June 2, 2009


I reallly need a break.. I want to get out of office... Mumbai...infact out of country for a trip...

But alas, I cant resign right now (my company needs me)... no money to make a trip....not even in India....

sob sob...some body help me...

P.S. :Oh no...got a call...got to make some financial documents ready in half an hour.. I have no clue how to use Tally!!! :((((


  1. Ummm... I think the "No money" reason needs to come before the "My company needs me" one. After all we are not here to judge you or anything. lolzzz

    Go ahead. Am sure you'll get around to using Tally just fine :)

  2. #Aniket: No money thing can be solved somehow... I could infact just sit at home and paint...but office need is more important!!

  3. ohhooo...i know the need for that much coveted break is really high...so go ahead n take d leave...
    for the two problems of urs...
    Office can take a break some times..
    and credit cards come in handy in these situations:D...so go ahead..and enjoy madi:D

  4. #Santa: No dear my office this time really needs a support...we are like family and need all of us together in hard times!!! I cant leave!!!

    Credit card ka bill kabhi to pay kanra padega na!!!

  5. you need some good sleep..

    wait for the weekend.. tahts what working class people can dream of..


  6. go ahead and plan a trip in Oct or Nov to Andamans...trust me...its blissful

  7. @Chronicwrite: Sigh... :((

    @Mayz: :((

  8. @jaya: yeah ...we planning a whole family trip to andman in Septemeber...

  9. LOLZ....

    After i blog rolled you, i haven't seen a post from you, i mean you totally vanished from then...

    Keep writing

    Cheers Mahesh

  10. Aha! *I* won a trip to France. :D

    Okay don't hate me, I'm a first time visitor, liked the blog and (arnold style) I'll be BACK! :D

  11. Love ! All you need is to BREAK FREE :)

    Sometimes ! This is the only way out :)


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