June 19, 2009

Sweet And Sour Soup For The Married Ones - I

Finally, I am writing my much delayed and most interesting post...

I have been going through these mood swings from couple of weeks... I almost fought with Anand for no reason on 3rd June. Pity guy, he listened to my nonsense for full 3 hours. That day he was on leave since he wanted to take some rest... and I managed to ruin his day...

5th June : He comes from office and says today I will go to gym... Now nothing can be more amazing to hear than this. But it was almost 8:30 and he didnt went...I was again shouting on him for not going and wasting the fees on that gym... :((

At 10:30 pm he gets ready and goes out of the house....

Me: Where are you going at this hour?
Anand: Got some work.
Me: Like...
Anand: Something personal..

What the hell???

He left....

He comes pretty late and knowing about my mood...he says.. I am sorry..but I am planning something for your birthday...and things have turned up badly...I need to do damage control...

Fine... I wait for 2 days...

6th June 9:30 pm: My neighbor comes up and says she is not well and needs some urgent medicine. Anand leaves home to get them. Medicine shop is just 5 minutes from home. He comes back by 10:15 pm.

Now I was almost laughing...so as he enters I tell him "Anand I know you have got a surprise cake and flowers...so keep them in fridge. They will get spoiled in car..."

Anand stares at me, "OK ... I will get them...but you go in other room..."

I am laughing miserably by this time. We guys kept chatting and somehow I slept by 11 pm.

Anand wakes me up at 12... we cut the cake and he gives me this flower...it had a key inside it... What the hell...What is it???




Anand, you got Activa for me?????????????

Yes Sweetheart!!!

And here is my new Activa...

Love you sweetie!!!

Anand has been talking to Nidhi to help him choose the gift...Infact she came at 8 am on bday to give me a surprise!! Thanks dear!!! Thanks to all my family and frenz who called me up and made my day!!

P.S. : This was part I... A lot to tell about the whole day surprises!!!


  1. sooooooooooooooooooooo sweeeeet!!!!!
    Anand is a sweetheart:)...now you should really do something really really nice to make his day:)

  2. #Santa: I know he is a darling...His bday is in September...will need your ideas to make it special for him!!

  3. Awwww... Cho cute and happy you look in this pic :( and see ! as always mere jiju baazi maar gaye :) He ROCKS :)

    He worked really hard to get you this Activa on time:)

    AM so happy for you for you have d most loving caring and understanding man in your life:)

    May your love for each other grows like this forever and ever :)

    Love ya loads sweetheart :)

  4. #Nidhi: I know nidhi he worked so hard to get this... do u know that agent has still not given the papers and I cant take the activa out of the building... I feel like kicking this guy!!! :((

  5. That's so nice of Anand...Kudos dear...!!!

    But hey, generally, wives should appreciate all the surprises that hubbies come up with, after all they bear so much around...was say the married ladies around?

    N hey guppi...wish u all the happiness n similar surprises for the ntire year...!

  6. #Akash: I knowwww...it takes a lot for guy to give a surprise to his wife..though i should say if it would had been gf..then its fun for them... :))

    Thanks so much dear!!!

  7. dats so sweet.. how luvly..:) n ya wish u happy b'day,though blated..!!!

  8. Jeeju is a sweetheart !1
    made ur day !

  9. #Neha: haan haan..pata hai tu jiju ki sabse badi fan hai... :)

  10. At least now you should let Andy play DOTA for one full day. He has earned it. :D

    We all know that he's a great guy so no surprises there :)

    And what about those friends who forgot to wish you on time. :(

    Sorry, I seldom visit any socializing websites these days. So missed it. :(

    Punishment ke liye main aapke hath ka bana khana khane ko bhi tayyar hun. tee hee.

  11. Many many ahppy returns of the day for your birthday.. I know i am late ofcourse..

    Such a goody goody husband you got and you torture him haan? :-P

    Have a safe journey's on your activa...


  12. aw...what a sweet, lallu and adorable hubby u have :o) man u torture him!!!!

  13. arrey sahiiiiiiiii!!!!!

    happy happy wala bday ho gaya aapke liye toh :)

    n kinne swt frenz hai aapke :D

  14. Congrats on the Activa! And belated b'day wishes too!

  15. #Aniket: Andy, Locx and Atin played DOTA for one full night when I had gone to Jaipur...so I guess he is done for this year... :))

    And since u forgot to wish me bday...u will not be allowed to have dal baati which we are planning to organise for everyone...!!!

  16. #Mahesh: Thanks a lot!!

    #Coffee Angel: Lallu??? Can you explain that!!!

  17. Hey paro, Belated Happy Birthday. Cheers for Anand for throwing such a good surprise, honestly I like to give unexpected calls or surprises :-).

  18. THAT my friend is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet !!!! Belated Birthday wishes and hope you have a wonderful year ahead , riding along on ur Activa :D Vrooooom, Vrooooooooooooooooooooom

    Awaiting to read more about ur bday !

  19. Awwwwwwwwwwww. :)

  20. #Ketan: Thanks dear!! Eve I love surprises...though Anand never believed in it..but now he also tries to give me some surprises...

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  22. This is sooo sweet. Belated wishes for you b'day and God bless you both:)


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