May 18, 2009


As I step outside
A drop of rain falls from the clouds above
Reminds me of the beautiful world around me

I see people running helter-skelter
Moms holding hands of kids
Running to reach home fast

I see the 5 year old kid
Laughing his heart out
Holding an orange candy

I see the birds flying back to their nest
Trying to cover their babies
Pleading the sky

I let my fingers reach out to the drops
Wanting to wash all my fears
I surrender myself to the beauty of nature


  1. very refreshing... everybody seems to have cought the monsoon fever...but unfortunately the rains are still eluding jaipur :(

  2. @LGL: Oh it has still not rained in just that from past 3 days the weather has been cloudy!!

    I am desperately waiting for rains!!!

  3. some one is turning into a full time poet...
    abstract stuff...liked it gurl!!
    way to go...:D

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving a comment!

    COOL poem!!! I could totally picture everything it talks about! WE had a little sprinkle last night with LOTS of wind. I was hoping it would be a little cooler today but nope, still over 100 degrees!

  5. heyy...nice poem, u've cum wid as usual..:) luved it..
    n ya, m out of station dese, away frm ma blog, will b bak in few days wid sum mre thoughts..:)till den tc..!!!
    n ya 2day went thru all of ur latest posts, rlly gr8 stuff..gud job u're doin..keep it up..!!!


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