May 20, 2009

Terribly Tired

Today is one of those days when I feel frustrated with my colleagues. Certain people are there who always shout to bring in some changes...changes as in make things automated...make everything accessible..and when we do that..they are one to say that why the hell have you made life so complicated for us???

Its so emotionally draining when you give in 200% of your dedication to bring about changes and people reject it without even listening to you. I have been experiencing this from past couple of weeks. No matter what I do I am never appreciated but only looked down upon as if I am hurting somebody's ego. At the end of the day I feel I haven't done anything and I am useless.

I really wanted to take break from work. But the sense of responsibility to this company never lets me take that break. I really don't know what to do. I want to work, but not when I see some horrible faces. Even when I hear their voice, I feel like hiding myself in a corner...

What shall I do?? I know my ranting will not help...but this is only place where I can vent out my anger....


  1. Feel Free to Vent on your blog :) it is healthy to let those bad feelings out sometimes!!!


    sometimes when i am in a situation that i can't get away from and i can't go and take a break, i will start reading a good book. that makes me feel like i have gotten away from the stress for a little while and it helps me.

    i hope it will help you :)

  2. You are still working in Navendu's firm right? What happened?

    Andy ke sath ghoom aao kahin bahar.

  3. @paro

    I understand your situation, go out with your hubby for a good movie and chill.

    I am facing this situation currently, when your own colleagues is dying to get recognition by ass licking and trying to poke his nose in my business. I don't like it, i don't interfere in his business but they try doing in mine.

    Best way is to do your own work and interact with those horrible faces unless it is required. :-)

  4. It always happens..
    may be the situations change...but thigns like this always tend to go on...
    dont ur work with dedication like u always do...people who are talking rubbish are nothing but the ones who are jealous of u....and can never think of reaching up to ur level...
    chill girl...

  5. you sound like you need a break....

  6. I have two suggestions for you paaro..

    One is a little break would help you forget this insane environment...:P
    Another would be to keep your heart home,and take your mind to office...

    Can you do that..? Do that....if you feel not easy...drop a post..we will help you again..:)


  7. @Merrianne: Thanks so much dear..started Jeffery Archer's new book!!!

  8. @aniket: I guess you can avoid using those names !!!
    Every firm has is in mine!!

  9. @Ketan: Thanks so much!! From past 2 days..I have almost stopped talking to anyone in office...that day I went out to eat pani puri and ice cream....:))

  10. @Santa: Thanks dear... u guys help me so much!!!

    @LGL: I just came from break.. :P

  11. @Mahesh: Thanks for your suggestions... But Its really difficult for me to keep my heart at home... I work becoz my heart loves this work!!! :((


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