June 5, 2009


"I need to buy new specs for Ma and also a new sari. The old ones are tattered. She hasn't bought one ever since Papa died 4 years back. The money earned by stitching clothes has been spent only upon my education.

I can now convince Radha's father to let me marry her. She has been my best friend since last 10 years. She has always waited for this day

Oh, I forgot I even need to get Ma's bangles she has mortgaged to the baniya. She will be so happy to get those treasured ones back.

After completing my B.Com, she had to give them to baniya, for I needed money to stay in Mumbai for initial days after I got job.

Today I have completed 3 months. Super Boss, Mr. Clinton has promised me that now I will get salary of 15,000 Rs. per month, after appreciating my work. Till now the stipend was so low that I could only survive in Mumbai and couldn't send any money to Ma.

She will be so happy to know that she can now stay with me."

"Vijay, We are extremely happy with your work. But as you know, recession time has affected us badly. Mr. Clinton informed us that we need to cancel the jobs for all the interns. I am sorry to say but..................... "


  1. I like d way u potrayed d story....very nice.....

  2. Beautifully Written :)

    But why sad :(

    Uaaaaaaaan Uaaaaaaan Uaaaaaaan :(

  3. Ouch. :(

    I'm sorry I can't say much else... this post reminds me of a certain someone and I'm in shock a li'l bit.

  4. O God..this recession

    it hasn't left anyone except china...

    The dependencies are shown really well.....

  5. They sacked another 70 people yesterday at my place. That brings up the count to 850. All my friends have gone. :(

  6. i can totally understand this.. have heard the same words from my HR

  7. @Garima: Thanks garima!!

    @Nidhi: Thanks!! Its sad since its recession time!! :(((

  8. @Scarlet Diaries: Thanks!!

    @Ki: Thanks ..I guess this is the only thing we hear these days!! :((

  9. @Santa: Thanks!!

    @Mahesh: I know infact this recession has ruined so many lives!!

  10. @Aniket: Shuck!!! Mastek mein itne sack hue hai?? I thought Mastek was one of those who are not firing!!

    @Mayz: :(

    @Chriz: I am so sorry to hear that.. :(

  11. Awww.... it's so sad, when noble intentions get affected by monetary complications ... :(

    But well put ...


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