February 16, 2009

Heartiful Valentine

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! I also had loads of fun... Since Saturday morning Andy strictly told me that I am not gonna go anywhere without him. The reason was he was leaving for a business trip for this week. We had loads of work for 14th Feb. So got up early morning and planned for the whole day. We had surely decided on one thing that we will not go out since its V day that too on Saturday so everywhere there must be long queues. Instead we will spend quality time with each other. Started Breakfast with Andy's favorite Methi ke Paranthe, then lunch with my favorite Dominos Pizza.

In evening I had to go for the Dance practice. My partner is so cute; he finally got little excited about the dance thing. I realized that he is actually a shy person and required a little more time to get used to my non stop talks.

Although we knew that we stood no chance of winning; but we really wanted to put our best foot forward. We practiced a lot and our performance on Sunday was good (Okay as per me, it was THE BEST!!!). Though we didn't qualify for semi finals but I was happy indeed. Amongst all the best thing was I wore a nice evening dress for the night and was looking beautiful... :)))

I was so relaxed on Sunday night after dropping Andy at airport, since will not have to get up early morning on Monday. But my bad luck is really bad. Anand called me up at sharp 6 am; he needed some address to fill in immigration form. AAarrgghhhh!!!!

Little Girl has suggested me an amazing book, "The Hungry Tide" by Amitav Gosh, started reading it yesterday. Anand gave me the book as my V day gift and I gifted him "A Thousand Splendid Suns". I had thought I will read the book on my way to Ahmedabad this weekend, but I guess by then I will complete the book; its so interesting to stop in middle of it.

I hope I get back to my reading habit once again. Want to share your favorite titles!!!


  1. hey....sounds like u had a smashing weekend...need a snap of u in that evening gown :), so you ve got a nice valentine gift huh? Give an update on how that book is...my fav title...have lots but since its valentine week i would say "love story' by Erich Segal...many people say the story lacks the chemistry of a romantic novel...but somehow i liked the kind of bond they described in that book...nice one

  2. wow...m kinda all jealosu of u guys...me wants it too!!!!

    my fav title: *cough*harrypotter*cough*

  3. glad you liked hungry tide. you'll be really touched by 1000 splendid suns too, i'm sure.
    i'm happy you had such a nice time at the dance thing. send me your pics in the evening dress,wont you?

  4. well the dance competition part sounded like Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi... :-)

    cool you had a nice valentine day... :-)

  5. #Jaya: All the pics are in Camera and Anand has taken it with him...

    Yeah Love story is pretty nice.. I read it so many times in hostel!!!

  6. #Mayz: hehe... how was ur Vday???

    #Little Gal: I dont think I can read Thousand Splendid suns.. I mite not enjoy the book..but will surely try it!!

  7. #Ketan: Yeah it was like Rab ne bana di jodi..but the nly difference they wo..and we lost!!1 :((

  8. never mind, sometimes winning is not that imp... you can try it again but its participation, trying and enjoying the moment also important... :-)

  9. That was the sole reason I participated!!!

  10. Hmm... so u had lotsa fun over the weekend... hmm its been a while that i ve been to Dominos... Cool will go tonight only :D


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