still copy from ur blog .. [:P]

  11. Cool favicon :)

    How do I get ur mail id?

  12. Thanks!

    My email id :

  13. Lemme know how to protect the stuff on my blog !

  14. I hate to spoil your "chirpy" mood but... In my humble opinion, unless you are writing stuff you are planning on publishing later (which clearly you are not) its always good to keep the copy paste option for the reader! They tend to copy a line or a phrase and paste it while dropping comments like "hey, I loved this line.. " n all! Rest is up to you! :-D

  15. #Aniket: Haan yaar u saying truth...but u know sometimes people copy and paste them in their letters and dont even mention that it not their to avoid that had to do it!!


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