May 5, 2009

Silent Love

Take me to a drive today
Far on a lonely road
With gentle breeze swaying my hair
We shall sit on the bridge over the river
To talk endlessly through the eyes
Under the open sky and shiny stars
Hold me tight
To let me hear the sound of your breath
Near my neck
And touch of your fingers on my skin
Caressing me gently
Let me stare deep in your eyes
Allow me to awaken what’s asleep in your mind
And when the sun rises
Let the rays enlighten the love within
Then I can say I have known the beauty of true love


  1. very sensual... is this the first poem you've posted? if yes congrats... you shud write more poetry :)

  2. AHEM!!!!AHEM!!AHEM!!!
    beautifully written:)...some one is all mushy mushy....hmmmm!!!

  3. Aaaaaiiighttt!!!

    Finally!!! The poet awakens!
    Am so happy to read this. But Andy would be much more happy i guess. :D

    Great going. Loved it completely!

    PS: I had to double check, ki aapka hi blog hai na?? lolz

  4. i love this!!! it is beautifully written!!!!! ♥

  5. #LGL: Its my first poem on my blog..but yeah i write peoms but only in my diary.. :)

  6. @Santa: I am blushing.. :O

    @Aniket:Thanks Aniket...Happy to hear that you liked the poem.. :)
    Andy hasn't read it yet.. :((

    @Merrianne: Thanks dear!!

  7. Chirpy paaro...this completely speaks for me. and for probably ALL the other girls in love or in love with the idea of love :o) I'm totally going to show this to my NF, and then He and I will make a date out of it :D and if this is the first poem on ur blog, then you are doing us readers an injustice...pls post more!

  8. Okay, this makes me want to go for a drive with my sweetie!

  9. @Coffeeismypoison: Sure do let me know how did he react after reading it!!!

    Now will try to write poems for the blog as well!!

    @Caryn: Thanks for liking it!!

  10. its says a fanatsy of every gal.
    its beautifully written.

  11. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... :D :D :D

  12. This poem was quite tempting in some way..

    BTW this is my first foot print here..

    Good to see poetry all around me....:)

    Do visit mime once :P


  13. paro that was a truly romantic one!!! nice one, made me feel like forget your work place worries and this is the best way to spend time with your loved ones.... :-)

  14. ultimate idea of romance for a young girl:)?

  15. So u graduated frm being a blogger to becoming a poet...gud going girl...

    N luk at tht...some1 also has got a signature now...!!! :)

  16. hey paro, I started blogging, visit at

  17. Nice poem

    Btw if you get HR job in Singapore do let me know. I too am looking for long now

  18. Wah Wah...Magar pyaar zara materialistic nahin ho gaya..what if Majnu doesnt hv a car to take the materialistic laila on a drive??

  19. @Neha: Thanks dear!!

    @Trinaaa: :P

    @Mahesh: Thanks for visitng my blog.. will surely visit yours!!

  20. @ketan: thanks for liking my poem.. visited your blog as was nice..though politics not my cup of tea!!!

    @chronicwriter: :)

    @Renu: Thanks renu.. :P

    @Akash: was just experimenting with poems... :)

  21. @Pesto: Thanks,, Will surely tell you!!

    @toonfactory: tujhse yehi comment expected tha :P


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