February 13, 2009

Coincidences Happen!!

I found a new friend at my aerobics class and again the same thing happened, we share the same name. It’s not the first time. In college or in school or in dance class...wherever I go the first friend I make her name is Priyanka. During my school days, there were around 4 gals with same name and I so hated it. I always asked my mom to change my name. But she told that Dadaji loved this name and now that he is no more he wouldn't like if you change the name. The most amazing thing was Papa's senior also shared his name with him. And his daughter was Priyanka. Whenever we met we used to laugh. We both got admission in same college, but luckily in different branches. In engineering our first year had same courses for all branches. It was only after 2-3 days that we realized our mark sheets have been interchanged. She still calls me "Humnaam". And recently, after marriage got to know our hubby almost looks like twins!!!

The girl I met at aerobics told me she has her blog. I was too excited and as soon as got online, read it. She referred that it’s his father wish to travel to Australia. Since, my childhood, I always had a fantasy of staying in Australia. The cowboy hats, Ostriches and Kangaroos attracted me a lot. As I grew up, the charm turned to be part of my wish list. Anand has promised me that before we go for family planning he will surely take me there. In fact, my mother-in-law recently was advised by a Panditji that Anand will flourish more if he settles in Australia, that’s what his destiny says!! I don't believe in astrology, but then if he is saying something for me, I don't mind at least smiling.

Incidentally, Papa told me that during his geography exams, he always used to mark Canada first and foremost. He told me that even if not asked in question he would color the area of Canada. And his first trip out of country was to Canada.

Sometimes destiny plays amusing games. I am waiting to win my part of game!!


  1. Hey...having a common name is always a pain..Many times it has happened that I look back in the road thinking someone called me whereas he was speaking to someone else..lol! Sometimes my name echoes in my ears and I feel everyone is callign me!! hahahaha

    Even the place i go for grocery has a staff by the same name..:P

    In my 10+2, I, in fact, was in the same class as another girl who not only shared my name but my surname as well!!

    Cheers to P square :) let's multiply our effect!

  2. Whoa...thats some set of coincidences girl!!
    and its really funny that the Priyanka named coincidences ahvent left you yet...
    I am sure you will have more such encounters..!!
    and i so wish and hope ur australia wish list gets real soon:)..I will come holidaying there:)

  3. wow!!! talk abt coincidences in ones life...urs is filled wid me

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  5. Truly loved this one...I don't know why...seems like some1 has matured herself into a crafty blogger...
    The namesake tale and the tour-de-life with destiny is simply mercurial...
    Way 2 go...Guppi!!!

  6. #Priya: hahahah... :)))

    I know how common our name is..but then see we should be proud of it...its such a popular name!!!

  7. #Santa: Of course you are invited...infact u also settle in australia..remember i need to be ur neighbor!!!

    #Mayz: :))

    #Akash: Thanks a lot dear!!! your praises encourage me a lot!!! keep visiting!!!

  8. yes destiny sometimes plays good games we have not imagined, best of luck for australia...

    i wished to goto usa, and i am there right now. i never thought, i would be there.....

  9. #Ketan: You back on the blog after a long time!! Congs for fulfilling ur dreams!!

  10. thank you. will be visiting your blog regularly, sure :-)

  11. Sometimes destiny plays amusing games :) Yeah It does :)

    and all the best dearie.. m sure u ll win ur part of the game :)

  12. Surely dear .. we will go to Australia.


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