August 8, 2008

Active to Live Darshan

Ahhh.... after a long time I slept till 10 in morning on Saturday. What a delight it was!!! And of course, as usual Saturday breakfast had to include Eggs (Andy's favorite). When we were having our brunch, realised our Tata Sky TV was giving some trouble. We could only see Active Darshan. So saw Shirdi Baba ke darshan. And then, hona kya tha, Andy said why to see on TV; let’s go there only. And within half an hour we were in our car. After 15 minutes, realised I have forgotten quite a lot of things at home. So, we decided to buy all of it from Nasik. We havent been there before, so asked a taxi driver. He told us to go straight down the road till Nasik.

The weather was absolutely perfect for a long drive. It drizzled throughout the journey. Everywhere the environment was lush green. I couldn’t imagine that even Mumbai have such places. Everything was so clean and pure.

We played soft songs and I kept clicking the pics. And suddenly, we saw the best thing, a rainbow. I don’t remember when I had seen last rainbow (maybe in my college). I just loved it.

We stopped at a food plaza after around 3 hours. We both were craving to have a hot tea in such a fabulous weather. I bought some eatables from there. We both love munching something or the other while on such drives. Finally we were back to road. At around 6 pm we reached Nasik. Now we needed to shop. A guy told us that Vishal Garments is a little ahead and we will get all stuff from there. So, we reached there and grabbed everything we needed in just 10 minutes and again went straight.

But how could our journey be so simple. There has to be some adventure. After around 35-40 minutes, we realized that probably we are on wrong road. And yes, someone confirmed that we had to take turn from Vishal Garments. We were almost 20 kms far from that turn. Ooops!!!!.. It was already 7:00 pm, and was getting dark. But never mind, we finally reached Shirdi at around 9:30 pm.

And again the adventure starts. We started looking for a hotel to stay. Most of them were full or very costly. I was in mood to pay thousands of rupees for just a couple of hours. Finally, we found a decent and cheap place (the decent not as in Jab we met ;)), but God wanted us to have some more adventure. When we were just stepping out of hotel to get in car to look for dinner, a miserable thing happened. Since, it was raining in Shirdi, Andy asked me to stay at the entrance gate, for the meantime he will get the Car. And pati ka pyaar hanikarak sabit hua. The road was in deplorable condition and car got stuck in middle of raod in mud. I sat in car and Andy and a guard tried to push the car. But no use, the whole road was totally muddy. Finally, we called a truck wala to pull our car with his truck. Ahh...after half an hour ki mehanta, we were out of it. Meanwhile, when in car I had ruined clothes of Andy, just like the Ad of a detergent powder. :)

We took dinner finally at 11:30 pm. We were lucky, since food served was damn tasty, absolutely home made. :)) We decided that we won’t get up early next morning, since we had to drive back and we were damn tired by now.

So, next morning got up and got ready by 8:30, only to realize I had lost my earring. Aaaahhhh….why meeee…. I searched whole room, but couldn’t find anything. Never mind, we checked out of hotel and left for temple. Finally after 2.5 hours walking in zigzag paths, we had darshan. I must say, the temple had nice arrangements. Everyone walked in line, with coolers and fans almost at every corner. Not only that, but the place was very clean and nicely maintained.

I was damn tired by now. Poor Andy, he had to drive the whole way back. This time while returning, we were trying to be very cautious at every turn so as to not to miss the correct road to Mumbai. Voila, after around half an hour we were at a beautiful road. It just looked like the road to dreamland. Absolutely, fresh green color, with a beautiful path and small small waterfalls.

Only after a while, we found that this is a better road, since we don’t have to go to Nasik. Instead, it reaches to a village called Ghoti, from where we will join straight on the Highway. I was so tempted there, that I asked Andy to give me the car. And HE DID. Wohuuu…. I drive for around 20-25 kms. We saw beautiful windmills surrounded by floating clouds. It looked as if we were in scotland. I loved it so much.

Finally, I gave car back to Andy, and slept. I know its wrong, I shudnt be sleeping. But I was tired and I love it (Besides it was Sunday, my sleeping day). When I woke up saw it was all fog and I actually don’t know how anyone could drive. It was just a blind driving. But finally, we reached home in evening around 6:00.

It was for the first time that I had gone for such a long drive with Andy. But no doubt, it was beautiful.


  1. Wonderful story! I especially love the picture of the tree toward the end.

    I'm sorry that you haven't seen many rainbows. May you experience more in the future.

  2. Ahem ahem... seems more than the will to see God's home, there was d wish to go for a romantic long drive with the weather supporting the loving cause ;)

    Aaahhhh... how you reminded me of Hotel DECENT :D

    You call my life FILMY ;) teri ye trip k baad to teri life bhi solid filmy ho gayi hai ;)

    So JHUMKA gira re Shirdi k darbaar mein ;)

    Whoa ! I seriously do not like when my copassenger sleeps while I amdriving the car.. how sweet of Andy to let u sleep... if only i were der i wud have kicked u :P

    And poor car... is she fine after u drove it ;)

    Next time u go to Shirdi... meet me on ur way to d place... warna Chirpy Paro ki aisi haalat karenge hum ki wo chirapana bhool jayegi :D

  3. #Caryn : Thnks for dropping b. I have seen many rainbows. But recently after shifting to countryside.. and busy in life.. havent seen ...
    Our college had most beautiful landscape. we used to see falling stars, Rainbows, Peacocks... lots of thing.
    But after shifting to town, pollution and tall buildings rarely allow us to see any where in sky!!

    #Nidhi: Romantic long drives are always welcome..
    //Whoa ! I seriously do not like when my copassenger sleeps while I amdriving the car.. how sweet of Andy to let u sleep... if only i were der i wud have kicked u :P

    Thats why he is my hubby.. he knows how i love sleeping..and how hate when someone wakes me in between...:)

    This time u were in mumbai when we were going shirdi..and cudnt contact u...never mnd next time surely..:)

  4. hmm....though it was a visit to temple...i wud say it was quite romantic :)...btw the pics are amazing...


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