November 5, 2008

Seasonal Joys

This was my 2nd Diwali after marriage. This time we paid thrice the amount of ticket as fees to the agent. Till last day we were so unsure of how will we be going. Finally, when we got tickets, I was told it was of sleeper class. I have never travelled in a sleeper class, so Andy had already warned me that no matter if u have ticket, during Diwali you may not get space to sit. I was strictly told to keep minimum luggage and be prepared for atleast 30 people in a compartment. I was just crossing my fingers for a safe journey. When I reached station, it was not at all crowded. In our compartment out of 9 occupancies, only 6 had turned up at Bandra station. I smiled at Andy for getting an assurance that everything is fine. But he warned me that things will not be same after Borivali station.

Here came Borivali, nothing happened. Status was same. My grin was converting into a big smile. Finally we crossed Mumbai and no one came to our compartment. Yupieee!!!!... Andy kept telling me that I am damn lucky, because this is very unusual.

Finally we reached Jaipur next day morning, but I was ready for a nice scolding. The reason, I caught COLD. Now the story is whenever I go to Jaipur I am almost always sneezing. My in-laws are fed up of it. So next whole week I was under medication. The result, I was sleepy wherever I went. Everyone thought I was damn sick, but it was a positive thing. Due to this, no one forced me to over eat. I was saved. : ))))

Whole trip was damn hectic. I gained approx 2-3 kgs in 6 day. It’s true. Andy offered me to buy Pampers for kids, since I looked 4 months preggy. : (((

The cutest part of my trip was I met my nephew. He is now 1.5 year old and he is damnnnn cute. He is the most intelligent and shaitaan bachcha I have ever seen. Playing with him reminded me of my younger cousins. I am the eldest in my family, so was always given the duty of handling the kids while elders went to shopping. Once there were 6 kids with me ranging from 6 months to 4 years. It was so fun having them around.

And now I am back to old track in Mumbai. The same old working housewife.. Sigh!!! : (((

But still, I am excited for next weekend. It’s my beloved friend’s engagement. She is coming to Mumbai. I am so happy for her!!! I wish both of them a hearty congratulations and all the best for future life!!!

P.S.: I had written this blog with full enthu but by the end of it I had lost interest. Probably mujhe ghar ki yaad aa rahi hai... :(((


  1. Kuchi Khushi Kuch Gum .. Jindagi isie ka naam hai ... Ghar ki yaad atie haine thats why we know what home is ... and that y we njoy being at home ... The worst part which she did wrote in the blog is that since the day we have come back from home .. I am getting late in office. and she has to wait for me for long ... Sorry dear ... but cant help it.

  2. awwww...thats so cute..i only wish u had not lost interest..i was hoping to read a loooooooooooong story about the trip to home...
    i miss home tooo....and it makes me realise..jaipur is such a fun place to be:-)

    the best part of ur post-andy's comment..i didnt know he blogged too..but only for selected readers:-)

  3. Jaipur is one place i always wanted to visit.
    Is December a good time?

  4. #Anand: Hmmm...true.. Mujhe phir ghar jana hai... :(((

    About work koi na...weekedays u r allowed to work 24 hours...but weekend sirf mere...!!!! Swthrt dont worry...only 2 days for weekend...Yipeee!!!

  5. #Santasizing: I know Jaipur is awsome place...I feel that its my home...No matter where I stay but Jaipur will always be close to my heart.
    But this time I felt its changing to second gurgaon..I dont want it... :(((

    Andy's comment was the most surprising thing..he reads my blogs but only on weekend..Andy reading it in middle of office timings was a big surprise... :))

  6. #Ps: Hey December is best time to visit Rajasthan. You can plan a trip to Jaipur, Udaipur and celbrate new year in Jaislamer.... These three places lovely to visit. And if any further help is required do shoot me a email.

  7. You Lucky Gal !! Ask me what I went through :( While I also travelled in a sleeper class after some 12 years... I was warned beforehand that it can be a horrible experience for me.. but the dare devil I am.. I went to home with 1 big suitcase, one big handbag and my laptop... In the compartment which usually holds 8 or 9 people... we were just and just 43 people... yea yeah I actually did a head count... for I couldn't find any other way to control my increasing temper.. on th etop of that it was the first compartment of the coach.. hene the train of people coming n going made it worse :(

    Never in my life will I ever travel by a sleeper class during the festive season... Lesson Learnt !!

    What is it now.. you say that no one forced you to eat and still you put on weight... wo bhi 4 month preggy dikhne jitna.... abey when people force you to eat.. wat happens then :P you look like a full time preggy kya :P

    Awww.... cute baby ko mile tum....meli yaad to aayi hogi na tumko ;) mai bhi cute baby hu na ;) tere pati ka :D kal officially declare kiya tha Aadhe ne :D Mujhe Cute baby bola tha :D

    hahahahah so aaj se tu meri maa ;) chalega na ;)

    Chal now gear up for the function and happy ho ja :)

    And tell Aadha , am lucky to find my Aadha bro jo poore bro se jyada pyara hai :) I mean it :)

  8. Hey...humne socha tumne kuchh nayi post likh maari hogi abhi tak lekin madam ji aap to wahin hain...jaldi likhiye kuchh naya kyuki ispar comment to hum arse pehle bhej chuke hain aapko

  9. #Toonfactory: hey...I have written this blog just two days baack...kahan ka arsa nikal gaya...??? I par aapne kaunsa comment dala??

  10. #Nidhi:hehhehe....You have much more experience then me in travelling in trains...phir bhi yeh galati....hahaha :))

    And regarding one forces me to eat...but I have meals tied up after every 2 mota to hona hi hai...:(

    And tum kya 5.7" tall baby ho??? no ways...woh aisi hi bol diya tha... seriously mat le lena...

  11. Comment boley toh...Humne appko mail ka reply kiya tha...bhool gayin???

  12. cute post. :-)

    first time here..will be back for more..keep at it.

  13. aise hi hota hai.... pehle ghar jaane ki khushi, fir ghar se door rehne ka gham...
    koi na... new years pe chale jao... :-)

  14. #Toon: Comment comment hota hai and mail is mail...

    #phatichar: Welcome to my blog..Keep visiting...

    #Virdi: New yer par chutti nahi milegi.. :(((

  15. oyeee..that was sooo loved it :)


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